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By Frosty Wooldridge
January 10, 2005

How would you like your child in kindergarten through 12th grade attending classes with kids who canít read, write, speak or understand English--or American education values? Furthermore, how would you feel if those students felt zero investment in education, in English and the American way? How would you like your childís education dumbed down to that of a classroom from the Third World? Guess what? Today, if youíre a parent of a child in thousands of classrooms across America, thatís whatís happening to your children with your tax dollars.

Unfortunately, more problems exist in Americaís classrooms than an invasion of illegal alien children. As a former classroom teacher, I compassionately say: first, itís not their fault. Second, they canít help their parents breaking into our country. Third, their problems multiple our problems into educational failure for our children. Fourth, illegal alien parents pay little into the tax infrastructure to fund that education.

The Center for Immigration Studies in Washington, DC, estimates a minimum of 1.1 million illegal alien children attend American schools. The great majority of them cannot and do not speak English. English as a Second Language classes costs taxpayers billions of dollars. The cost of educating Californiaís three million illegal aliens with their children exceeds $2.2 billion annually. It may be noted that over 100 languages must be dealt with in that state. (Source: California Department of Education) California supports the most illegals and suffers the greatest state debt at $38 billion.

Move over to Colorado with 200,000 illegal aliens and they suffer a $140.6 million annual cost for educating illegal alien children. (Source: Colorado Department of Education) Take a swing over to Georgia where it costs their citizens $230 million annually for educating their illegal alien student population.

As a former classroom teacher, there is another problem seldom appreciated by parents and politicians. You canít teach Ďupí to the standards of American education with a small number of illegal children who canít speak English. You must teach Ďdowní or Ďdumb downí the classroom experience for all your students. No matter how well meaning we are trying to educate foreign students who canít or wonít speak English, they pour into classrooms faster than it is possible to absorb them into our national language. Their parents canít help them because their parents are functionally illiterate or cannot speak English in most cases. Itís why you see test scores dropping across the land. Many kids are Ďpromotedí out of high school without the ability to read, write or think at the most elementary levels.

The crisis has reached epidemic proportions in California, so much so, well over half the 16 year olds (Source: LA Times newspaper) cannot understand a city bus schedule or pass a driverís license test. Why? They canít read. In Colorado, three years ago, 51 percent of the potential high school graduating class of the Denver Public Schools flunked out or dropped out. Not only that, the classroom experience for all students degrades down to negative educational disasters. Thatís why, according to the Rocky Mountain News, December 2004, one in five teachers quits or transfers out of the inner city.

The reason is, as a former teacher myself, when you try teaching in such a chaotic and undisciplined classroom, itís depressing and futile beyond comprehension. I taught two years in the Ďinner cityí and fled for my own emotional health. The teachers that stay, simply Ďnumbí their way through the day.

In Austin, Minnesota, they feature a day care center for unwed mothers attending high school. The flunkout rates, drug problems and overall classroom experiences have deteriorated to Third World levels. Why? The meatpacking plants imported over 2,000 illegal aliens and their children now dominate the Austin classrooms into an educational nightmare.

Another crisis prevents a solid education for American children and terrifies parents across the country. Since 15 million illegal aliens now operate in the United States, (Source: Time Magazine, September 2004), they have crossed our borders without a health screening. Their children crossed with them. In the past five years, over 16,000 new cases of tuberculosis have crossed over from Mexico. Itís called multi-drug resistant myco-bacterium TB and it kills two million people worldwide annually. Last fall a year ago, 30 kids tested positive along with four teachers in a small town north of Detroit, Michigan. But if you watch the newspapers, youíll see new cases of TB popping up like toast all across the country. Itís a ticking time bomb because illegal alien children may carry the disease and infect your kids.

Another disease carried into our schools is hepatitis ĎAí and over 100,000 cases have migrated into our country from illegal aliens. The problem isóillegal aliens from Third World countries do not practice the same hygiene and personal sanitation habits we have fostered in our First World country. They often wonít visit health authorities because they donít want to get caught. If your child sits in a classroom with illegal aliens, your child is at risk and so are you.

Worse, in the past five years, 7,000 new cases of leprosy (Source: Hansenís Disease, Lerner, NY Times 2/28/03) have migrated into the USA from illegal aliens from India, Brazil and the Caribbean. Itís now endemic to the East Coast for the first time in the history of the United States. If your child interacts with an illegal alien child carrying leprosy, your child may come home with a new case of this ancient disease.

However, the worst aspect of this national educational crisis stems from the fact that millions of these illegals are not absorbing into the American way of life. They have no intention of speaking English or learning our ways. Do we want a divided country, a violent and uneducated underclass, a loss of a cohesive language and our own children dumbed down?

What does that yield? It gives us a frightening harvest of illiterate, uneducated, antagonistic and non-invested young people exploding into our society with no academic skills. Thatís WHY the Third World suffers what it suffers: lack of an educated citizenry. Further, it also fosters separation from those who speak English and pursue educational goals versus millions who have babies out of wedlock, no working skills, non-English speaking and an uncanny ability to ride welfare rolls with unprecedented talent.

Finally, this Republic is a delicate form of governance. Yes, democracy is terribly delicate and one glimpse around the world will show you why. It requires four qualities to remain viable and functioning. First, it needs a highly educated population that can participate in its continuance. Second, it needs a population with a similar moral code.

Third, it demands a citizenry with a similar ethical system of conduct. Finally, it needs a nation that speaks the same language so it can discuss, debate and vote intelligently as it pulls in the same direction.

We are losing all four qualities faster than you can count to ten.

© 2005 Frosty Wooldridge - All Rights Reserved

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Move over to Colorado with 200,000 illegal aliens and they suffer a $140.6 million annual cost for educating illegal alien children.