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By Jill Cohen Walker, J.D.

May 1, 2005

My quasi-adult son used to tell me that one person can’t make a difference. I’ve always believed just the opposite. One person can create change, start a movement, organize a group of like-minded others, or write something so meaningful, it can’t be ignored. One person can act for the good of humanity (or against it), especially where liberty and personal freedoms are involved. But it’s not enough to believe we’re free. We must be vigilant and resist any and all attempts to steal the liberties granted to us by God. (And if you don’t believe they’re from the God of the Bible, think about life without them and fight for them anyway.)

We’ve been pressured both globally and internally to give up our sovereignty to something terribly diabolical that seeks to imitate God’s truth . . . and illegal immigration is just one part of the plan to force us into that pseudo-spiritual society. Remember, one goal of the globalists, both elected and unelected, is to load us up with immigrants who don’t care about our history, our constitution, our laws, and who have no desire to become Americans. Once here, they will be wooed with all kinds of government goodies paid for by “we the people.”

Most one-worlders engage in what I call “citizenship devaluation.” While I consider myself a citizen of heaven just passing through, in the natural world I’m considered an American; and this American wants to preserve this nation. Are we up to the task at hand? We’d better be. Do we have a choice? No, we don’t. Real patriotism demands something extraordinary from each of us.

David Denny is one patriot who takes giant steps to protect America. A retired construction worker “living the simple life,” he’s now the Vice Chairman of the New Frontier Coalition, which seeks to pull several autonomous organizations together (while maintaining individual autonomy) to stop illegal immigration. Denny is also a member of the Minutemen. He spent about twelve days monitoring the border between Arizona and Mexico, and has been involved with illegal immigration issues for a long time. Most of his efforts were focused on Dalton, GA, haven of outlet shopping centers and an “underground tunnel” that allows illegal immigrants to enter the country unnoticed.

“Our government engineered their migration here and created a huge problem for this nation. Representative Nathan Deal [R-GA] brought them to Georgia from the university in Mexico City through the well-funded Georgia Project; and it’s profoundly affected the region. Today, the government schools in Dalton City are 93 to 94 percent ‘Hispanic.’ The locals used to go from Whitfield county schools to Dalton city schools because they were better. Now it’s the opposite. They’re racing to put their kids in the county schools.”

Ironically, Congressman Dean is a member of the Speaker's Immigration Task Force which passed the 1996 reform bill to strengthen America's immigration laws. (Perhaps the bill gives new meaning to the words “reform” and “strengthen,” especially when our sovereignty is at stake.) Denny said Dalton had the first immigration office within a police department and back door deals were always made. Everyone turned their heads, he said, because the powers that be were in the carpet industry. That’s where they worked and everyone was making money, hence no complaints.

Enter a new wrinkle in the plan. The textile industry was outsourced to Asia and that included carpet manufacturing. With jobs going overseas, the illegals are also suffering the effects of NAFTA. “The payback for their illegal entry is unemployment. Worse still, American citizens have paid over and over again to support the millions that have entered illegally. They know there’s a problem with health care and education costs for illegals and their children. Now, they realize that most of their paychecks go back to Mexico, not into the local, state, or even national economies. We’re paying more and we’re not getting that money back.”

This syndrome started with the welfare state, which still uses our money to play “God the Provider.” (How many alleged Christians attend church every Sunday and whoop it up with praises for God, while running to the government to provide for them? How many are paying “tithes” with your tax dollars?) Research also indicates that corporate America is aiding and abetting the influx of illegals. According to Denny, the Minutemen are now going after companies that hire them. “We have to bring that issue to the forefront so people know what they’re paying for and which employees are getting that pay, i.e., which carpet mill or chicken plant is hiring illegals. This isn’t about the Mexican people; it’s about the effects of unrestrained immigration socially and economically on America and Americans.”

