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By Jill Cohen Walker, J.D.

May 3, 2006

I spend an hour or so per day (between doctor appointments) at a local bagel shop reading the paper or a book and/or chatting with other patrons. Most of us met there, although some are prior friends with whom I have standing, late afternoon or weekend appointments.

Age is irrelevant when good discussions, Bible studies, or spontaneous prayer sessions occur there. I especially enjoy talking with a young woman whose name (to all intents and purposes) is Emma. We’d seen each other from time to time, but we met when Frank, the young man I tutor in language arts, struck up a conversation with her. An English Literature major, Emma was visibly laboring over a college writing assignment. When our chat turned into an exchange of ideas, and later peals of laughter, we knew she appreciated our “intrusion” into her space.

Things being what they are these days—the workplace injuries, et al—I continued to run into Emma each time I stopped at the bagel shop. Occasionally, I’d read an article relevant to something she was writing and I’d e-mail her the link. Our discussions have since increased in depth.

Emma, Frank, and I (and others) now meet almost regularly over bagels, books, and study aids, so things have really perked up for me—and I hope for them. I find myself in a cultural theater, of sorts, with a front-row seat. I’m amazed that two young folks in their early to mid-20s enjoy spending a nanosecond with me. I tutor Frank while Emma types one paper or another. Then we talk, laugh, and/or discuss current events (i.e., the disgrace that was once Washington, DC). We’re also attracting other young folks and those my age to our discussions and prayer sessions.

Last week I asked Emma about her classes at the local campus of the state university. I wanted to know if she’s fed a smorgasbord of leftist claptrap about life, love, and sex. Does she understand that multiculturalism and illegal immigration are destroying this nation? Is she told it’s now vogue to hate America and love her enemies? Is she taught that anti-God, anti-Christian biases are good?

Emma’s first statement was something I’d written about several columns ago. She said her parents would be furious if they knew about the filth, smut, and garbage forced into her young mind. “If they knew, they wouldn’t spend another penny for what this bastion of southern collegiate learning is passing off as education.” Says volumes about the buckle of the Bible belt, doesn’t it? Just think what’s being taught in the Blue states . .

Emma’s classes have one consistent theme: gender and sexuality. It’s discussed in her British Literature 1800-1865 class perhaps to underscore the prudishness of the period and keeps surfacing like toxic algae on a pond or lake. Her Foucault and Literary Studies class centers on the writings of Michel Foucault who died of AIDS (which he contracted through participation in the S & M scene in San Francisco) in 1984. Much can be said about Foucault (not in this piece, thank you), especially his writings on homosexuality, feminism, and gender. This is worse than a little subtle brainwashing . . .

Emma’s Spanish professor said he saw Brokeback Mountain twice. He walked out the first time. According to Emma, he told the class it was “the most disgusting, horrific movie he’d ever seen,” though friends/colleagues told him it was a must-see production. To be fair, he went to see it again. His final review: the music was great; the overall theme was awful. Emma’s grateful that one of her professors thinks for himself. I wonder how long he’ll have his job if he fails to tow the leftist line.

Her Colonial and Post-Colonial Literature professor steered clear of steamy issues until last week when he dutifully brought up the issue of homosexuality. Emma was so angry, she tried to tune out the discussion.

Now, there’s a new propaganda game: unearth/identify gays of the past and praise them for their contributions to America, nay the world. (Note: California, the largest purchaser or textbooks, will mandate the inclusion of such “trendy” info in all school materials, which are written and sold nationally. That’s how fast the filth from hedonistic California gets to your children.)

Activists actually believe (quite erroneously) that mentioning those “contributions” will validate gayness. You know, if so-and-so was gay and did so much for America, then gay must be good. Oh, to see each great contribution by straights receive the same praise simply because it was the work of heterosexuals. But let’s face it, “breeders” are just a bunch of bigots, and glorifying THEM would be counter-productive to the left.

Reality check: The biggest “contribution” made by the sexually obsessed left is the destruction of morals and the sexual harassment of most Americans (especially the children) through propaganda and outright bullying. Homosexuals and the sexually permissive are not the victims, we are! Put that in the textbooks to add a little balance.

Meanwhile, Emma is disgusted that educators impose or superimpose immoral theories and beliefs on their students. “They won’t say whether homosexuality, for example, is right or wrong; they say they just want to know what causes it.” She added that gays in her classes are extremely vocal. “They try to convince us it’s not wrong and tell us they were born that way, but I don’t buy it. I know what God says and that’s all I need to know.”

The college does allow the other side to be heard, and some Christians and conservatives don’t hold back . . . but only outside the classroom. It’s an uphill battle and the left has the politically correct megaphones. “There was a lesbian in one of my classes who spent too much class time defending gayness. Then she insisted we all take the Kinsey Scale to find out if we’re really gay. That’s outrageous, but no one debated her on it!” Emma added that most students remain silent because “we’re afraid of the consequences—we don’t want to be verbally attacked, criticized, penalized scholastically, or labeled, so we keep our views and feelings inside.” Conservative students who want to pass their classes discuss the difficult issues with other like-minded folks after class. Liberalism sure sets all kids free, doesn’t it?

Well, this is another way your government/educators spend your tuition and tax dollars. The youth of America will have their sexuality determined by a skewed “scale” created by a sadomasochistic, homosexual pedophile also known as a sexual psychopath. Now that’s what I call down-home values and sound investing . . .

Last weekend, Emma brought up her anthropology class, required for all freshmen at the university. As a transfer student, she needed the credit, but she’s older than most of the other eighty or so students. “It’s probably the best case of sexual harassment I’ve ever experienced,” she said. “Though the professor doesn’t say it, he’s clearly pro-gay and has no belief that God made us male and female. Instead, man is creating more genders than there are colors on the color wheel, and educators are determined to convince their students that those other genders really exist.”

