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By J.R. Harrison
November 5, 2012

In a pre-election speech to his congregation on October 28 SEE HERE Mega Church pastor David Jeremiah issued a stern warning to his congregation that Christians must become more involved in politics. Yep, you heard me correct, a pastor actually admitting that Christians and politics not only mix but are complimentary parts.

Breaking the traditional separation of church and state mantra, Pastor Jeremiah cautioned his assembly that "the Lord will curse this nation if they and other Christians do not do their duty." Politics he says, quoting the great awakening standard barer Charles Finney, "are a part of a religion in such a country as this and Christians must do their duty to their country as a part of their duty to God." Can I have an amen on that brothers and sisters?

Good for you brother Jeremiah, good for you but alas me thinks ye protesteth too late. Not because it could make a difference in the upcoming Presidential election, as who is going to be our President is really of little matter in the overall scheme of things. It is whom will lose as a result of this election that is of import? The losers? Well . . . on November 6th, 2012 AD, the people of the United State of America, a nation founded on Christian principles will be the real losers.

With what could be our nations's last sovereign election, we appear to have set ourselves on a final path to the termination of this once great nation. We are to be escorted on this final leg of our 200 plus year journey for the first time by a national leader who does not fear God.

Ok, so how do we know that? In the aforementioned speech the good pastor Jeremiah readily admits that we should have Christian leaders for our nation- " a man who fears God as he puts it." We agree not only with the premise but also with Pastor Jeremiah's unfortunate ( and correct ) assessment of the two candidates in which he says in essence that "neither one of the two elect able candidates exhibit god fearing characteristics" Now Pastor David Jeremiah is by no means the sole arbiter on the matter but he is in a position where he can announce the obvious, evidenced by the walk of both Presidential candidates.

The hope of this nation and for that matter the world rests not on a Democrat or Republican but on the church and ultimately on the will of God. We as Americans take a great deal of pride in our liberties and freedoms of which the bible says "where the spirit of the lord is ... there you will find liberty."

We have long since taken God out of our schools, out of our culture , and if you're looking real close, out of the American church. With this election we will now have God officially removed from our national leadership. One has to wonder how many thumbs in the eye God has to take before he gets' the hint?

We get it. God is a patient god but as well a just god and he has set up spiritual laws as well as physical laws. He cannot and will not break either regardless of his desire to do otherwise or our pleadings for same. We hear a lot about prayer of late and especially on this election eve. Be assured that God does hear our prayers especially those of the just but he is also aware that as men we firmly believe we don't need his help with the details.

We have asked God out of our lives and with this November 6th election we will have officially excluded any of his personal representatives in the oval office - after all we're not looking for a pastor in chief, right? So is that it, game set and match?

Certainly not! "With God" as we say here in the swing state of Ohio "all things are possible." The same god that guarantees us our liberties is as well the same god that assures us that if we humble ourselves ( as a nation) seek God's guidance and then start showing some behavior modifications he will save us from ourselves.

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Charles Finney had a pretty good idea on how were are to accomplish this healing process. He said quite simply that if our politics become so corrupt that the "very foundations of our government are ready to fall away" it is because the church is so degenerate and worldly and "the pulpit is responsible for it." That is why it is so important that regardless of the outcome of next Tuesday's election the pastors and church leaders, with their churches in tow step up and start "accommodating their discourses to the times" - especially in the political arena. The time and energies that were put into the political election process must be doubled now and used to direct and master our newly hired servants.

November 6th can be a turning point in America. Not because of whom we elect but because of the support and direction that the church must now give to him with guidance from our creator. We have but two paths to follow - we can continue on our path with man as our guide or we can turn to the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob and ask for his forgiveness and his help . . may God help us all.

� 2012 - JR Harrison - All Rights Reserved

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JR Harrison is an Ohio businessman, parent, veteran and founding member of Minutemen United - a group of Christian men who share the love, hope and truth of Jesus Christ regardless of the consequences. Minutemen believe that unless the church -lead by the pastors - is present where the "battle rages" in America were going to lose this great nation. In the 10 plus years The Minutemen have been in existence they have stood with Judge Roy Moore in Alabama (Ten Commandments judge) , carried water to Terry Schiavo in Florida as well as were first responders in sending aide and personnel to support Hurricane Katrina victims. You can recognize the Minutemen by their red, white and blue Cross Caps because they are the ones that have left their prayer closets and are now in the battle.

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November 6th can be a turning point in America. Not because of whom we elect but because of the support and direction that the church must now give to him with guidance from our creator.