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Rodney Stubbs
August 24, 2004

Salem, OR- KOIN News reported that former Vice President Al Gore is caught speeding, 75mph in a 55mph zone on Highway 26 leading from Portland to the Oregon Coast on August 3, 2004. He tells the arresting officer, "Just visiting relatives." - yeah right!

How about a meeting involving the former Governors Goldschmidt, and Dr. Kitzhaber the author of Oregon's Euthanasia legislation that legalizes early death for the depressed. Was Lane Shetterly present together with his new political advisor Ted Kulongoski? The timing was such, that John Kerry's leading staff people were in town including, his hairdresser flown in from New York. Were they part of the "family" being visited?

Did Al Gore report on his meeting with Maurice Strong to celebrate the transformation of LearnSD to the Earth Council Learning Center where basic courses on economics of sustainable development are being developed? Were any of the world's most respected professors - Dr. Eban Goodstein of Lewis and Clark University, Portland, OR; and, Professor Emeritus Dean Abrahamson of the Humphrey Institute at the University of Minnesota present?

More than 3.5 million Oregonians are unaware they are the guinea pigs (stakeholders) for the Sustainable Development movement that has its roots in the former Soviet Union. The movement's purpose is to overthrow the United States Constitution, the elimination of Nation/States, including sovereignty, individual freedom and mobility. While Governor Kulongoski stands on hallowed ground pretending to be sorrowful about the victims of war in Iraq, his staff is busy. As reported to the Oregon Land Conservation and Development Commission (LCDC) last month in La Grande, "were almost done putting together all the pieces" to Oregon's new Sustainability Act.

The Oregon Sustainability Act was sold to the Oregon Legislature in the waning hours of the 2001 Session. No one really questioned its purpose. Brought forward by the state's largest business lobby, Associated Oregon Industry and the Earth's largest environmental organization Defenders of Wildlife, the bill passed unanimously. Not even a whimper of opposition.

Every state agency is undergoing a radical change under the leadership of Secretary of State, Bill Bradbury. Twenty state agencies and boards prepared Sustainability Plans for approval by the Oregon Sustainability Board. The Plans are now being converted into Administrative Rules that will soon become Oregon law. The whole transformation, except the truth about the purpose of sustainable development can be read at

The truth about sustainable development can be read at: Meanwhile over at Justice, Hardy Meyers, Attorney General, business as usual is taking place, pretending nothing is happening that should be of any concern to anyone.

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Rodney R. Stubbs received his Bachelor of Science in Natural Resources at Oregon State University in 1964. Mr Stubbs is an expert in citizen involvement programs and the impact of smart growth and sustainable development principles and practices on American communities and families. Worked with farmers in Marion County to implement Exclusive Farm Use zones and Urban Growth Boundaries the precursor to Oregon’s Statewide Land Use Planning laws. Consulted with numerous county and city governments in Oregon during the early phases of Statewide Comprehensive Planning programs.

In the 1970s Mr. Stubbs founded the Oregon Property Rights Council. Served as and expert witness in federal civil rights case for owners of the Blueberry Café illegally closed by Marion County, OR. E-Mail:







More than 3.5 million Oregonians are unaware they are the guinea pigs (stakeholders) for the Sustainable Development movement that has its roots in the former Soviet Union.