While major groups of immigrants came to this nation during the late 1800s through the mid-1900s, those people groups assimilated and became productive citizens. They retained certain cultural and religious traditions, but most fully embraced their adopted country. This is no longer true of immigrants today. Americans find themselves being forced to blend with i.e., Mexicans who don’t want to assimilate into the American culture. They don’t have any drive to learn English, learn about this nation, and our government is aiding and abetting them by forcing us into bilingualism. Voting ballots are now printed in a multitude of languages as English is no longer our dominant language. (Visit your local mosque and listen to hate-filled diatribes in Arabic against this nation and ask yourself why our government allows this hatred to permeate our culture.)

According to Denny, “Mexican illegals and some legals are creating a nation within this nation, which forces us to protect ourselves from an invading army. They’re demanding that we learn Spanish, but they won’t learn English. This is our home, our country, and we’re being forced to learn their language and culture while they reject and seek to eliminate ours. We’re being looked at as the other citizens, and rather than national loyalty, we’re being asked to become international citizens. That just doesn’t work for me.”

Mexicans who came to America legally are most opposed to illegal immigration by Mexicans. They resent that others are circumventing the legal process; and it’s the process that turns immigrants into real citizens. Illegals also form their own communities because they can be sent back. But it’s the duplicity of our government from the top down that produces this nasty mix of political engineering for global purposes—“we’ll tell you where you can live since we’ve done away with nationhood and national borders.” As Denny explained, “A friend who works for the Border Patrol said he was told unofficially to leave the illegals alone unless they’re doing something wrong. But they are doing something wrong the minute they break into this country, so why isn’t the Border Patrol allowed to stop them?”

Most Americans agree there’s a right way to enter America and gain citizenship. He said the opposition is out of touch with American ideals. “That’s why people don’t like Asa Huchinson, who was second in command of Homeland Security. He was supposed stop this influx of illegals. Not only did he do nothing, it seems he put the unofficial word out for those on the border to do nothing.”

The Border Patrol now supports the Minutemen because they’ve seen that it can work. However, that may not matter because the real plan is to surrender the Southwest up to Oregon to the illegals; and that idea isn’t new as will be shown in Part 2 of this series. Even professors teaching at liberal state universities side with the illegals. Denny says those responsible for teaching our young people are doing all they can to eliminate us while American taxpayers pay their salaries. They’re being used to divide us through the use of the “race card.” (Propaganda and political correctness have hit a new low when it comes to protecting American citizens.)

Recalling a speech given by Dick Lamm, former governor of Colorado, Denny said the crowd that wants to take America down has been incrementally successful. A perusal of Lamm’s speech, given at an immigration overpopulation conference held in Washington, DC (Read), supports Denny’s contentions. Lamm spoke right after college professor Victor Hansen Davis, author of the book, Mexifornia, which documents how legal and illegal immigration would cause the destruction of California, and then the rest of the nation. Lamm told a “spellbound audience” there are eight ways to destroy the United States. He said, “Arnold Toynbee observed that all great civilizations rise and fall and that ‘An autopsy of history would show that all great nations commit suicide.’” Take a look at how much damage has been done . . .

First, “turn America into a bilingual or multi-lingual and bi-cultural country.” This type of cultural carnage produces “tension, conflict, and antagonism.” For any nation to survive, it must have one dominant culture, not several competing languages and cultures. As Lamm stated, “it’s a blessing for an individual to be bilingual,” but it’s “a curse for a society to be bilingual.” (It’s a given that there are outside and inside forces that want to conquer and divide the US. Several decades ago, the Communists said they could do it by destroying our morals—the godly foundations of this nation. With the bullying tactics of their minions in the ACLU and other world government proponents, they’re winning the battle.)

Second, “invent multi-culturalism,” which allows immigrants to maintain countrymen cultures within the dominant culture. When there are enough mini-culture strongholds create legal equality among them all, leaving the dominant culture to be so hated, it withers on the proverbial vine. Lamm said, “I would then make it an article of faith that the Black and Hispanic [invented label] dropout rates are due to prejudice and discrimination by the majority. Every other explanation is out of bounds.”

