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By Jay Iselin
February 10, 2015

This is my open comment in opposition to Senator Lamar Alexander's bill, Reauthorization of the ESEA (Elementary and Secondary Education Act), being rushed through Congress:

I strongly oppose any and all re-authorization (and alteration) of the ESEA Act. In making my comment I avoid endorsing in any way shape or form, the un-numbered fast-tracked ESEA “Every Child Ready for College or Career Act.” Nor does the existence of comments mean that the public has been given a say. They have not. I respectfully oppose Sen. Alexander’s draft, and all drafts of such a bill. In fact, the existence of a national Department of Education, as a department that can set any general education policies whatsoever for or within states, is a thoroughly and 100 percent unconstitutional concept.

ESEA, or especially the present changing of the ESEA law, has the purpose of removing citizen representation (right to vote) through tax-funded school choice and charter schools with unelected boards, thereby federalizing education, even though the United States Constitution grants the Federal Government no power whatsoever over local education, over its curriculums, policies, methods, or ideologies. Education affairs, along with all other powers NOT assigned to the federal government or to any other entity by the Constitution, are exclusively reserved to the states, or to the people who vote for local school board members to represent their wishes, just as the Bill of Rights, Article 10, clearly insists. To ignore this fact is to violate the Constitution which is our highest law. Such violation represents a very severe breaking of law; much more serious than any ordinary violation.

The issue of the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), the major tax-exempt foundations, and the United Nations come into this as well. These entities also have no place in our education. Giving them some kind of high authority likewise violates the U.S. Constitution (in exactly the same way). International laws and treaties, according to Thomas Jefferson, are lower in rank than is the U.S. Constitution, which because of this fact, has first priority (ascendancy) when conflicting paragraphs or mandates bring about a question of which document to obey. Why then do we find Bill Gates, the Carnegie Foundation, etc. etc. lording it over our education system, with no permission at all, acting as if they had a mandate from the voters, when they actually have none (ZERO!). The National Governors Association, the Council of Chief School Officers, et al, all of which have been involved, are only "unelected councils"(such as are found in communist countries), not legitimate legislatures in any way! What a thoroughly illegal power grab is being pulled off!

The ESEA re-authorization bill is a major Constitution-flouting death trap, much like the corrupt Obamacare bill (which in one stroke of a pen, without being read, eliminated the entire legitimate medical field, putting it under federal control). Senator Alexander's Reauthorization of the ESEA does the exact same thing to American education. It essentially, through tax-funded choice proposals, will ultimately abolish all private education (while not admitting that it is doing so). The funding of private education with tax money will result in federal control (the attaching of federal despotic indoctrination-based curriculum, school to work curriculum, and other Orwellian absurdities).

Consider the possibility that what has passed for “sensible, balanced” mainstream conservatism and liberalism, including their many well-meaning representatives, have been hijacked long ago by an incentivized globalistic agenda. The word "globalism" refers to a very real unelected world system of control, visibly posing as the “harmless” United Nations (even though the UN is made up mostly of totalitarian regimes) with its countless supposedly satellite organizations, some of which are vastly powerful, some not. A uniform “privatized” system (privatized education being only one part of it) is being installed all over the world. In the doublethink jargon, "privatized "means its opposite: It means "federalized" or U.N. administered.

Brace yourself, then, for the following: Charter schools, and the equivalent oxymoronic ESEA “choice” (taxation with strings but with no representation, socialistically following the child with an individual education plan) represents a Trojan Horse whose purpose or effect is to federalize private education while simultaneously eliminating voting/elected school boards and wrecking public education, resulting in the loss of real academic education. One should ask Senator Lamar Alexander or others involved: Are you really so greatly enthusiastic about computer indoctrination of all children into United Nations/UNESCO- mandated Stalin-style propaganda every minute of their life, thereby fulfilling the task of the major foundations to gradually and “comfortably merge” the U.S. into the communist/regional UN global system with a Soviet type education system?

Norman Dodd, Principal Investigator of the Reese Committee to Investigate the Tax -Exempt Foundations in the 1950s, was thus informed by Rowan Gaither, the President of the Ford Foundation. This Sovietized system includes Soviet workforce training (Soviet polytech system), countless surveillance-oriented “tests” given to groups. Numerous researchers, especially Anita Hoge from Pennsylvania, the expert on assessment and remediation for value change, have revealed this computerized totalitarian agenda going in as I write. Mrs. Hoge should have been called to speak before the HELP committee taking public testimony on Senator Alexander's bill last week!

The ESEA reauthorization of 2015 has no bill number (I had to really dig to find a version of it) and like many laws these days, is being apparently deliberately rushed through, to be voted on (as always) without the legislators having read the finalized bill. Such practices are so great an outrage that the penalty for all those participating in such a monstrosity should be permanent loss of office and position.

Where and by whom are all these unconstitutional laws being written?

Concentrate on that, and on repealing the horrible atrocious legislation (representing attempted elimination of 800 years of human rights) such as Obamacare, Patriot Act, AUMF, NDAAs!

Please stop passing these unconstitutional pieces of legislation. The American public is watching which side of history you people are going to come down on.

Does Congress really want to complete the destruction of public education through this unconstitutional Reauthorization of the ESEA? Why is Congress not asking the right questions: the federal government has no constitutional right to be determining what values and beliefs our children should have!

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America’s educational greatness came from families, towns and states independence, rather than from ludicrous communistic despotic top-down control. Have Charlotte Iserbyt, former Senior US Education Policy Advisor under President Reagan, along with Anita Hoge, without doubt the national expert on assessment and remediation of politically incorrect values, attitudes, and beliefs, address the Congress before it votes on anything related to education. Look them up. Find out about them. That way, rather than obeying the dictates of tycoon Bill Gates and others, who will benefit from passage of the Reauthorization, those who appear to know nothing about real academic education, you may come to honor instead the real concerns of parents and teachers which would be reflected in the Hoge/Iserbyt testimony.

Please, reader, feel free to use my Open Letter in any way you wish, and be sure to recommend Americans go to for a FREE download of Charlotte Iserbyt's book "The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America," 1999.

Of utmost importance, go to Charlotte's Blog for a complete history lesson (late 1800s to the present) related to the treason being perpetrated on the American people through education, and this latest betrayal known as Senator Lamar Alexander's bill: The Reauthorization of ESEA.

© 2015 Jay Iselin – All Rights Reserved

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Jay Iselin is a New Hampshire musician, writer and artist. He has assisted the handicapped in college classes and has taught in private schools. Recently, feeling the issue of our Constitution eclipses most others, he has become a newspaper columnist with Citizens for Open Government, a group fostering dialogue to transcend political partisanship.

E:Mail: [email protected]



Does Congress really want to complete the destruction of public education through this unconstitutional Reauthorization of the ESEA? Why is Congress not asking the right questions: the federal government has no constitutional right to be determining what values and beliefs our children should have!