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By David Bay, Cutting Edge Ministries
April 17, 2011

Adolf Hitler understood: "What luck for rulers that people do not think."

Beware!! Republican and Tea Party Leaders Are Beginning To Sound The Fraudulent Warning That 'Liberal Judges' Are Threatening 'Conservative' Values!

Their phony solution? Political activism which will elect Conservative officials and judges! (Remember: Terri Schiavo was killed by Republican Judges – and, Republican judges provided the majority to legalize Sodomy and Abortion with Roe vs Wade).

Recently, I received a Tea Party email blast, warning me that, an election in Wisconsin carried enormous potential for harm to the Conservative cause.

NEWS BRIEF: "Election Alert," by Tea Party Express, email alert, 3/30/2011

"Next Tuesday there's a critical election for Supreme Court in Wisconsin. If liberal Joanne Kloppenburg wins, liberals will control the court and be able to block Gov. Scott Walker's collective bargaining/budget relief legislation. Barack Obama and the labor unions will have won."

While I am not familiar with the local politics in Wisconsin driving this email alert, I am very sensitive to the old "tried and true" political tactic often employed by Conservatives to fire up their fundamental political base. They will mount a major campaign designed to convince Conservative voters that, unless they show up in droves to vote a certain way in a certain election, the Liberals will win and will then control the court system.

President Bush used this tactic with great success during the 2005 effort to get the President's court nominees approved by the Senate. Conservative voters were targeted with a sophisticated Mass Media propaganda barrage designed to convince them to lobby hard with their Congressional representatives to vote in favor of President Bush's judicial nominees, many of whose appointments are stalled in Congress. This propaganda blitz was intent upon sending one major message:

President Bush was trying hard to get his Conservative, Christian agenda through, but was currently being stymied by a recalcitrant, stubborn Congress. If President Bush could only be allowed his choices of judicial nominees, all "judicial activism" would be stopped in its tracks.

Let us examine the truth about "Liberal (Democrat)" versus "Conservative (Republican)" judges and their impact upon the American judicial system at very critical moments in America's modern history.

The lineup of antagonists in this propaganda message is clear:

Liberal Democrats -- who love abortion and whose appointed judges have been issuing "activist" decisions for many decades now that have wracked this country, turning its values upside down and inside out. In particular, Christians were so very upset about the way judges refused to intervene to save Terri Schiavo's life; further, Christian leaders have been challenging the "judicial activism" of judges from the time of court orders to integrate school systems, to Roe vs Wade, and to the Supreme Court decision in June, 2003, to legalize Sodomy.

Conservative Republicans -- who want conservative judges who have promised not to be "activist judges". Republicans are held up as the saviors of Conservative and/or Christian values. If we could only get some Republican judges sitting on the benches, we could get America back to loving God and the Bible.

This is the old "tried and true" propaganda lie. Now, let us examine some historical reality.

NEWS BRIEF: "Republicans Responsible For Schiavo's Sacrifice," Retaking America, March 26, 2005

"Republicans are trying to gain political pro-life mileage from the Terri Schiavo circus, when in fact they are the true culprits behind her starvation and dehydration ... Florida circuit court Judge Greer, who presided over the Schiavo case, is a Republican ... When the Florida legislature voted to save Terri, nine senate Republicans voted NO…”

“Republicans control the 11th Circuit court, with GOP Presidents appointing 7 of the 12 judges. Six of those Republican appointees voted to kill Terri Schiavo. One of those six was a Reagan appointee and five were appointed by Bush or his father. As hard as it is to believe, Clinton's appointees voted to save Terri's life." (Ibid.)

This Retaking America article continues:

“Republican judges have had a significant part in outlawing God, killing the unborn, removing the 10 Commandments, and now government forced euthanasia. If Christians continue to believe that Republicans will save the day, they are living in 'lala land'. Here in Alabama it was 7 Republicans that voted to remove the 10 Commandments and Judge Roy Moore. It was 2 Republican judges and one Democrat on the 11th circuit court who ruled to remove our 10 Commandments. It was a Republican governor and Attorney General who conspired with the 7 Republicans on the Alabama Supreme court to get rid of our 10 Commandments and Judge Roy Moore. And a Republican President that would not say a word.”

Kelley then quotes Dan Charles, National Chairman of the America First Party. Listen carefully, for his quote is exactly right.

"The good people of this nation who care about life need to understand the half-hearted pro-life gestures by the GOP for what they are: snow jobs to keep the pro-life constituency in line. When it comes to stopping the killing, the GOP can't get the real job done because the GOP is not pro-life."

He is exactly correct: "the GOP is not pro-life."

But, we have more historical horror to share with you!


American Christians were shocked and dismayed when the U.S. Supreme Court voted in a Texas case to legalize Sodomy! Cutting Edge posted NEWS1830, entitled "Has America Crossed That Final Judgment Line With God After Supreme Court Legalized 'Private Acts' of Homosexuality?"

NEWS BRIEF: "U.S. Supreme Court Overturns Texas Gay Sex Ban," Fox News, June 26, 2003.

On 6/26/2003, the Supreme Court legalized homosexual acts in Texas -- and by the nature of their high national office -- and throughout the rest of the nation as well. For years, Christian Fundamentalists have been mightily warning that America is in severe danger of God's physical judgment because of our multiple sins in his eyes. Now, on this date, six Justices voted to legalize acts of sodomy "done in private"! Instantly, Sodomy became the Law of the Land.

