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By Andrew C. Wallace
September 28, 2012

Replacing Tyranny with Unlimited Freedom and Prosperity

Most Government Officials, Judges, and Employees are incompetent, corrupt or cowardly……….they will frame, prosecute, convict and jail you for their own benefit regardless of truth, justice or the law. Believe it, if you don’t know this you are uninformed and naïve. Every word in this paper has a specific meaning for patriots, and frankly I don’t give a damn about the people who insist on being stupid and naïve. Read “Classified Woman” by Sibel Edmonds and “Extreme Prejudice” by Susan Lindauer for the truth which you will find difficult to believe. They are only two of the countless whistleblowers. People who get their news from the Establishment owned Media are brainwashed dupes of the Marxists in both parties……. If you look to government or the media for help with criminal acts by government you will most likely be framed and prosecuted by them to protect their own.

More than half of Federal Government Agencies, and most actions taken by them are Unconstitutional, because the entire government has been usurped by Marxist traitors who rob us, kill us, deny us due process of law and our God given Constitutional Rights……Most members of the media are Marxist enemies of our Constitutional Republic.

There is No Justice for the people because traitorous usurpers control our Federal Government. However, our Founders gave us the Constitutional Militia of the Several States to enforce laws of the Republic under these circumstances…….If all else fails, the Declaration of Independence gives us, as sovereigns, the right to abolish or alter the government.

Your Governor can initiate the Constitutional Militia of the Several States, refuse to follow unconstitutional laws (Nullification), and ask your county Sheriffs (who have power superior to anyone) to deny Federal Agents access to the people while we abolish their Unconstitutional Federal Agencies……The Militia would refuse to obey orders from a President who could not prove his qualifications, in fact they could arrest him.

Corrupt or Cowardly Federal Agents, Prosecutors, and Judges deny Due Process and Constitutional Rights to citizens by arrest, incarceration, prosecution, conviction, forfeiture and overwhelming legal costs without any Due Process These government employees are criminals and are hated by the people they abuse with unconstitutional laws or orders……The Nuremburg Trials after World War II settled the issue once and for all, there is no legal protection for government employees who abuse the people, with or without orders, they are subject to being hung. If their actions cause a civil war they are subject to being shot on sight by the people…….. If we can’t defeat the Establishment Elites and their Usurping Traitors in government with the Rule of Law, then please God let the first Blood be on their hands, and the people will finish it.

Government Employee Unions are the most Corrupt and Treasonous Unconstitutional Marxist form of government and must be abolished at all costs. Also, employees of non government organizations should never be required to join a union in order to work.

There was a time that is no more, but will be again, when a poor family consisted of a man and a women who taught their children right from wrong with guidance from the Bible, Church, and School. Children were taught that Equal Justice (Equal Opportunity) is guaranteed under our Constitution, but Social Justice (Theft and Redistribution by dole) is not. Charity is available from Churches and others. Government handouts to the poor, corporations, charities, foundations, countries or anyone else are crimes under the Republic. Unconstitutional Financial Handouts and resulting dependency of the poor, destroys the family, creates poverty, criminals, death and destruction.

Today’s so called poor Families in the inner city Marxist Utopias were all started by undereducated and clueless mothers starting at about age 13 without any proper guidance except the government dole. These Marxist Breeding Pens, you can’t call them families(which are the foundation for civil society and the target of marxism), now consist of only women and children on the dole. The 13 year old girl can expect to be at least a Great Great Grandmother by age 60. These Breeding Pens only include men when sperm is needed by those of child bearing ages to increase family income from the government. The rule is simple, if they are old enough to bleed, they are old enough to breed.This is the Marxist design for humanity and accomplishes nothing but destruction and death contrary to our Constitution and the Bible. Children born into these circumstances develop deep resentments and hatred leading to criminality that is encouraged by poverty pimps, opportunists, Affirmative Action teachers and Marxists of both parties……This must end, as death and destruction has always been the accelerating result.

Children born into Marxist Democrat Inner City Hell Holes without proper Families or Biblical training will, with few exceptions be vicious predators without feelings, morals, ethics, or remorse, they are born that way and it has nothing to do with race. The law abiding in cities like New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles should be armed and trained to defend themselves against the criminal children of their neighbors. The Marxist officials in these inner cities have done everything possible to prevent the law abiding from being armed out of fear that their hatred will lead to deadly attacks on Officials.

Marxists have no use for the ignorant and non productive criminals produced in the inner cities except to destroy our Republic, and when that is done they should continue to follow Hitler’s lead and kill them.

The greatest prevailing myth is that Police can protect the people, they can’t, nor is it their legal responsibility. Most Police Officers are Law Enforcement Officers, not Peace Officers, and are seen by the poor with good cause as the hated Occupation Force for corrupt Officials. When I was a Peace Officer, there was mutual respect and the people had my back.

It must be pointed out that there are more poor Whites than Blacks, but a much larger percentage of Blacks are poor than Whites.

