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Beware the “New Lincoln” - The Future Under Obama










By Doug Tjaden
January 29
, 2014

Lobbyist? Head of a bureaucracy? Cabinet member? Maybe even President of the United States? These are the next steps in the career paths of most state governors. They mistakenly believe that in order to have more influence on the direction of national policy, they must seek a career that ends in Washington D.C.

With the possible exception of setting foreign policy (and even that is subject to debate), this is simply not true. Severalliberty-minded governors joining together could roll back the central government’s power and dramatically alter the course of this nation far more effectively than if they find a position within leviathan.

This “coalition of State Governors” could release a joint statement voicing their state’s position on unconstitutional legislationproposed inside the beltway, rather than waiting until it has passed.

Imagine how different the debate over Obamacare would have been had the following statement been released:

“We the Governors of the states of Idaho, South Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama, Montana, Wyoming, Arizona, Utah, Missouri, Indiana, and Ohio have examined the text of the Affordable Healthcare Act and hereby declare that it contains numerous unconstitutional provisions which clearly reach beyond the enumerated powers of the General Government listed in Article I, Section 8 of the United States Constitution. Furthermore, it violates various articles of the constitutions of the listed sovereign states.

Therefore, should Congress and the President proceed to pass this bill into law, we shall immediatelypass legislation making the Affordable Care Act null and void within the borders of these states.”

The statement would also cite the specific provisions that are unconstitutional and would be posted on the Liberty Governors Coalition web site. A coordinated national media campaign would follow, with the governors taking to social media and talk radio.

Game. Set. Match.

Obamacare would never have seen the light of day. The parent (state government) would have corrected the child (Federal government), including its entire corrupt court system.This is how the Framers envisioned our system working. The power of the people, voiced through their state representatives and governors.

The Groundwork is Being Laid

The doctrine of nullification is finding acceptance by a growing number of state legislators and governors.States arestanding and nullifying unconstitutional acts. All we need now is to elect a few liberty-minded governors who will come together andmake their voices heard before these laws hit the President’s desk.

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Yes, the mainstream media would label these governors “neo-confederates”and would also accuse them of agitating for secession. Caught in their own echo chamber, they won’t stop to consider that putting leviathan back into its cage might just be a means to avoid secession?

Should a few state’s citizens choose to elect brave, liberty-minded governorsto stand against leviathan, it would end any chance of workingin D.C. Or would it?When the American people begin to realize once again the blessings of liberty, they may just demand that these brave state leaders step up and lead the nation. And that would be a blessing to us all.

© 2014 Doug Tjaden - All Rights Reserved

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Doug Tjaden is founder and Executive Director of the Christian Liberty Project. He is the author of “Fool’s Gold - How The Traditions of Men Have Replaced God’s Honest Money”, and is a regular speaker for the Tenth Amendment Center’s Nullify Now! tour. Doug also co-hosts the second hour of The Gun Show, with Matt Canovi, on KSGF, in Springfield, Missouri.

Doug spends his time and energy fighting to re-establish honest money through state led initiatives, and to awaken and engage the Christian community to fight for our spiritual, civil, and economic liberty. He regularly blogs at

WebSite: Christian Liberty Project









This “coalition of State Governors” could release a joint statement voicing their state’s position on unconstitutional legislationproposed inside the beltway, rather than waiting until it has passed.