Third, “celebrate diversity rather than unity.” However, Lamm spoke the words of Benjamin Schwarz who wrote in the Atlantic Monthly: “Without the dominance that once dictated ethnocentricity and what it meant to be an American, we are left with only tolerance and pluralism to hold us together.” (Not a chance. Diversity is a weapon being used to destroy the US.) As for the “melting pot” nature of America, Lamm said he would replace it with a new metaphor: “the salad bowl,” which ensures that various cultural sub-groups live in the US in ways that “reinforce their differences rather than as Americans, emphasizing their similarities.”

Fourth, “make our fastest growing demographic group the least educated.” Then “add a second underclass, unassimilated, undereducated, and antagonistic to our population [with a 50 percent high school dropout rate].” Imagine using any people group as pawns for the establishment of the next Tower of Babel. Imagine that you belong to that people group and don’t know you’re being used. Only your “leaders” know the truth and they’re not telling you that once your mission is accomplished, you have no value as human beings. You’re disposable.)

Lamm next suggested that “big foundations and business must give these efforts lots of money.” Investing in ethnic identity, he said, “would establish the cult of 'Victimology.’” The right propaganda would convince minorities that they’re unsuccessful because of the dominant majority. Once this belief is established, it spawns “a grievance industry” and blames “all minority failure on the majority population.” (A solid explanation for Jesse Jackson’s shakedowns of American corporations. Jackson is a member of the CFR.)

Perhaps the civil rights movement went too far and was really the seed for all types of people groups to pigeonhole themselves into one victim category of another. Decade after decade, this nation has seen the birth of victim groups as man’s imagination ran wild, legislatures acted, courtrooms became the battlefield, and lawyers profited. (I want to be in the group of short, widowed, mothers, with graying hair, who are farsighted, have minor back pain, limited resources, high intelligence, too much education, suffer from math phobia, love animals, and were disliked by their fourth-grade teachers. Think that will work?)

Once all of the above is accomplished, start offering dual citizenship to immigrant groups. Mexico’s President Vicente Fox wants dual citizenship for illegals and legals living in the US. Consider how this plan cheapens the value of our own citizenship. As Lamm said, “this will promote divided loyalties.” He said “Diverse people worldwide are mostly engaged in hating each other—that is, when they are not killing each other. A diverse, peaceful, or stable society is against most historical precedent.” (God knew that when he broke up the original Tower of Babel crowd.)

While many say unity isn’t important, Lamm pointed to the Greek Empire to prove how a lack of unity led to its destruction. He said that the Greeks were one race, spoke the same language, read the same literature, and worshipped the same gods. The whole nation participated in the Olympic Games. When Greece was threatened by Persia, those “bonds were not strong enough to overcome two factors: local patriotism and geographical conditions that nurtured political divisions. . . . We can balkanize America as surely as Kosovo.”

Free speech goes next, with “all subjects off limit—make it taboo to talk about anything against the cult of ‘diversity.’” Lamm said the 16th century the word was “heretic.” It was used to define those whose beliefs were contrary to church doctrines. Today’s words that halt free speech, debate, and discussion are “racist” or “xenophobe.” (Dare any of us be labeled as such? How will we hold our heads up in our communities if we’re considered “lacking compassion for the poor immigrants,” “intolerant,” or “racist,” among other epithets that spawn from propagandists in globalist war rooms? No digression here . . .)

Lamm said the last step was to “make it impossible to enforce our immigration laws.” Impossible? I don’t think so, but how many times have we heard the talking news heads demoralize us into believing there’s no solution? Lamm was realistic. He said he would convince the public that immigration is always good for America. He would “focus on the individual immigrant and ignore the cumulative impact of millions of them.”

The reaction to Lamm’s speech was complete and utter silence. His final words were the most telling: “Lastly, I would censor Victor Hanson Davis's book, Mexifornia. His book is dangerous. It exposes the plan to destroy America. If you feel America deserves to be destroyed, don't read that book.”

