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By Andrew C. Wallace
November 17, 2007

�Chain of Command for Treason� is the Evil Alliance among Elites. their Foundations and Corporations with Government Officials to Loot and Destroy America. This statement is not the least bit exaggerated or hypothetical, it is based on today�s cold hard brutal reality. These Elites and their whores in government are involved in the most dastardly and deadly Treason in recorded history, second only to that of Judas Iscariot. Those in the �Chain of Command for Treason� are responsible for the continuing Murder, Killing, Rape, Molestation and Robbery of Millions of Americans by Invaders so they could profit from cheap labor. Their well paid Whores in Government refuse to obey our Constitution and Laws to stop the invasion or to deport the illegals. Government Whores even frame and jail those who try to enforce our laws as an example to others. Actions by many in government are Unconstitutional, Unlawful and Treasonous.

One of the most heinous and diabolical actions by the �Chain of Command for Treason� has been the systematic and ongoing impoverishment of Americans since 1913 with the Federal

Reserve by reducing value of the currency and our assets for the benefit of Elites. Tax free foundations allowed Elites to maintain and increase their wealth and control of our country over time. The most recent example was mortgage bailout of the Financial Corporations saving them from failure by lowering interest rates and putting Billions of dollars into the banking system. This resulted in devaluation of the dollar, reduction in value of your savings and increased costs for gas, heating oil, food and everything average Americans need to live. In simple terms they transferred the loss from the Elites to average Americans by increasing the money supply and inflation, which they have been doing since 1913.

The Elitist father of Governor Eliot Spitzer of New York bought the governorship of New York as a toy for his spoiled arrogant power mad son, who trashed the federal and state Constitutions.

Spitzer unilaterally ordered that Driver�s Licenses be given to illegals in violation of both Federal and State law. This would compromise our security, increase government benefit costs and result in a voter fraud so massive that it would destroy our Sovereignty. Hillary Clinton supports his actions. Spitzer got elected the way any Elite would by the use of money and power. Michael Rothfeld of Newsday reported on 6-22-06 that Spitzer�s father used assets valued at nearly $500 million to get him started in politics. A family charity donated at least $140,000 to groups led by political allies. His parents and brother donated $326,000. Read the Rothfeld article for all the outrageous details involving Foundations. At his inauguration Spitzer said �We must rebuild our economy so that it is ready to compete on the global stage in the next century.� This is code for: you will make no more than a worker in China and you will be our slaves in the One World Order.

The �Chain of Command for Treason� owns the media and refuses to inform the public of even their existence much less attempts to enslave us in poverty. Have you ever seen a negative story in the media about Illegals, NAFTA, CAFTA, WTO, or even a mention of the existence of the North American Union? They want a One World Order and former President

Bush said many times that they were going to get it. They are in fact getting it with trade Agreements and treaties that give away our wealth, jobs, sovereignty and just about everything.

We can only win this fight if we inform and motivate the people. But the issues are so complex and outrageous that most people have a hard time understanding, much less believing the truth. The first thing we must do is to label and identify the enemy in a simple and descriptive manner as the �Chain of Command for Treason.� This description tells the person a lot in a few words and will be remembered If other writers and fighters will use �Chain of Command for Treason� to identify and tie their work to others. If someone comes up with a better description I will use it, but no one has and it is imperative that we have a universal description. You should organize your presentation so that people can see where it fits in the big picture. There are two types of people we must reach, those who read and care, and those who do not read but must be informed and motivated in simple terms. You must tell people how they are being harmed right now, today, in specific graphic terms. If you make the people angry they will be more motivated. Repetition is essential to reinforce the learning process required for us to win. If we don�t coordinate and reinforce each other�s efforts in this manner we will fail because there will be no continuity to reinforce the learning process. Many Americans are only perceiving various unconnected charges that do not motivate them to action. In Marketing every contact must reinforce the others if you can ever hope to inform and motivate the public. Every communication must tell citizens with a sense of urgency what they can do. Everyone must continue to write and inform people in their own way, but I beg you to use these principles and connect it to the work of others using �Chain of Command for Treason.� Frankly, I have great respect and even awe for other writers and fighters in this struggle. But they seem to have little appreciation of Marketing�s Power, which is one thing I know very well after a lifetime of experience.

