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By David J. Stoddard

August 28, 2006

On September 11, 2001, two jet airliners, full of passengers, slammed into the World Trade Center towers. Another crashed into the Pentagon and yet another into the ground in Pennsylvania. Everyone knows the story.

Within two hours, 3000 people lost their lives. America was shocked and horrified. Around the world, people displayed emotion ranging from joy to unmitigated horror. Even in the United States some cheered, as horrible as it was. In Muslim countries, the event played over and over to the cheers of thousands. In Mexico City, people cheered and gloated as they burned the American flag, now that America finally got her "comeuppance."

World news media replayed the event ad-nauseum.

People jumped from the towers; choosing instant death on impact over a relatively slow death by burning. These were mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters. I cannot imagine having to make an instant decision about which horrible death I am to suffer. They had the choice forced upon them.

Every single terrorist aboard all four hijacked planes was an illegal alien. I won't go into legal details as to how every single terrorist was an illegal alien but I guarantee it is so.

After 9/11, America staggered in shock.

Meanwhile, Mexico fully expected the U.S. Government to secure our southern border. For roughly three months the human traffic over our Mexican Border slowed to a mere trickle while people waited to see what America was going to do.

After it became apparent that real security measures were only taken against our own citizens, the Mexican Border traffic resumed with an unprecedented intensity. After all, illegal aliens, particularly illegal Mexican aliens, don't present a threat to U.S. Citizens. Do they?

Read newspapers from all over the country. You'll see stories of drunken illegal aliens driving automobiles into innocent citizens. Other stories tell of murders, rapes, robberies, child molestations, home invasions and illicit drug deals. Illegal aliens are selling poison on our streets, killing our police officers, murdering our citizenry and then fleeing back to Mexico where they are coddled and even celebrated. The U.S.-Mexico Border is no more secure today than it was on 9-11.

Currently there are roughly 2 million inmates incarcerated in the United States. According to reliable sources, 30% of those are illegal aliens. According to those same sources, 60% of that 30% are illegal Mexican aliens. According to an investigative reporter with the Washington Times, at any given moment there are 80,000 illegal aliens loose on the streets of America who have been convicted of murder, rape, robbery and child molestations and other serious crimes. They are roaming America simply because the U.S. Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement failed to deport them after they served their sentences. Additionally, there are over 375,000 illegal aliens who have ignored orders to leave the United States.

Do the math. This means that currently there are at least 680,000 convicted illegal aliens in jail or roaming the streets of America. These 680,000 illegal aliens didn't go to jail for jumping the border, jaywalking or overstaying their visas. They went to jail for crimes against American citizens. They are murderers, rapists, robbers, home invaders and sellers of poisons. Each of those 680,000 prisoners and convicted felons committed a crime against at least one U.S. citizen. How many of these are carrying guns to be used against the innocent while the U.S. government prosecutes U.S. citizens for carrying the means to protect themselves? In Total there are at least 1,055,000 foreign criminals within America's borders. Are there not enough domestically produced criminals without importing them?

Why were they allowed to enter and remain in America? It is because of the total lack of enforcement of our perfectly good immigration laws. While it is true that some illegal aliens may have come with the benign intent of finding a job and working, it is equally true that it is against the law. Our politicians wink. The cheap labor lobby smirks. The common citizen pays the bill in blood and money.

How many citizens have been victimized over the last two decades of neglect on our borders? A woman was beaten and raped by 5 illegal aliens in New York. Angel Maturino Resendez, the infamous "Rail Road Killer," knifed innocent victims. The D.C. sniper killed innocent Americans. All major cities in the U.S. have had police officers killed by illegal aliens. The tally gets bigger and bigger.

What is the difference between 3000 people dying in the space of 2 hours and 680,000 American victims of murder, robbery and rape taking place over the span of 20 years?

The victims are just as dead as though they died in the WTC. The blood is just as red. The grief is just as intense. The graves are just as deep.

Would anyone argue that murder, robbery, rape and even drug dealing are NOT acts of domestic terrorism? Again, I ask "Don't we have enough domestically produced criminals without importing them?"

With our wide-open borders, our liberal immigration laws that are not being enforced, and 680,000 American victims, we are victimized by illegal aliens. Our politicians are ignoring it. Political correctness and the cults of "multiculturalism and diversity" paralyze our law enforcement agencies. The NCLR, the ACLU, the SPLC and all the other ethic victimology groups are part of the problem. The cities in America that have enacted "sanctuary" policies contribute to the death or victimization of their citizens.

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Our President wants to make them legal and reward them with "guestworker" status, in state tuition, social security benefits and more. Bush also wants to let them bring in their extended family. After all, it wouldn't be humane to let the illegal aliens enjoy all those benefits alone, would it?

2006 David J. Stoddard - All Rights Reserved

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Dave Stoddard has lived and worked on the border all his live. He has traveled in Mexico and has friends and family there. Dave lives near the Mexican Border in Cochise County, Arizona. He speaks, reads and writes Spanish fluently.

Mr. Stoddard spent 27 years in the Border Patrol and served in Calexico, California, Vermont, Yuma, Tucson Sector Headquarters and Naco, Arizona. He also worked in Texas, Florida, Puerto Rico and other locations.

Stoddard provided testimony about immigration reform to Rep. F. James Sensenbrenner's (R-WI) House Subcommittee on Immigration and Claims in 1999 and a Congressional subcommittee on Criminal Justice, Drug Policy and Human Resources in 2002. He has also been a guest on multiple nationally broadcast Radio and television programs, including Bill O'Reilly's "The Factor."











With our wide-open borders, our liberal immigration laws that are not being enforced, and 680,000 American victims, we are victimized by illegal aliens. Our politicians are ignoring it. Political correctness and the cults of "multiculturalism and diversity" paralyze our law enforcement agencies.