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John W. Slagle
August 28, 2006

On September 11, 2001, the World Trade Center was destroyed by Terrorists and for a brief time, both political parties as well as all federal agencies and citizens were on the same page, universal co-operation. As one of many who was on duty at Western Regional Intelligence HQ, I&NS, the first 24 hours after 911 and the days following was a critical period of time in this nation.

Without a doubt, the 911 Commission Report is one of the better investigative and informative transcripts printed by the United States Government in many years but leaves many questions unanswered. Today few people remember the contents of this bi-partisan statement of facts and recommendations regarding Terrorist attacks before and after September 11, 2001 which includes elected Senators and Representatives. Who were the Terrorists, their nationality, method of entry? Visas granted to commit acts of Terrorism placed their status invalid at entry and all were in effect illegal aliens under law.

In an election year, all politicians and citizens should take the time to read the 911 Commission Report of July 22, 2004 which is available on the web. Many recommendations of the Commission are still not a reality, port security to border enforcement.

The report is not the usual “dry government publication” but covers many areas from intelligence failures, Immigration, Visas, driver’s licenses issued to Terrorists and Border Security recommendations on page 187. As a former contract Senior Intelligence Analyst, I appreciated the Executive Summary relating to Permeable Borders and Immigration Control which stated:

* The 911 Hijackers included known Al Qaeda operatives who could have been watch listed. They presented passports manipulated in a fraudulent manner, presented passports with suspicious indicators of extremism. They made detectable false statements on Visa Applications, made false statements to border officials to gain entry into the United States and violated Immigration laws while in the United States.

From Inside the Four Flights chapter 1.1 throughout the Report, there is material presented which is well worth the time to read including Chapter 11, Foresight and Hindsight. Arizona, a gateway for the nation’s illegal immigration masses also provided training grounds for purported Islamic Terrorist Pilots on 911 with out of status visas. This is still a common and continuing problem nationwide in 2006 with 3.6 million foreign nationals that have violated visa admissions including “overstays.” Per DHS there are also 590,000 foreign nationals that are fugitives fleeing arrest and deportation.

An overstay Visa holder that disappears into society, regardless of foreign nationality is a national security concern as well as millions of unknown “factors” illegal aliens in the United States, using false identification and social security numbers which is a criminal offense. A U.S. citizen that provides false identification to authorities, false statements is subject to arrest and can be held until true identity is determined.

Who are the “willing illegal foreign workers ” encouraged to enter this nation for cheap labor and who are “terrorist factions “with a goal, patience and a mission? Narcotics, contraband smuggling across the nation’s borders is a serious felony violation, but for U.S. Border Patrol Agents that face dangerous situations daily and must make instant decisions, smugglers have the advantage. An agent is armed, but is under strict firearms rules of engagement, defense of self, partner or innocent third party. Smugglers, snipers can shoot at an agent, but return fire, self defense is not condoned unless 100 per cent justified in all actions. Criminals operate according to their own agendas and values based on greed.

Smugglers can flee in vehicles at excessive speeds and non-pursuit policies allow felons an escape route to Mexico. For Agents that violated administrative regulations like Border Patrol Agents Ramos and Compean who face 20 years in prison for “shooting” an escaping drug smuggler in the “ buttocks” there is no common sense in the judicial system, nor justice, post 911. It’s a very tense situation daily on the Southern Borders with the influx of illegal aliens, human and dope smugglers. With the latest “fiasco” in Texas, prosecution of agents who have violated administration policies regarding pursuit of fleeing felons to discharge of weapons sends a message to criminals that smuggler’s rights are more important than felony laws. The smuggler, Osvaldo Aldrete Davila with the alleged “butt wound” was quickly found by OIG Investigators in Mexico and given immunity from narcotics charges to testify against Agents Ramos and Compean.

It’s surprising the U.S. Magistrate did not order the 600 plus pounds of narcotics and the vehicle to be returned to the career felon. A five million dollar lawsuit filed by the smuggler is pending against the United States for Civil Rights violations, personal injury charges. Travesty of Justice reigns supreme, deaf, dumb and blind.