There is a Massive Labor SHORTAGE for entry or low level jobs because government gives people more in benefits not to work, than the average employer can afford to pay them. This is an example of Unconstitutional Social Justice (Redistribution) which we must end …….or an economic collapse will end it for us with terrible consequences.

It must be understood that both political parties, banks, media, large corporations, foundations, unions and the Establishment Elites have been combined into a criminal and treasonous gang for over 100 years. This gang has been using our usurped government to steal everything in this country and to enslave us contrary to the Constitution……. The Unconstitutional Laws and criminal actions are too numerous to be counted, much less corrected one at a time, we must terminate them all at once by cutting off their theft of our money, returning to a constitutional Republic and eliminating more than 50% of government departments, policies, laws and employees in a few massive actions.

There is a proven law enforcement technique to reduce crime. If an employee should be expected to know that others are corrupt and does not report and act on it, then he is also guilty……. If you read the books by Lindauer and Edmonds you would want a majority of government employees to be prosecuted for corruption, theft and treason.

Very soon our paper money will be recognized as worthless due to unconstitutional government theft causing a total collapse of our economic system. There will be no essentials or food in the stores.The only source of food for inner city residents will be each other, because after rape and pillage, the only option is Cannibalism.

We must stop illegals from entering our country and deport all illegals remaining in our country even those born here to illegals using whatever massive force is required. Our people have a Constitutional Right to be protected from impoverishment and suffering from disease, crime, loss of jobs, and related government expenses caused by the failure of government to enforce laws against illegals……..either our officials enforce our laws or they must go to jail.

Unlimited Prosperity, Freedom and Employment for all can be available in a few months.

As it was prior to 1913, it will be again, No Income Tax, No Private Federal Reserve Bank, and No Tax Free Foundations, but, with tariffs to support government and good wages for employees of manufacturers who must return to sell here. We will simply return to our prosperous ways prior to 1913 when the Establishment Elites and their Marxist associates converted our country into a massive piggy bank for manipulation, funding of wars, fraud, and theft from the Republic.

Without income taxes our people will quickly prosper, the lawful size of the Federal government would be funded by tariffs and excise taxes. Constitutional gold and silver money, which can’t be printed, would further control government criminality.

If we return to the lawful gold standard government would no longer be able to bankrupt its people with unlimited spending, theft and wars using fiat money that has declined in value by more than 95% since 1913.

Current Economic problems here and in Europe were caused by a failure of Crony Capitalism and Marxism,but not by Capitalism and Free Enterprise that were not allowed to function.

The real God Given booster to our economy is the fact that we have the largest reserves of oil, natural gas, and coal in the world guaranteeing us the energy required for unlimited prosperity when developed. The Solar and Wind power industries funded Obama’s last election in return for huge government subsidies making them wealthy before they went bankrupt.

We are a Nation of laws, not men, and no branch of the government has followed the Constitution. None of the recent presidents has followed all of our laws. But, Obama has deemed himself a dictator and ignores the constitution while doing as he pleases. Obama’s Treasonous and Arrogant Criminal acts are so, numerous and harmful that their evil effects are only exceeded by those of Judas Iscariot.

While Romney may not be perfect, it has been proven that a vote for Obama is a vote for treason, poverty, tyranny and civil war. There is now ample evidence, that in addition to his proven incompetence, hatred of America, and many crimes, that Obama also fails to meet constitutional requirements and is a Sodomite, a Muslim, a Marxist and a Traitor.

There is ample evidence that Obamacare is gutting Medicare and must be repealed so that Seniors will not have to die without proper care.

The people have pleaded with all manner of Judges and Officials to question Obama’s qualifications to be president, and the legality of his actions without a single action being taken by Officials and Judges except for Sheriff Joe Arpaio. This is why the Constitutional Militia must be used to enforce the laws of the Republic on Officials who think they are above the law, the only alternative would be Civil War.

Our Founding Fathers knew that a free and unbiased media and education system was required for the people to remain free. Our Media and Education Systems are mostly corrupt requiring reform or replacement. Government funding for education must be terminated except for vouchers. Media is being replaced by the users, but not fast enough.

The Crucial Facts, without exception, are that all government in this Republic must be in accordance with the Declaration of Independence, and the Constitution, both being based upon the Bible. Concepts of Marxism, Communism, and Fascism such as Social Justice (Redistribution) are not acceptable or lawful in either our Constitution, Churches or The Bible. Charity is advocated in Churches but is impossible in Government.

Any Official, or Citizen advocating use of the Marxist concept of Social Justice (Redistribution),which is contrary to our Constitution is promoting Treason and should expect prosecution. Existing Unconstitutional Social Justice (redistribution)programs in our government must be removed.

Some well intentioned, but stupid people think that government handouts to the poor serve a good Christian purpose and are legal, they are wrong on all counts, this is Unconstitutional theft known as redistribution and social justice.

