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By Paul Cappadona
August 29, 2009

For the few that understand it looks like things done to preserve our Republic fail, one step forward two back. Voting doesn't seem to help, God forbid it may be rigged. Becoming members of a group that has similar desires doesn't seem to help, that often becomes the blind leading the blind. Giving money to groups fighting for our rights doesn't seem to get the desired results, we just get poorer faster. More people must be led to the truth having their illusionary happy idol smashed. It pretty certain that most people that know what is going on are not yet willing to take the battle to our courts or start to use the Grand Jury system the way it was intended. At this point in the game I believe pointing and laughing will help increase our ranks. Not just pointing and not just laughing but in combination they must be done.

Due to mass ignorance our (employees) are illegally taking over healthcare, banking, and industry. We few that see are outraged. We write letters call our so called representatives and give them a piece of our mind. Then we panic to think how bad things are getting. Not fully understanding that they simply do not have the authority to do their own will nor the will of their lobbying masters. They are doing unauthorized work. We are not bound to pay for work not authorized in the original Constitution. If you hire me to fix a door in your house and I totally remodel your house from top to bottom are you obligated to pay? Not only did I change your house against your wishes but now demand payment with interest. What case would I have in the real world? Shouldn't all information be given to the Grand Jury and indictments follow? We have been scammed we have been wronged, and yet we fear. It's time to make the usurpers fear and be humbled. It is a crime for anyone to take your rights or property and it is still a crime if 51% may approve of it. Majorities do not have special magic power allowing them to do that which is unlawful for everyone else.

" ...If one individual does not possess such a right over the conduct of another, no number of individuals [in a deliberative body] can possess such a right. All combinations, therefore, to effect such an object, are injurious, not only to the individuals particularly oppressed, but to the public at large." People v. Fisher, 14 Wend. (N.Y.) 9, 28 Am.Dec. 501

We are bound only in natural God given common law, mutually and equally.

If we are not responsible for the cost of their unauthorized work, well then WHO IS? Our elected representatives ignore our contract with them, leaving the only conclusion that it must be other people or groups that pull their strings. Yes it's the Central Banks, the Insurance Company, and the Corporations that have grown up around them. What a surprise they got the Bail out money while we inherit the debt with interest, Oh how amusing. The whole gang should be indicted including the politicians that betrayed their country. It's laughable as a mater of fact the whole world is laughing at us right now. In our national happy sleep we roll over and just let the crimes against humanity continue. But, you say; haven't all the Congressional committees impaneled looked into these types of accusations and found no crime or law broken. Can you honestly tell me that this is not laughable? It would be like using a crime syndicate to investigate crimes scenes. Hey, Polly make-a-this evidence go away, laughable.


By the way independent citizen Grand Juries should be impaneled to investigate ANY alleged crime. Thanks to our, not so free, government ed-e-kation scam that information was made ta go away. The ignorance of the average government educated subject would be laughable if it was not so sad. We as a nation have been tricked into freely given up citizenry to become subjects. We must let every subject know that there is only a short time left to claim to be a sovereign citizen and encourage them to join us. There is no better way than to point and laugh at these clowns as they try to tell us how much we need them. Pointing and laughing at them could break the hypnotic hold most are under, then we can boldly bring justice to bear on government crimes?

What can anyone do "You can't sue City Hall" and they don't allow suits against the Government. Well I'm here to tell you why, you can't put "City Hall" or "The state" behind bars. They are legal fictions and not part of mankind.

"No suit can be sustained against a state; but an unconstitutional law affords no justification to a state officer for an act injurious to an individual. The officer is not the state, and can set up no exemption under it, unless he act within the authority of law." Astrom v Hammond (1842), 2 Fed.Cas, 71, Fed.Cas.No. 596, 3 Mclean 107.

I'm no expert but I think this is saying you can sue the people trying to pull one over on us. The more people awake up the easier it is.

"No officer can acquire jurisdiction by deciding he has it. The officer, whether judicial or ministerial, decides at his own peril."Middleton v. Low (1866), 30 C. 596, citing Prosser v. Secor (1849), 5 Barb.(N.Y) 607, 608.

We make to big a deal out of their treacherous acts. They don't have a right to take us where we don't want to go. It's all a con job to make us think thy have a magic power to force us to comply. To me it has become laughable. Just imagine Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Bush or even a local bureaucrat if you like, stumping something that you know to be unconstitutional and just plain bad for America. Now imagine someone in their listening audience brake out with uncontrollable pointing and laughing. Boy I would love to see that, how about you? This could hopefully get most of the people there to join in removing the fear and promote intrepidity. Politician's egos would not be able to deal with such humiliation and their ideas would instantly be put in proper perspective. The whole topic would become naked and bare. Their power over us would be gone, no jewel studded crown, and no long flowing royal red robe, no magical scepter, everyone would see the emperor have no clothes. The meaning of no clothes is no legitimate power.

We are theoretically citizens in a free County. We granted certain powers to Government to act in our interest as rightly said by John Adams;

"Government is instituted for the common good; for the protection, safety, prosperity, and happiness of the people; and not for profit, honor, or private interest of any one man, family, or class of men."

Our nation was to be different than the others, without forced contributions or service, a free people. But our over reaching servants have made it a den of thieves.

To remain a free people freedom requires the support of government to be voluntary. Tax contributions' emanating from free citizens keeps them in control. As long as the government did a good job contributions would be high.. If on the other hand, Oh God forbid, our servants stepped out of contract, contributions would fall, choking out the corruption. Don't laugh at me; this is how One Nation under God was intended to run, it was called voluntary compliance. We have been led so far off course wrong things done are accepted not knowing we have alternatives.

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Now to get back to point, let's shame them with good honest hearty laughter. Americans do not yet have the numbers to bring the battle to the courts. It is up to us that have sight to ridicule crime and foolishness in order to wake up subjects and making them citizens. Be honest as you know how, Please don't get upset and angry it makes you look wrong. Have fun exposing evil and don't forget to point and laugh because it has a psychological way of shining a great light on what is being said. I will be watching, waiting and even hoping I get an opportunity to set things straight. Let's see who will be the first one to make headlines.

Grand Jury Creed free to anyone that asks and Grand Jury brochures 1 FRN each.

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We make to big a deal out of their treacherous acts. They don't have a right to take us where we don't want to go. It's all a con job to make us think thy have a magic power to force us to comply.