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By Paul Cappadona

November 25, 2007

So here we go again. Another campaign for the Presidency is underway with its debates, controversies, and mud slinging. In the end we�ll be left with twiddle-de and twiddle dumb. The whole election process is a side show to keep the common man falsely thinking that they make the decisions and that decision sets the agenda. But is the presidency the highest office in the land?

Growing up, we were taught that the president is the highest authority in the land. How could he not be? He makes the speeches, and proposes what we should do in difficult situations. It is only natural for us to see the office of president as the highest. However upon closer examination we see there are offices higher than his. For instance, the president can be brought up on criminal charges or impeached and if he doesn�t play the game the way the president makers� demand, he can incur the wrath of the media or worse. Regardless the party, democratic socialism keeps rolling along negating our Constitutional Republic. It seems to be true; the presidency may not be the highest office in the Land.

When our government was founded, the American people insisted on due process of law that was held outside of the powers granted to the Government. This power if used properly would suppress tyranny and keep government power from becoming absolute. The power of due process belongs to the common people and is wielded through our jury system. It is the power of indictment and conviction. The highest office in the land belongs not to the president but the common citizens with indicting power, the Grand Jury.

In times past and still in most places of the world today, there are the dreaded inquisitors, much like the IRS. These inquisitors, who are feared by the common man, work to silence opposition to the prevailing ruling class. Our American forefathers having lived that tyranny rejected the ruling tyrants and their inquisitors. Here they set up a people�s court in its place. In our courts it�s only the people that have the duty and power to indict and convict through a draw of registered voters. This power was meant to remain in the hands of the people who benefit from it. The District attorney and the court work for the people not the State. No politician, district attorney, judge, or anyone else can override the decision of a Grand Jury and anyone who attempts to manipulate a Grand Jury is committing a felony.

In 1777, Supreme Court Justice, John Jay instructed the first Grand Jury; �You will be pleased to observe that all offences committed in this country against the people of this State, from treason to trespass, are proper objects of your attention and inquiry.�

The Grand Jury may investigate any government or private crimes within their jurisdiction and in fact sets jurisdiction for the courts. The meetings of the Grand Jury are a necessary tool to look into alleged crimes; question witnesses, and then if there is enough evidence, to indict. U.S v Morton Salt Co. 338 U.S 632, 642, 642-643 (1980), �The Grand Jury can investigate merely on suspicion that the law is being violated, or even just because it wants assurance that it is not.� The Grand Jury can start investigations into governmental corruption on their own volition. Chief Justice Salmon P. Chase once instructed, �You must not be satisfied by acting upon such cases only as may be brought before you by the district attorney, or by members of your body to whom knowledge of particular offences may have come. Your authority and your duty go much further. You may and you should, summon before you, officers of the government, and others whom you may have reason to believe possess information proper for your action, and examine them fully.� I can�t yet imagine a judge today giving instructions like that to the Grand Jury.

The courts were set up for the protection of and therefore belong to the American people; we merely need to reassert our authority. We must make all that seek to restore America aware that the Grand Jury is ours. Using the Jury system properly is the most effectual and non-violent way to restore our country back to the Constitutional Republic it once was. We all know this country is being taken down and is crumbling right before our eyes. The Grand Jury that would ensure equity and justice for our people has been taken from us. We need to know the Grand Jury is a very powerful tool and begin using it. Remember, when the government possesses the indicting power its powers become absolute, and absolute power leads to unpunished corruption and tyranny.

I for one am sick of all the corruptions, cover-ups, new-speak spin, lies, and the high crimes that go unpunished. I am also sick of the stories and articles that lack solutions. Most people don�t want to hear about all the crimes and corruptions going on in government because it seems so hopeless. The American people are tired of hearing the bad news and they�re begging for real solutions. They need to know it is not hopeless. My wish for the people is that they be informed and able to make a difference. You can make a difference and it starts right here. Tell someone, pass on the solution. Let the people see that there is a chance for restoration of the only government ever dedicated to, for, and by the people, the one and only free nation.

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Our glorious beauty is a fading flower and our production is now eaten up or stomped to the ground before it is ripe. We have error in vision and stumble in judgment. The day is at hand, let truth be our crown of glory. Let truth guide the residue of His people that are not drunk with dilutions. Let truth be a spirit of judgment to those who sit in judgment, and for strength to them that turn the battle to the courts. The courts were ours, we must take them back, am I right or wrong. If I�m right sound the trumpets let the people know, write, talk, and sing about this but let the people know. And if you think the people not intelligent enough as Jefferson said so say I �educate them�

Happy to email the Grand Jury Creed to anyone that asks.

� 2007 - Paul Cappadona - All Rights Reserved

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Paul Cappadon is the author of "Taking Back America The Party�s Over"

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Our glorious beauty is a fading flower and our production is now eaten up or stomped to the ground before it is ripe. We have error in vision and stumble in judgment.