Some will say that we won the Amnesty fight in the Senate while everyone in this fight was doing his or her own thing and ignoring Marketing. That is true, but the �Chain of Command for Treason� did the advertising for us by supporting marches by illegals and using their corporate media to promote them. They will not make this mistake again. We only won a battle. We could still lose the war because they are trying to pass the amnesty a piece at a time and there is no way that we can motivate the people to fight it every week. This was the fifth time we had to beat them and they had 52 votes. They only need to buy eight more votes and they win. Illegals are only part of the problem and most people have no idea about the rest of it. I will bet that most of your extended family, like mine does not have a clue, or will not give a damn until they are terrified by grim reality as in Nazi Germany.

We should not think that our enemies will overlook our actions. Remember that these greedy ruthless traitors have allowed millions of innocent Americans to be murdered, killed, raped, molested and robbed by their illegal invaders. They have caused millions of Americans to lose their jobs, pensions, benefits, housing, health care, freedom and self respect. I guarantee that if you do not resist, the �Chain of Command for Treason� will force you into abject poverty where you will die homeless hungry and in pain. Do you really think there is any difference between our Elites, who have proven their depravity and Hitler or Stalin? Read the Declaration of Independence and our Constitution so you will understand that this is our land and the power of government comes from we the people. Many Americans died for this country and more are doing so almost every day. I implore all of you to fight like everything you value including your lives depends on it and that it really does. But you must �obey the rule of law and avoid entrapment� if we are to save our Sovereignty and Great Constitution. We know for a fact that these people hold us in such low esteem that they will allow millions of innocent Americans to be murdered, killed, raped, and molested just so they can make more Blood Money from cheap labor. We also know that they have framed and imprisoned law enforcement officers for trying to protect us. If they will do all of this to the innocent, can you imagine what they will do to Patriots who oppose them? There is nothing so vile that they will not do to protect their power and Billions of Dollars in Blood Money.

I am not trying to scare you I am only warning of the real dangers that many of you do not want to believe. You have three choices, either you can fight and win as a patriot, be a Lazy Coward or conspire with the enemy as a Judas Goat. The �Chain of Command for Treason� is our enemy and they have all the money, power and media. But they are scared to death of average Americans because there are so many millions of us and so few of them. They may think they can win by using the Military but that will not work because our military understands the meaning of Lawful Orders and the Nuremburg Trials. The military also does not like our enemies. Our real protection is our constitutional right to keep and bear arms which was given us to deter government Tyranny as it exists today. Now you know why elites are desperate for gun control. If we use those arms we have failed. Our second most powerful protection is the right to trial by Jury. Contrary to common knowledge the jury is the most powerful force in our government as specified in the fifth and sixth amendments to the United States Constitution. Jurors have the power to ignore the court�s instructions and bring in a not guilty verdict contrary to law and the facts. See Horning v. District of Columbia and numerous other cases. People must learn of this power so they can use it when serving on juries. If you are framed and prosecuted insist on a jury trial and get a lawyer with guts who does not know or work with the prosecutors and judges in your area. Our enemies do not care about fair or just, they will do whatever it takes to enslave us.


As a Patriot, can you do less for your country than to see that every elected official at all levels of government is denied election or reelection unless they agree that they will serve all citizens and accept no benefits whatever, not even a cup of coffee from anyone. Campaign contributions must be limited to $100 Dollars per citizen per candidate per election otherwise those with wealth will continue to control our politicians. Candidates must swear to enforce all laws and obey the constitution as it was written. They must agree to protect the American people by use of whatever force is required to protect our borders, deport illegals and prosecute employers of illegals on an expedited basis. They must agree to fire or impeach all government officials especially judges who fail to obey the law or our Constitution. There must be zero immigration for ten years, an end to citizenship for children of illegals and visas must be required of all visitors. All of this and more must be agreed to in writing, signed and notarized. The elections of 2008 are critical for our survival as a free nation. If we cannot clean house in 2008 I don�t think we will have the votes in the future to effect change because of massive voter fraud made possible by Gov. Elliot Spitzer and supported by democratic leaders like Hillary Clinton. Citizens of New York and the country will lose their sovereignty and security thru massive voter fraud, and once it is gone it will take a Blood Bath to get it back. This alone could bring on Armageddon. But, the �Chain of Command for Treason� is attacking us on multiple fronts and if they win in any one of them it would bring on Death and Destruction resulting in a Pyrrhic victory by the American people.