The Justices appointed by Republican Presidents to the U.S. Supreme Court at this time were:

Rehnquist (Reagan)
Stevens (Ford) - Voted to legalize Sodomy
O'Connor (Reagan) -- Voted to legalize Sodomy
Scalia (Reagan)
Kennedy (Reagan) -- Voted to legalize Sodomy
Souter (Bush, Sr.) -- Voted to legalize Sodomy
Thomas ( Bush, Sr.)

Justices Stevens, O'Connor, Kennedy, and Souter voted to legalize Sodomy on June 26, 2003!

These four Republican judges joined two Democrat judges to legalize Sodomy throughout the land!

Roe vs Wade is probably the most grevious of decisions tearing our moral fabric apart, a decision made possible by Republican nominees from Conservative Republican Presidents.

No single decision has more devastated America than Roe vs Wade. Over 50 million babies have been murdered in the womb since that horrific decision. Many people have held up this decision as the ultimate in "Judicial Activism". Yet, guess what? Most of the judges voting for Roe vs Wade were appointed by Republican presidents!

Here is the list of the Justices who voted to pass Roe vs Wade.

Republican-appointed Justices

(1) Chief Justice Warren Burger- Nixon-1969
(2) William Brennan- Dwight Eisenhower-1956
(3) Potter Stewart- Eisenhower-1958
(4) Harry Blackmun- Nixon-1970
(5) Lewis Powell- Nixon-1972

Democrat-appointed Justices

(6) William Douglas- FDR-1939
(7) Thurgood Marshall- Lyndon Johnson-1967

The only Judges who dissented were William Rehnquist appointed by Reagan, and Byron White appointed by John F. Kennedy. The decision was a 7-2 majority in favor of it. The irony of it was the court HAD a majority of Republican appointed judges. Five Republican justices joined two Democrat Justices to legalize Abortion on Demand!


The facts are in and they are mightily sobering. The worst landmark decisions in recent, modern history have been carried out by judges appointed by "Conservative" Republican politicians.

Therefore, it is the highest form of deceit to shout to the American electorate that voters need to vote in Conservative officials so Liberal judges can be kept off the bench.

Christians are the most duped people on earth these days. Beginning in the late 1970's with Moral Majority, Fundamental Christians have identified with Republicans generally and Republican presidents specifically. What do we have to show for 25 years of political activism?

Has Abortion on Demand been rolled back? No
Have our moral foundations been improved? No
Have we stopped the incredible march toward the global New World Order? No
Have we stopped the killing of the elderly, the devalued, the terminally ill? No
Have we successfully reduced the size of governments? No
Have we successfully reduced the size of deficits? No

Have we successfully stopped Federal encroachment against our Constitution? Most assuredly NO!

In fact, this President Bush had been the one to demand -- and get -- the gravest of dictatorial laws which strip us of our Constitution protections, all under the guise of "fighting terror" (Read the full text of the two Patriot Acts).

As usual, we have been duped, and as usual, the truth of the matter lies 100% in the opposite direction from the public rhetoric (NEWS1558).

When are we going to learn that there is not one iota of difference between Republican and Democrat politicians? Old Governor George Wallace was absolutely correct when he snorted, "There's not a dime's worth of difference between Republicans and Democrats."

I am not saying that Liberal judges have never issued an onerous decision, because they certainly have; what I am saying, though, is that Republican Conservative Judges have been responsible for dealing fatal body blows against this nation.

On Judgment Day, these modern judges will face the same wrath against judges in Israel 2,500 years ago. What was God’s charge to these judges then?

“Shall the throne of iniquity have fellowship with You--they who frame and hide their unrighteous doings under [the sacred name of] law? They band themselves together against the life of the consistently righteous and condemn the innocent to death.” -(Psalm 94:20-21)

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Surely, modern judges have issued horrific decisions since World War II which has sawed the moral fabric of this once-great nation apart, framing and hiding their unrighteous doings under the sacred name of law, thus condemning the innocent to death!

Truly, King Solomon was correct when he intoned, “there is nothing new under the sun”!

History has repeated itself, after 2,600 years, but this time, America will suffer God’s physical judgment.

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� 2011 - David Bay - All Rights Reserved

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David was born August 5, 1946, in Colorado. From 1964-1968, he attended a Christian college in Portland, Oregon, majoring in Education and English, with minors in History and Business Administration. In March, 1968, hr received his Draft Notice, following the Tet Offensive in Vietnam. He joined Army Intelligence for four years. His Security Clearance was Top Secret Crypto.

In 1972, David was released from the Army, returning to Portland, Oregon, where he began the climb the Corporate ladder in Retail Management. In 1984, he moved to Attleboro, Massachusetts. He soon discovered a fundamental, Bible teaching church that fearlessly proclaimed the "whole" of God's Word. In 1991, he was named Director of Cutting Edge Ministries. On June 10, 1996, Cutting Edge Ministries started its Internet ministry. David has 7 children living from coast-to-coast.

Cutting Edge Ministries.

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Surely, modern judges have issued horrific decisions since World War II which has sawed the moral fabric of this once-great nation apart, framing and hiding their unrighteous doings under the sacred name of law, thus condemning the innocent to death!