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by Alan Stang
September 10, 2008

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Do I believe Governor Sarah is genuine? I do. I believe she is exactly what she purports to be: a staunch, pro-life Christian, a devoted mom, a Second Amendment gunner, a Free Enterprise enthusiast, etc. and etc. Ninety percent of Down Syndrome mothers abort their babies. She did not.

I am also grateful for her presence because it dramatically emphasizes the difference between a real woman and a womanoid, which confuses some observers. Governor Sarah is clearly a real woman. The difference has nothing to do with beauty, although my sons tell me the Governor is a “hottie,” what my contemporaries and I used to call a “blockbuster.”

Now you can see even more clearly that Hillary and many of her fanatic followers are womanoids. The confusion originates in the fact that women and womanoids share some superficial characteristics. Both tend to have more prominent forecastles and afterdecks, but the similarity ends there. By the way, be watching for my next book, which is on its way to the printer: Why Women Are So Crazy: Not In Their Place.

So, yes, Governor Sarah is the latest of many young persons to attempt “reform” of the Republicrud Party. I myself was one of them. Of course, she doesn’t say so, but that is what the Republican loyalists – the folks who canvass the precincts, stuff the envelopes and make the calls – pray she will do. That is why they went berserk. Until she arrived, the campaign was moribund. The top of the ticket has the appeal of a week-old mackerel on Prozac. At the recent Republican Party of Texas convention I attended, which of course was B.S. (before Sarah), the atmosphere was grim.

What can we expect? What does history teach? Remember that if you don’t know history, you are doomed to repeat it. But the Republicrud faithful don’t know history. At the Texas convention, I reminded one delegate of Jorge W. Boosh’s pledge in 2000 that he would avoid “nation building.” You couldn’t even call that history, but the delegate said it didn’t matter; that we must focus on “the now.”

In 1952, the American people were thoroughly revolted. World War II had replaced National Socialist (Nazi) control of Europe with international socialist (Communist) control. Mass murderer Franklin Roosevelt had made the federal government a monster. Twenty years of Democrat administrations had riddled the federal government with Communists. Alger Hiss, first Secretary General of the Communist UN, had just gone to jail. The Democrats had tricked us into another war, this one illegal, without a declaration.

It was obvious that the Republicans finally were going to be elected. And Ohio Senator Bob Taft was obviously going to be President. He was “Mr. Republican,” respected by all. Taft would investigate and expose Communists in government. Taft would end suicidal U.S. intervention in every country on earth. The conspiracy for world government faced a devastating setback.

The conspirators recruited Dwight Eisenhower, the Allied commander in World War II. Although “Ike” was a political general who had never seen a battle – except the battle that probably erupted when Mamie found out about Kay Sommersby – he so far had not become involved in national politics. In fact, no one knew which party he belonged to. The Democrats actually tried to recruit him.

In February, 1945, at the Yalta Conference in the Soviet Union, dying mass murderer Franklin Roosevelt agreed to return to Stalin the millions of Communist slaves who had taken advantage of the war to escape. At Roosevelt’s elbow in Yalta was Soviet employee Alger Hiss. In other words, Stalin ran both sides at Yalta, his and ours.

Eisenhower ran the “repatriation.” Because it was so cruel, historians call it “Operation Keelhaul,” after the savage, naval punishment. That is what Julius Epstein entitled his book about it. You could also read The East Came West, by Peter J. Huxley-Blythe. Eisenhower forcibly returned maybe a couple of million escapees to Uncle Stalin. Some had actually served in our military in our uniform. Many committed suicide rather than go back. Mothers threw suckling infants off bridges to drown and then jumped after them. The ones who did return disappeared into the gulag.

How did the conspirators whisk the nomination away from Taft? My dear friend, the late historian Gary Allen, tells the story in Nixon: The Man Behind the Mask. The Rockefeller gang created Republican Advance in 1950. Most of its members also belonged to the Marxist Council on Foreign Relations. Republican Advance metamorphosed into Citizens for Eisenhower. Taft was too popular to attack directly, so the CFR media concocted the slogan, “I Like Taft, But He Can’t Win.” They flooded the nation with laudatory stories about the man who had never seen a battle.


At the 1952 Republican National Convention, fist fights broke out on the floor. Eisenhower “liberals” stole the nomination from Taft, unseating delegations and changing procedures. The brilliant, new slogan was, “I Like Ike.” The people did not get the man they wanted, but they would have voted for Mortimer Snerd to repudiate the Democrats. The Party faithful – earlier versions of Governor Sarah – rejoiced. A Republican was elected. “Hoorah! The forces of goodness and morality have won! Let’s go fishing!”