More silence . . . and fear that everything he said was happening or had happened. Free speech is almost a thing of the past, the open exchange of different ideas is considered dangerous, especially in college classrooms, and English is no longer the language that holds this nation together. Lamm even stated that “Barbaric cultures that practice female genital mutilation are growing as we celebrate ‘diversity.’” Jobs once held by Americans have been farmed out to Third Word nations as globalists turn us into a Third World nation. Americans have to take action before what has happened to California spreads across the nation.

This is what the Minutemen knew when they stood on that border and monitored the activities of illegals entering this nation. According to David Denny, most of the volunteers were older, retired folks who love their country and want to make a difference. “The majority were good old country folks who realized the government wasn’t stopping it and someone had to show the American public it could be done.” The Minutemen saw them coming across, took pictures, and made phone calls. Local property owners were in favor of the Minutemen because no one in government would help them. The mantra seems to be: “Keep your hands off the illegals!”

“I talked with John Ashcroft at a Reform Party meeting in Dallas. We discussed how much was needed to protect the people. There’s no doubt in my mind that he did what had to be done for this country, but it was different from what I thought should be done. I’m very anti-Patriot Act because it cuts deeply into individual liberties. Ashcroft is a constitutionalist, but as US Attorney General, he had to use it. As a citizen, it wasn’t what he wanted.”

When the Minutemen wrapped up their work in Arizona, it was handed over to the Civil Homeland Defense Force located Tombstone. The job is tough because of the numbers invading America (most came in groups of 15 to 20, others on their own) as well as the paperwork they use to stay and get jobs. “It’s so good that it had to come from the original source. That means the government is providing them with very official-looking paperwork via the back door,” Denny said.

While the Minutemen were on the border, they were told that the Mexican Army was taking them to other places to reenter after they were sent back. Denny said it’s not new. In 1998, he (as National Secretary) attended a Reform Party convention in Las Vegas. He drove with his wife and son to Las Vegas, down to Douglas, AZ, into Mexico, and returned via El Paso, TX. “Right outside El Paso, we noticed vehicles stirring up dust about a quarter to half a mile ahead of us. That night we heard that the Mexican Army had crossed over the border chasing someone.” Denny’s words should concern every American. It means our borders are not respected by even the Mexican Army.

Like most Americans who smell a malodorous rat, Denny believes something evil is going on. “There’s more here than what we see and we’re not on the inside to know the truth. We have the pieces of the puzzle, but no picture to help us know where the pieces go. Right now, I want to see the enforcement of our laws. It all goes back to our Constitution . . . it’s ours no matter what Sandra Day O’Connor says. We shouldn’t mold ourselves to world opinion or foreign laws. Our courts are supposed to be American courts. I’m sick of this nation being given over to the UN and I know the illegals are breaking into our country, voting illegally, and stealing from the taxpayers because they’ve been told to do it. It’s all part of the impending world government which requires the demise of the United States.”

Denny is right . . .

Part 2 of this series will focus on the history of the “Hispanic” movement in the United States, the duplicity of our government, and the use of “race” to drive us into another civil war.

Part -----> 2,

© 2005 - Jill Cohen Walker - All Rights Reserved

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Jill Cohen Walker earned a BA from Goddard College in 1977, a JD from Franklin Pierce Law Center in 1980, and an MS in journalism at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville in 1999. A freelance writer for fifteen years, she has written numerous articles for tech magazines and newspapers, and co-authored a book on hiring practices in the printing industry.

She taught Social Studies for one year in a northern middle school, and medical-legal and bio-medical courses in the Allied Health division of a local community college for four years. A student of legal history and the US Constitution, she began to study current events and Bible prophecies in March 1985. Her deep interest in and awareness of American politics started during the 2000 elections when she realized the prophetic time clock was ticking fast. She is the co-author of the novel "The Call to Prayer". (











I’m considered an American; and this American wants to preserve this nation. Are we up to the task at hand? We’d better be. Do we have a choice? No, we don’t. Real patriotism demands something extraordinary from each of us.