In my career, I’ve seen my share of corrupt Cops, Feds, and Politicians without integrity or any concept of moral standards that is a “blight” on all that serve this nation honorably.

Many ended up rightfully in prison for being a crook but none ever faced a twenty year prison sentence for trying to enforce the law and oath of office pursuing “felons.” Mistakes were made by the two agents near the Border at Fabans Texas.

In a politically correct country, Justice system, open border society, they should have just pursued for a short distance realizing “another free trader with needed goods” was entering the U.S. illegally. They did not contact a supervisor to ask permission to pursue the vehicle which was a mistake. Chasing a felon on foot, engaging in a physical confrontation to restrain and arrest the smuggler or discharging a weapon could considered mistakes. The incident that was not reported as the smuggler ran across the line into Mexico was also a violation of administrative policy, judgement but not a criminal offense.

With September 11, 2006 soon to be a day many still remember, our borders have been a mixture of madness, crime and mayhem since 2002. There is a war on Terrorist Islamic Extremists worldwide, yet our Perimeters, Flanks, Interior and Rear security are of no apparent political concern. As terror alerts have been raised and lowered since 911, the media has been eager to portray police officers armed with MP-5s, M-16s in crowded airports, city streets as a detriment to terrorism. As a retired Agent with weapons expertise, ballistics knowledge, I would hope police never encounter a “real life situation,” shoot or not shoot with crowds of people on a concourse. As travelers in airports are screened for liquids, nail files, anything can be smuggled across our borders from narcotics shipments, people to explosive devices in remote areas of this nation, long after September 11, 2001. This has been a continual never ending security problem which has only been addressed in ;an election year.

Racial profiling or national origin, Special Interest Nationalities are deemed to be law enforcement incorrect in 2006. Illegal Immigration by the millions yearly since 2002 has been condoned by both political parties as well as Amnesty, guest worker status for all. Per the 911 Commission Executive Report, * Permeable Borders was an important part of national security recommendations relating to foreign Terrorists, Islamic Extremists, Immigration laws and failures.

One of many questions I had after 911 was the fact that apprehensions of people from terrorist sponsored nations who entered illegally along our borders was not considered a serious matter. Most nations, elected leaders in a time of war would be concerned with border security and prohibited materials smuggled into the country as well as Immigration control policies.

Allowing anyone to enter this nation, illegally in violation of Immigration laws as willing workers defies basic common sense after 911. The drug wars, narcotics, border line contraband interceptions is a failure when honest agents are sent to prison and smugglers are immune, free to pursue criminal activities. The judicial system rarely considers organized human traffickers as a threat to this nation or society and also mandates short minimal jail time for most violators.

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In this socialist leaning very liberal nation, perhaps a preferable stance to actually enforcing the laws would be eliminating all laws in general.

DHS, Police, and Border Patrol would no longer be needed nor would attorneys, judges or an expensive court system. Everyone would be on the successful “Honor” ethics system well known in Congress. Without law enforcement, criminals would not face the stressful problems of being apprehended, nor would terrorist factions. Foresight or Hindsight, the 911 Commission report was a classic reading experience in 2004 long before the Dubai Ports Sellout and other curious events in a time of war that raises more questions than answers.

© 2006 John W. Slagle - All Rights Reserved

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John W. Slagle is a U.S. Navy Aviation Veteran, Commercial Pilot, Multi-Engines rated and was a Firefighter, Engineer Lt. prior to United States Border Patrol service spanning 30 years. Duties included Agent/Medic, Special Tracking and Rescue Unit, Intelligence Officer, Sector Pilot to Criminal Investigator.

Slagle spent 12 years in undercover operations nationwide as a Special Agent, Anti-Smuggling Operations involving organized human trafficking, narcotics, certified Master Gun Smith and second degree Nidan black belt Goshin Iaido.












Allowing anyone to enter this nation, illegally in violation of Immigration laws as willing workers defies basic common sense after 911. The drug wars, narcotics, border line contraband interceptions is a failure when honest agents are sent to prison and smugglers are immune, free to pursue criminal activities.