What did Eisenhower do? He utterly squelched the Republican revival. We can only mention a few of his betrayals. For the whole horror see Gary Allen’s book. He did not expose and kick out the Communists. In fact, he did the opposite. He excoriated the investigators. He sabotaged both congressional investigations into the multi-billion dollar tax-exempt foundations that were – and still are – financing outright Communist subversion. He sabotaged the Bricker Amendment, which would have forbidden the President to commit the country to treaties that supersede the Constitution. Because of Eisenhower’s influence, it failed by one vote. Again, these are just a few examples.

Eisenhower’s mentor was Secretary of State John Foster Dulles. The world government media told us that Dulles was a fiercely conservative anti-Communist. In fact, he loudly expressed his admiration for both communism and fascism, called for replacing the dollar with a new, international money our country would not control and did what he could to destroy our national independence and submerge us in world government.

He worked actively with the Communists in the Federal Council of Churches. For proof of all this in his own words from his own mouth, see my book, The Actor: The True Story of John Foster Dulles. Send $10, including postage, to P.O. Box 580503, Houston, TX, 77258. Please include your legible name and address and say what you want. If you insist on sending money without a legible return address, you will get no book and we shall keep your money.

One of the hallmarks of intelligence is the ability to learn. It is bad to be tricked, but, if you are intelligent, you will learn from the experience. You will not let the same person or people trick you again. As Jack Kennedy put it: “Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.” What can be said about people who ecstatically allow the same swindlers to dupe them again and again? Are they deranged? Are they mentally defective? Are they just stupid? Yes, we are talking about the Republican faithful.

Next comes “conservative” Richard Nixon, who “exposed Communists.” Thank God we elected him! “Let’s go fishing.” Except that Nixon was a Socialist. How do we know that? We know it because he said so: “We are all Keynesians now.” John Maynard Keynes was a Red economist, revered for that reason in the Soviet Union. He strongly endorsed government intervention and control. His nickname was “Sugar,” because he was also a predatory sodomite who loved to vacation in North Africa, where he enjoyed the economical price of “bed and boy.”

Nixon went to Communist-occupied China, giving credibility to the enemy the Democrats created, leading directly to the military treason Clinton committed in exchange for lucrative support for his campaign. In collaboration with Soviet agent Heinz Kissinger, Socialist Nixon arranged our abject defeat in Viet Nam, where the Communists were about to surrender. The worst thing he did by far was to say that all our Prisoners Of War had been released. He lied. Some of those men still wait for us to bring them home. Governor Sarah’s predecessors were fooled again.


We don’t need to say anything about Gerry Ford. He did everything they told him to. He was part of an et cetera. A dumber man never strode the earth. But now here comes a man Republican lifers have promoted to political divinity: Ronald Reagan, a flaming “conservative.” So “conservative” was he that Republican zombies debating a political decision routinely ask, “What would Reagan do?” Thank God he was elected! Motherhood, baseball and apple pie were saved! “Let’s go fishing!”

Except that so Communist was he in Hollyweird that he was known as “Red Ronnie.” After he made “The Speech” for Goldwater in 1964, United Republicans of California endorsed him for governor. Because he betrayed them in office, UROC denounced him and withdrew their endorsement when he ran for reelection. See a couple of devastating books by Kent Steffgen: Counterfeit Candidate and Here’s the Rest of Him. The list of those betrayals is long.

He became a sodomite hero when he forced California schools to hire sodomite teachers. That is why Log Cabin Republicans, a sodomite group, annually offers the Ronald Reagan Award, the latest winner of which is Der Governator of Kaleeforneeya. In fact, Ronald Reagan inspired the Log Cabin sodomites to organize their group. So he was an indirect founder.

A sodomite ring operated inside the Reagan White House, including 2 a.m. tours of the premises conducted by a homosexual guide. Man, you talk about clout! Imagine having unrecorded access in the middle of the night to a structure where the President of the United States is sleeping. For more on the subject, see my book, Not Holier Than Thou: How Queer Is Bush? There is a special section on Dick’s Dykes. You can order at my site, Click on STORE.