Political parties are a way to keep politicians honest, provided voters are actively involved and one group does not control BOTH parties. The �Chain of Command for Treason� owns and controls BOTH parties. Leaders of the Democratic party are Socialists and Communists who are in bed with the Fascists who control the Republican party. The Elites, their Foundations and Corporations do not give a damn what kind of government we have so long as they control it, and they damn sure do. There is no difference in the leadership of either party. President Bush�s plan for illegals was identical to that of the Democratic Leadership. The only thing that saved us was Patriots in both parties combined with others who were more afraid of the people than their party leaders. Average Democratic Liberal and Republican Conservative voters are decent people who have been misled by party propaganda and a media that is owned by the enemy. The Communist and Fascist leaders of these parties are ruthless power mad lying traitors with a common objective, your enslavement. Why did Democrat Sandy Berger who was caught stealing classified documents receive a slap on the wrist by the Republican administration when he should have been in jail for 20 years? Now Hillary Clinton in an arrogant move appoints him to her campaign staff.

Our politicians know exactly how Millions of Americans are being murdered, killed. raped, robbed and molested by Illegals and the �Chain of Command for Treason� for Blood Money. They know how we will lose everything, but most of them do not give a damn as long as they get their cut of the Blood Money because they feel that we are too dumb to do anything about it. Here are quotes from Clinton and Obama from CNN after the last Amnesty vote. Hillary Clinton:� I am disappointed that the Senate failed to pass the Dream Act. The enactment of this legislation is long overdue and I will continue to fight for its passage for all of our children and our nation.� Barrack Obama:�For the millions here illegally, but otherwise playing by the rules, we must encourage them to come out of hiding and get right with the law.� These arrogant and meaningless statements were made knowing that at least 80% of the American people are strongly opposed. They ignore and hold us in contempt.

Do these two sound like they are representing Americans or lining their pockets with Blood Money. Newsweek reported on Oct. 24, 2007 �that a South Los Angeles street gang targeted African �American gang rivals and other Blacks in a campaign of neighborhood �Cleansing� Federal Prosecutor says.� The National Bureau of Economic Research recently reported that 40% of the unemployment of Blacks was due to Illegals. There are millions of other crimes by illegals but the corporate owned media will not report it unless it is as bad as the NJ massacre. Any legislator who supports illegals is exactly like the Slaver who sold his own people into Slavery. Any poor or middle class person, Black or White, who votes for supporters of illegals is an ignorant damn fool. The media refuses to tell you that it is very dangerous in areas of sanctuary cities or anywhere you find many illegals. You are responsible for your own self defense. Those in government refuse to protect you even if they could, which they cannot. Unless you are a PC fool, or a poor devil living in New York you must learn to shoot and get a carry permit.

If you want to continue to enjoy your life you must get into politics and vote for politicians who are representing your best interests. You do this by being very plain spoken and demanding written promises. Get in their face in every possible way. Use the phone, internet, talk radio and demonstrations. Be polite, but damn forceful.

Vote for the best person regardless of party. The political parties themselves deserve no support until they are run by and for the American people rather than the communist left or fascist right who are socialist partners. Communist leaders of the Democrat party want ignorant illegals to vote for them and the Fascist leaders of the Republican party want cheap illegal labor. Elites don�t care who wins because they control both parties and get what they want in either case. Most Republican legislators ignored their leaders and voted against amnesty, while most Democrats followed orders and voted for amnesty.

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If we fail to stop the traitors before most Americans experience real pain it will result in bloody class warfare. The American people would of course win a Pyrrhic Victory in this conflict. One consequence is that Blacks and Whites are coming together in a common cause. Americans would not be fighting government, they would be fighting the Traitorous �Chain of Command for Treason� and their Foreign Invaders who are usurping our government. I do not advocate or support armed conflict, nor will I participate in it because it is not necessary unless our Sovereignty, Constitutional Government and Rule of Law are stolen from us. My prayer is that we can use the Rule of Law and our Constitution to save this country from bloodshed.

My objective was to tell you the brutal truth without any reservations.

� 2007 Andrew Wallace - All Rights Reserved

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Andrew C. Wallace is a former Kentucky State Trooper, Kentucky Native, Korean War Veteran, Commercial Pilot in Alaska, University of Kentucky Undergraduate in Business, Four years of Graduate School in Economics and Marketing at University of Kentucky and University of Iowa., Assistant Professor, Thirty years as Director of Marketing Firm developing and implementing national Marketing programs for manufacturers and now retired doing research and writing.

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As a Patriot, can you do less for your country than to see that every elected official at all levels of government is denied election or reelection unless they agree that they will serve all citizens and accept no benefits whatever, not even a cup of coffee from anyone.