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By Derry Brownfield
May 4, 2008

To be politically correct our children are being taught to be tolerant to everybody and everything, regardless of how bizarre it may seem to our American way of life. Public schools are having students learn passages form the Koran and study some of the laws handed down by Mohammed. Our children are taught that Islam is a religion of peace and Allah is just another name for the God of the Holy Bible.

In 1988, a British novelist, Salman Rushdie published a novel. “The Satanic Verses,” which led to protests from Muslims in several countries. Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, then Supreme Leader of Iran, called for Rushdie’s death. As a result he was forced to spend nearly a decade hiding from the public.

If you were watching the evening news this past December you are aware of the British school teacher that was sentenced to 40 lashes and a year in jail for allowing her students to name their teddy bear “Mohammed.” Islamic mobs demonstrated in the streets and called for her execution. In Saudi Arabia a gang raped a 19 year old girl and the victim received a sentence of 200 lashes for riding in the car with her rapists. In 2006, a 34-year old mother was forcibly raped and ultimately tried and convicted of adultery, and was ordered to be stoned to death.

Muslims live by the religious law called Shari’a, which demands total submission. They believe Shari’a is given by Allah and that whatever befalls them (good or bad) is Allah’s will. If a person receives harsh punishment for something they didn’t do, the rationale is that Allah could and would have prevented it if that had been his will. According to Patrick Wood, “Shari’a is no more than a medieval, barbaric code that somehow survived to the 21st century. It flies in the face of western law, philosophy, liberty and freedom. However, it is the vehicle used to call for the complete destruction of the west and in particular the United States of America, which then will be replaced by Shari’a dictatorship.”

Several of the school districts in the United States compel students to attend classes to study basic Islamic beliefs. Here are a few passages from Shari’a law, regarding infidels (unbelievers): Muslims are to seize them and put them to death wherever you find them, kill them wherever you find them, seek out the enemies of Islam relentlessly. Cut off their heads and cut off the tips of their fingers. Muslims are to be ruthless to unbelievers. A Muslim can kill any person he wishes if it be a “just cause.” Anyone who fights against Allah or renounce Islam in favor of another religion, shall be put to death or crucified or have their hands and feet cut off alternative sides.

According to Islamic beliefs, paradise is under the shades of swords. “There will be gushing fountains and everyone shall recline on jeweled couches and there shall wait on them immortal youths with bowls and ewers and a cup of purest wine. Bashful virgins whom neither man nor jinnee will have touched before – virgins as fair as corals and rubies. They shall recline on green cushions and fine carpets. 80,000 servants and 72 wives over which stands a dome decorated with pearls. It will be the day, God willing, you spend with the women of paradise.”

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I have never seen a lesson plan written and approved by our department of education, but I doubt that it explains the true details of the Muslim faith. By-the-way, what do Muslim women get when they arrive in paradise?

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Several of the school districts in the United States compel students to attend classes to study basic Islamic beliefs.