Reagan called for the abolition of Jimbo Carter’s Department of Education. The day after the election, you were not allowed to mention it. He allegedly cut spending drastically. He was said to be the biggest miser since Scrooge. No. What Ronald Reagan gave us was a decrease in the increase. Congress would propose gigantic spending and Red Ronnie would propose less gigantic spending. That was the “cut.”

So instead of a six-month pregnancy we wound up with a five-month pregnancy. We were still pregnant. And Governor Sarah knows more about pregnancy than all the other candidates on both tickets. Sarah, please check my figures as much as the media are checking yours. And in her classic exposé, the deliberate dumbing down of america, former Senior Policy Advisor in the Department of Education Charlotte Iserbyt explains that while Red Ronnie was telling the Evil Empire, “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall,” he was signing an agreement with Gorby to merge Soviet and American schools, which no doubt helps explain why our schools are so lousy. Go to her site, where you can read the book free.

But the worst thing Red Ronnie did was give us both Bushes. Remember? Reagan had promised more than once to choose a running mate who shared his views. At the national convention, he came unexpectedly to the dais to announce his choice. It happened that I was standing in front of the dais when he appeared. He adopted his “aw shucks” expression and looked down at his shoes. I had already learned that meant he was getting ready to drop a bomb.

Sure enough, he named George Bush. And when he did so, all around me I heard thousands of Republicans – some of the finest heartland people in the country – gasp. Why? Because George H.W. Bush represented everything Reagan did not: the CFR, the Trilateral Commission, the New World Order, the continued abandonment of our Prisoners Of War. So, Reagan broke his word even before he was elected. We had been betrayed again. Or had we? Red Ronnie had promised to name a running mate who shared his views. Did Ronnie secretly share Bush’s views?

Had Red Ronnie not picked Bush Senior, we today would not be suffering from Bush Junior. Such a cretinous career drunk could not have been nominated and elected on his own. But remember, in the beginning Republican lifers welcomed him with the usual hosannas. “Man, he’s a born again Christian! No more disgusting intern knee prints on the Oval Office carpet. No more stained blue dresses. No more Bubba crap! We’ve finally won! Let’s go fishing!”

For many years the Republicrud bosses lamented Democrud control of Congress. Elect Republicans, they told us. Republicans in power would clean up the mess. So the people did it. For six years Republicans controlled both houses of Congress and the White House. Was that long enough?

“Hallelujah! We finally did it. Let’s go fishing!” How much did the mess improve? It didn’t. It got worse. The national debt is bigger than ever. It can never be paid. We are in trouble around the world. Every problem is worse. In World War II, we beat Germany and Japan at the same time in less than four years. We are now in year six of a war in Iraq that our leaders have not been able to explain. Are we there for “regime change?” For “democracy?” For WMD? For something else? We’ve been had yet again.

Question to Republican lifers: How stupid are you? Yes, I too was fooled – at first. Then I learned. How many times must you be hit in the head before you wake up? As you can see, for more than fifty years, well-meaning young people have tried to “reform” the Republicrud Party. Governor Sarah is just the latest. The conspiracy for world government keeps doing the same thing because it keeps working; and if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right? Republican lifers are dangerous. If they ever awaken, the results could be bloody. The conspirators must keep them deluded and under control – and this is how they do it.

History tells me that the conspiracy for world government will use Governor Sarah as the usual judas goat. It will use her, abuse her and lose her. Remember that el Senador Juan McCain, totally owned by the conspiracy for world government and probably turned into a McChurian Candidate by Soviet interrogators in Hanoi, is still at the top of the ticket. Even were he not, remember that Barry Goldwater got to the top as Republican nominee for President in 1964. He was defeated – by the Republican Party.

Now put all this history together with what happened in the Cities. Read Devvy Kidd’s three-part eye witness account of the convention at Go to and read Massachusetts delegate Michael Nystrom’s report of what happened to the Ron Paul delegates. You will see that the Republican National Convention was a Hitler rally conducted in English, including special squads told not only when to cheer but what to shout, and massive suppression of anything else than adoration for McCain.

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It will be interesting to see whether Governor Sarah wakes up. She has already compromised by endorsing Senador Juan. She has compromised by endorsing the illegal war. Pray that her son, on his way there, comes home intact. Meanwhile, stand by. Be cautious. The Republicrud bosses are trying to stampede you as usual. Do not let her hottiness deflect you from the facts.

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History tells me that the conspiracy for world government will use Governor Sarah as the usual judas goat. It will use her, abuse her and lose her.