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By Frosty Wooldridge
May 22, 2008

Did anyone notice Earth Day last month? Did anyone acknowledge this planet’s death spiral accelerating as humans ravage everything in sight?

An astute journalist, Kathleene Parker of Albuquerque, NM, said, “We celebrate the 38th Earth Day with new awareness of the planet’s urgent environmental problems, if not their solutions. Perhaps we should revisit the warnings of Earth Day founder U. S. Sen. Gaylord Nelson.

“And, recently, “THE JOURNAL” in Albuquerque reported that marchers celebrated Cesar Chavez Day and called for “immigrant rights,” apparently unaware of the labor leader’s position on the topic.”

For those who remember, Chavez stood against illegal alien migrant labor because it depressed wages and displaced American Chicano labor.

“Nelson (D-Wisconsin) advocated vigorously for population stabilization,” Parker said. “In the United States, he favored strict immigration controls and quotas, as did many in an era when population—global and United States—was recognized as a huge environmental problem.

“Well-known black, liberal Texas Congresswoman Barbara Jordan, who gained fame during the Watergate hearings and who headed immigration hearings in the 1990s, realized that open borders were no friend to workers or minorities.”

Chavez, realizing that government worked only for big agriculture, offered the United Farm Workers to patrol the border. He understood that workers could not leverage for better pay or working conditions if they could be easily replaced with illegal border crossers.

“Earlier, organized labor led the movement that brought an end to the Great Wave of Immigration (1880-1918) that had subsidized industrial robber barons with all the cheap labor they desired,” Parker said. “Nelson understood carrying capacity: impacts on the environment are caused by levels of consumption plus how many consume, both huge problems in the high-consuming, high-population United States.

“Ignored by today’s big media: To 2050, just eight nations will contribute half of all growth: India, Pakistan, Nigeria, the United States, China, Bangladesh, Ethiopia and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, in that order (Source: United Nations). More, we lead China and India as the planet’s greenhouse-gas-emission gorilla.

“If those startling statistics—both in the demographic company we keep and the environmental implications—don’t turn the reader an Earth Day green, he or she does not grasp that Earth Day’s founder believed overpopulation to be the most urgent issue facing humanity, nor was he alone.

“Sierra Club president Carl Pope, in the 1980s, called the United States “the world’s most overpopulated nation,” a position that was dropped like a hot potato when a donor, with strong open-border views, gave the club $103 million. Other environmental organizations stampeded from the issue of population and, in the United States with a near-replacement birth rate, its main driver, immigration.

“Yet, on a planet that, since the first Earth Day, has seen regional environmental problems replaced with planet-scale ones, such as climate change and the beginnings of the largest species extinction since the die off of the dinosaurs, Earth’s population has jumped from 4 billion to 6.7 billion, as it heads toward 10 billion mid-century. It adds over 70 million people annually, more than all the people killed in all the major wars of the 20th century!”

United States population increased from 200 million to over 300 million since 1970, as we accept a million legal immigrants annually, more than any other nation, up from an average of only 200,000 annually from 1920 to 1965 while over two million illegal border crossers enter annually. Most shocking, in 2006, we joined India and China as the only nations with over 300 million residents.

“In a world of spiraling fuel costs, economies staggering as a result, alternative fuels that will likely offer relief but not total solutions,” Parker said. “Species extinctions and troubling indicators of water shortages—including the stark possibility, as recently reported, of Lake Mead running dry by 2021 in the American Southwest—perhaps we should return to the core beliefs held by Earth Day’s founder.”

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Parker, of Rio Rancho, is a former member of the Sierra Club’s national Population Issues Committee. She serves on the board of advisors of Washington, D. C.-based Population-Environment Balance and has long volunteered for a leading national advocate for immigration reduction.

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For those who remember, Chavez stood against illegal alien migrant labor because it depressed wages and displaced American Chicano labor.