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Derry Brownfield
September 26, 2003

I became aware of the lack of Morals held by the United States Supreme Court in 1962 when the ruling came down stating it was illegal to pray in our public schools. The following year the court made it illegal for public school attendees to read from the Bible. Then on January 22, 1973 because of the Roe vs. Wade decision, it became legal to kill unborn children. In late June of this year the highest court in the land went on a rampage to continue destroying the morals of this, once God-fearing nation.

First the court ruled that the Constitution contains an invisible clause that says homosexuals have a right to practice their sexual activities; and lastly, the court destroyed a state's right to make laws concerning the amount of time a state has to bring criminal charges in child sex-abuse cases.

Many of the Internet news services carried stories of protest. Joseph Farah writing in WorldNetDaily suggested we impeach the Supreme Court. NewsWtihViews carried a story by John Taft titled Five Supreme Court Thugs Pummel Constitution and an article by Kevin E. Abrams titled Supreme Court Self-Destructs. Abrams states "rather than interpreting the American Constitution, the Supreme Court has effectively undermined and suspended the Constitution and the moral principles which have guided the American Ship of State since her inception.

The Supreme Court is no longer in honor, but dishonor and shame. There is a "sacramental" component to human sexuality; and homoerotic sexual conduct by nature is backwards and up-side-down. The militant "gay" movement will soon reveal their true motives wherein all those Americans who stand for truth, justice and moral righteousness will become their targets. The top has been mostly corrupted. Only the masses of American people who still believe in America and the principles for which the Constitutional Republic stands can save the day. Essentially, there is no more United States Supreme Court, only We the People."

Joseph Farah calls the court "political activists in black robes who actively taunt the American people. An out of control, renegade court that sticks its thumb in the eye of the people, daring us to act against this unaccountable ruling elite." Farah goes on to say, "Americans need to understand the Supreme Court does not have unlimited authority to strike down laws it doesn't like. Americans need to prepare a response. All serving federal officials are subject to impeachment proceedings - even the Supreme Court Justices. These people have to go. It's time to challenge the authority of the majority with an impeachment movement."

Woodrow Wilson said, "The war between the states established this principle, that the federal government is, through its courts, the final judge of its own powers." Thomas Jefferson said, "If the federal government were ever to become the sole judge of the limits of its own powers through its own courts, then there would eventually be no limits to those powers and the Constitution would effectively become a dead letter.

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Derry Brownfield was born in 1932 and grew up during the depression. He is a farmer and a broadcaster. Derry attended the College of Agriculture at the University of Missouri where he received his B.S. and M.S. degrees. He taught Vocational Agriculture several years before going to work as a Marketing Specialist with the Missouri Department of Agriculture. Derry served as Director of the Kansas City Livestock Market Foundation at the Kansas City Stockyard prior to establishing himself in farm broadcasting.

Derry started farming when he was 16 years old and received the Future Farmers of America State Farmer degree in 1949. Since that time the Brownfield Farm has grown to over 1000 acres maintaining a herd of 200 registered Charolias cows.

In 1972, Derry and his partner established the Brownfield Network which now serves 250 radio stations throughout the Midwest with news and market information. In 1994, Derry started his own syndicated radio talk show and he is one of the most popular radio talk show hosts in America. The Derry Brownfield Show can be heard on approximately 80 radio stations in 23 states. With his entertaining sense of humor and witty commentary he has captured audiences for over 30 years. His ability to present an informative talk show while being light and colorful is why he has a large loyal listening audience.

Derry Brownfield is a practical farmer, a practical business man and a very entertaining speaker. He travels extensively throughout the country speaking about his common-sense point of view. Web Site:







"The Supreme Court is no longer in honor, but dishonor and shame. There is a "sacramental" component to human sexuality; and homoerotic sexual conduct by nature is backwards and up-side-down. The militant "gay" movement will soon reveal their true motives..."