There can be No Compromise of our Constitution and No Quarter for Traitors. Patriots and people of Faith will insist on Due Process of Law for Marxist Traitors . Ignorant followers of the Marxist s, when deprived of free food and benefits caused by the ongoing failure of Marxist economics will attack their Marxist leaders without quarter. Why do you think our usurped government does everything possible to deny people their Constitutional right to keep and bear arms?

The Armed Forces, Judges, Prosecutors, Police and all employees of Federal, State and Local governments must refuse to enforce any laws or orders affecting the people that are not constitutionally based. Any government employee who takes Unconstitutional actions against citizens has engaged in criminal acts that should result in punishment and a probability of Civil War.

Within the ranks of the Military there appears to be a total lack of respect and trust for the highest ranking officers who have sold out their troops at every opportunity for personal gain, war without a congressional declaration, convicting Lt Col. Terry Lakin without due process for doing what gutless leadership should have done, allowing troops to be killed for months waiting for a decision on reinforcements, allowing a departure date from war zone to be announced, allowing sodomites to serve openly, allowing disclosure of top secret materials without prosecution, and failing to allow troops to protect themselves at home and away. Those with the Stars have an obligation to fall on their swords if necessary to protect the troops.

A final warning to the Establishment Elites and their followers, mostly Marxists , progressives of both parties, democrat dupes, communists, fascists and the inner city brain washed poor who are awaiting the next even greater failure of Marxism. Our Constitution is based upon Equal Justice (Equal Opportunity) and does not allow Social Justice (Theft and Redistribution) or any type of Marxism……..Those who want to force Social Justice, aka Marxism on Americans must know that they have no Constitutional right to do so, and are proposing treason, a dangerous thing to do in this country.

Mike Vanderboegh is the patriot who brought “Fast and Furious” to the attention of the American People. F&F was a treasonous act by government to send weapons from private gun stores to Mexico to cause enough death and destruction to convince us that we must have gun control, which in turn would make us easy victims for a rogue government take over.

On Sept. 18, 2012, Mr Vanderboegh responded to statements about him attributed to Mr Gertz from Media Matters. Mr. Vanderboegh’s comments are so important, timely and well said that I am reporting much of what he said here.

“It is not insurrection to resist a nascent collectivist tyranny which is itself in insurrection against the Constitution and the Founder's Republic. I am a fighter for Restoration, not insurrection.”

“In a related note, I would draw your attention to the Clinton Doctrine, formulated…… in 1999 when the Serbians would not bend to his will. He redrew the rules of engagement for American military forces to include the intellectual and media supporters of his enemy's war effort….. Shortly thereafter, Clinton dispatched precision guided munitions into the houses of politicians and the broadcast studios of Serbian radio and television”

“It would be most unfortunate and highly disturbing, would it not, if, in the event of a federally-provoked civil war, some people in this country decided to adopt the same doctrine of Fourth Generation Warfare?”

If Obama wins there will soon be no food or benefits for anyone. If Romney wins the poor can have a good chance of well paid jobs if they want them. This would allow everyone to buy food and live where they please. It is really a choice between slavery and prosperity or in blunt terms war or peace.

For the benefit of readers who still may think that they can be followers of both Jesus Christ and Marxism I am including the following quotation by Jim Schwiesow a noted writer for News with Views. “It is my firm and fast opinion that one cannot be a believer in - or a follower of progressive (Marxist, communist, fascist) ideology and at the same time be a true follower of Jesus Christ. Everything that such political orientation teaches is in direct conflict with God's will for men. He did not create men to be controlled, dominated, or to be denied free will and self determination”

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In Conclusion, Our Objective is to Quickly Gut the unconstitutional parts of the Federal Government using the rule of law, reducing its power and size to that called for by our Constitution and thereby returning our people to prompt freedom and prosperity To Hell with the Details, get the cowards and criminals out of our lives by cutting off their blood money and prosecuting them with the Constitutional Militia of the Several States.

Please pray with me for God to protect Barack Obama, the Great Hater and Undertaker of our Republic, from any physical harm until we can have him arrested and prosecuted by the Constitutional Militia of the Several States. We need God’s help because his Gravedigger associates are powerful and will want him dead to prevent him from talking.

� 2012 Andrew Wallace - All Rights Reserved

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Andrew C. Wallace is a former Kentucky State Trooper, Kentucky Native, Korean War Veteran, Commercial Pilot in Alaska, University of Kentucky Undergraduate in Business, Four years of Graduate School in Economics and Marketing at University of Kentucky and University of Iowa., Assistant Professor, Thirty years as Director of Marketing Firm developing and implementing national Marketing programs for manufacturers and now retired doing research and writing.

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Your Governor can initiate the Constitutional Militia of the Several States, refuse to follow unconstitutional laws (Nullification), and ask your county Sheriffs (who have power superior to anyone) to deny Federal Agents access to the people while we abolish their Unconstitutional Federal Agencies...