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By Stephanie L. Mann
August 25, 2014

Israel and Gaza are involved in a fourth war since 2005. Will violence end when Gaza becomes a state and Hamas stops launching rockets into Israel? What will it take to live in peace?

The Covenant of Hamas clearly states, “Israel will exist and will continue to exist until Islam will obliterate it, just as it obliterated others before it.”

Control over people in the name of religion is spiritual warfare, which has been going on for centuries. A “religion” becomes a Cult when followers do not have free will. To stop terrorism, let’s look at the big picture.

Cult leaders are narcissistic men with grandiose idea of who they are and what they can achieve. They demand blind obedience and use charm, force and scripture to gain power and control. Ambitious men brainwash followers through fear, lies and anger toward an outside enemy. Terrorists intimidate people lacking independence and self-awareness who become spiritually blind followers paying a high price for their loyalty and devotion.

No responsible religion teaches children and adults to hate, strap on bombs and kill innocent people and tell Christians to convert or be killed. Nor, do they make laws to keep women invisible, uneducated and reduced to breeders for male supremacy.

As a crime and violence prevention specialist, I’ve seen evil, on a smaller scale as men prey on the weak and dependent. Children traded for Crack or kidnapped for sex trafficking. Gangs control neighborhoods. Polygamist men control many wives and father 20 or 40 children at taxpayer’s expense. Jim Jones, cult leader used the Bible to deceive his 800 followers who later died in Jonestown, Guyana. David Koresh and his 82 followers died in Waco, Texas. Evil exists in all corners of the world. Fortunately, police and citizens working together can stop the majority of criminal activities.

Humans are spiritual beings and emotionally wired to seek a higher authority to grow strong and independent. However, mental, physical, spiritual and sexual abuse can keep people from discovering their own identity and trusting their inner wisdom, intuition and conscience. Lack of education, information, isolation and abuse makes people vulnerable to follow a false leader with a false ideology.

Educated, spiritually centered individuals do not become mindless followers willing to join a religious cult/terrorist group.

For 38 years, I’ve witnessed people seeking God to overcome drug addiction, family abuse, shootings, violent behavior and sexual abuse. They credit God for their transformation and healing from destructive behaviors. They take full responsibility and pray for God’s healing. They reach out to help strengthen others in prison, on the streets and in churches. God’s healing power enables them to go back to school, seek jobs and give back to the community.

In a FREE society, people don’t need religion to seek God. Through prayer or meditation, anyone of any age can make a direct connection to God for guidance. Religion is simply a support system for like-minded people who want to learn about God.

Every citizen has the ability to be creative, inventive and productive to make a contribution to society. But, we must understand the difference between a terrorist cult that controls followers and religious leaders who strengthen families and encourage community participation.

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When families are raised with a loving God, adults have patience, listen to each other and create a caring “Love thy Neighbor” environment. Children grow up to share their God given gifts to help their fellow man. Freedom allows individuals to reach their potential.

Nations will remain free if we collectively evolve into peaceful nations that focus on peace building and select leaders willing to negotiate and respect each other.

Religious abuse of power is a wake up call for every American! Education and information can change hearts and minds and together we can create peace and prosperity for all.

© 2014 Stephanie L. Mann - All Rights Reserved

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Stephanie L. Mann, Crime and Violence Prevention Consultant (38 years) Her first book, “Alternative to Fear” helped launch the “Neighborhood Watch” Program in 1974 – Author: 4 Crime Prevention books and a “Teach the Teachers Binder for city leaders and organization that want to create a safer community.

Founder and director of Safe Kids Now, a national network of grassroots citizens working to strengthen families and keep kids safe.


E-Mail: [email protected]



Religious abuse of power is a wake up call for every American! Education and information can change hearts and minds and together we can create peace and prosperity for all.