The class is an archetypal example of everything that’s wrong with post-secondary education. Her class notes are a case in point: humans are defined as “human animals,” and diagrams of various circumcision practices in different cultures cover one whole page of her notebook. Emma said, the professor had a great time drawing those diagrams on the board and demonstrating the circumcision methods used—and he did so rather graphically and with great malice. Most of the time, however, he just flirted with the married woman in the front of the room.

As if that’s not enough, the class also discussed a sexual practice called Tea-bagging, which I will not lower myself to describe. However, that miscreant professor had the temerity to make the definition of that practice a question on the last test before the final exam! This, also, is where your tuition dollars are going . . . and I’ll bet Dr. Kinsey would laugh from hell if he could.

Regarding a better learning environment, Emma said, “If there was a Christian college that was on the up and up, I’d go because the values are God-centered. At a public university there’s a lack of talking about God and religion because they don’t want Him there, and I think that’s taking us nowhere good. We’ve betrayed God, and look what’s happened to our schools. Shirts that say, “I love Jesus” or “I love America” cause hysteria, but filth, smut, and unpatriotic logos are no big deal.”

Indeed, our schools are teaching girls to be good prostitutes and boys to deny their masculinity. Were we living in the days of the Babylonian Empire, our daughters would be practicing for a starring role in the king’s harem.

I discussed Emma’s views with my co-author, Jack. He and I worked on this piece on behalf of all the young people attending colleges today. I told Emma that hiding on a mountaintop isn’t the answer for Christians and conservatives. We must have the courage to state and defend our principles against the onslaught of the post-modern (or is it post-postmodern?) culture because any culture that deserts Biblical morality will not be suffered long by the Almighty. It was as true for ancient Israel as it was for other empires. Do we honestly believe we’ll escape the same fate?

Tolerance for sin IS a sin (James 4:17). We, as Christians, have the bedrock of absolute morality on our side. The left may try to undermine it with their best tools (weapons to us), whether it’s Sartre’s nihilism or Clinton’s deconstructionism, but they’ve always failed. However, when tolerance is the defining “virtue” of a culture, that culture is on its last legs. Witness the Roman and Greek empires or examine the twin cities of the plain, Babylon, Persia, Great Britain, the Soviet Union. Look at Rome and Greece, which were specifically destroyed because of their illicit passions. When they embraced the decadence allowed them by their prosperity, their civilizations collapsed.

A dark age at the end of the nuclear age will mean destruction for all. We cannot sit idly by and allow our enemies (and you know who they are) to inherit what they didn’t build and don’t deserve simply because we embraced tolerance, hence immorality. The Apostle Paul was convinced that sexual sins were especially egregious because they involved uniting the Temple of the Holy Spirit with a harlot. Is it any wonder, then, that the sexual revolution has wrought so much destruction on this nation?

The Law of Unintended Consequences states that every human action has at least one unintended consequence. By freeing ourselves from the “old morality,” we’ve become slaves to the “new immorality.” By exempting ourselves from the consequences of fornication, we opened the door to every kind of perversion imaginable.

Now, the vilest, most despicable sins have been unleashed upon us. When the former Surgeon General (Joycelyn Elders) has a foreword in a book that encourages pedophilia, we must realize that unless we repent, this nation is truly destined for supernatural destruction. Ironically, this same former Surgeon General is currently a professor of pediatrics!

I can hear it already . . . “Judge not that ye be not judged” (Matthew 7:1). Well, don’t be so hasty. Calling sin what it is does not equate to judgment. It’s only stating a fact based on God’s system of values and morals. And if that’s true, which I know it is, why are Christians taken aback whenever that verse is quoted? God gave us the discernment to judge good from evil, right from wrong, moral from immoral, and He also endowed us with the authority to speak up for the good of the community.

Unfortunately, this nation has become apathetic to the notion of sin and to sin itself. Instead of repenting, we cherish our pet sins, feed and cultivate them, and let them take over our hearts and souls. Doing so robs us of our roles as salt and light in this world; and that makes many so-called Christians far more hypocritical and ineffective than their unbelieving and/or rebellious neighbors.

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So, let me pose a couple of questions: Are we to be trod upon by men? Is that the future of America? I can guarantee it will happen unless we return to God. Polycarp fought pagan influences in the Church in the second century; Origen did so in the third; yet we seem surprised that Satan hasn’t thrown in the towel in the twenty-first century. Yes, dearie, there is a very evil force that wants to steal this nation and is doing a bang-up job destroying our children in the process. I don’t know what it will take to wake up the sleeping Church, but I do know that this generation needs a Polycarp or an Origen to shake things up God’s way.

And what about students like Emma? What should they do? They should stand for righteousness, and they should demand the truth and nothing less from their elders, their government, their schools, and their churches before it’s too late.

© 2006 - Jill Cohen Walker - All Rights Reserved

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Jill Cohen Walker earned a BA from Goddard College in 1977, a JD from Franklin Pierce Law Center in 1980, and an MS in journalism at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville in 1999. A freelance writer for fifteen years, she has written numerous articles for tech magazines and newspapers, and co-authored a book on hiring practices in the printing industry.

She taught Social Studies for one year in a northern middle school, and medical-legal and bio-medical courses in the Allied Health division of a local community college for four years. A student of legal history and the US Constitution, she began to study current events and Bible prophecies in March 1985. Her deep interest in and awareness of American politics started during the 2000 elections when she realized the prophetic time clock was ticking fast. She is the co-author of the novel "The Call to Prayer". (











Emma’s Spanish professor said he saw Brokeback Mountain twice.