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By Selena Owens
November 20, 2009

Arise to the Challenge!

As a conservative woman, I want to send a clear message to other conservative women: YOU ARE POWERFUL! And because you are, you have a mandate to engage in society at some level and powerfully become a beacon of truth in whatever haven of falsehood affects your world.

Throughout our nation’s history, many powerful women have lived as models of courage and leadership in declaring the truth regarding God, family, and country. Through their undying support of, and belief in, the truth, coupled with their own inspiration to live in a land free from tyranny and oppression, these courageous women fought for the very same ideals in decades past that we are fighting to maintain today. Most were ordinary women who faced extraordinary circumstances, and in that moment, decided to take a stand at all costs for what they believed to be true.

Contrary to what many liberals would have us to believe, Conservatism is back on the radar in America. Through no small feat, it has arrived at this point and is gaining momentum with each passing day. Enduring years of liberal bias, mistreatment, and scorn, the defenders of liberty, justice, and Constitutional rights are emerging stronger than ever. Those who espouse conservative ideals are voicing their opinions regarding the present state of America, despite a crass liberalism that goes to great lengths to convince us that Conservatism is dead and gone, or, at the very least, outdated and irrelevant for the times in which we live.

Conservatism has worked in the past, is working, and will work in the future, even though it appears to have been immobilized. A perpetual truth, Conservatism outperforms, and outlasts, the deception that liberals continually dole out in an attempt to mask its legitimacy. Because Conservatism mirrors godly laws and values, there is no doubt that no matter the struggle, Conservatism prevails!

Biased media reports, and underhanded political strategies, are ineffective to halt the spread of conservative ideals and practices. Often, such tactics serve as catalysts of the burgeoning resurgence of Conservatism. Whenever a liberal spews venom, another conservative is empowered to stand for truth! Without realizing it, liberals serve, in part, to advance the conservative agenda by inciting conservative Americans to take action.


What does this mean to you as a conservative woman? Simply stated, it means that if you rely on God’s power to work within you, you have power to influence, and positively affect, the society you live in. In essence, Conservatism is the truth, and source, of the Founding Fathers’ political ideology. Since all truth is God’s truth, you have power! Dwell on this thought because it is your primary defense against the onslaught of the erratic, impractical, and blatantly diabolical agenda of the liberal Left. It matters not if you positively affect change in the heart and mind of just one individual or the masses. What is of importance is for you to effectively engage in society, and promote the truth at every opportunity, using whatever platform you find as your “pulpit.”

If you believe Conservatism to be all that it is-good, right, moral, sound, just, and godly-then I encourage you to tell the truth, and engage! You must buttress your beliefs with solid action. There is never a time to waver from your stance in defending principles, especially given the current administration’s socialistic plan for America. Your proclamation of Conservatism is only as good as your willingness to unabashedly display it in every sector of life, whether privately or publicly. Take a stand for what you believe, and believe in what you stand for!

I want to inspire you to action; to continue to preserve America’s conservative principles, sanctioned by forbearers of honor, morals, and character. Their legacy of a truly free country is being severely jeopardized day-by-day, and it is laid upon godly men and women to preserve and advance powerful conservative ideals, while also limiting radical change at all costs. Simply put, it’s time to go to work and defend our liberties and freedom while also propagating the truth of the matter: Conservatism is powerful!

This call to action is not merely about preserving conservative ideals, because, frankly, some ideals have ceased to exist in mainstream society—albeit, not from the hearts, and habits, of conservative men and women. I penned my thoughts with a revolutionary flair to stir you to action, and incite you to positive change, starting within your heart, then spreading to borders of society, and, finally, penetrating our culture at large. It’s up to you to decide how you will engage; the point is: ENGAGE!

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Ask yourself if you are willing to fight for a return to Conservatism regardless of the cost. Will you stand for truth at the risk of scrutiny? Ask yourself if you feel compelled to change your world, one person at a time, one situation at a time. Does your world matter to you? Of course, it does. Are you concerned about preserving your legacy? Will you fight to ensure its success? Finally, do you really believe in the hope of the word of God to grant you insight to take a stand for what He has sanctioned?

If so, you are committed to the cause.

You have your marching orders!

2009 Selena Owens - All Rights Reserved

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Selena Owens is the author of three books. Her latest, The Power Within a Conservative Woman: Engaging America for God, Family and Country is her first political activist themed work. She encourages conservative women to stand firmly on the principles that have made America strong, and, when faced with extraordinary circumstances, to rely on the power within them—which is endowed by God—to persevere and overcome.

Most currently, Selena (and her husband, William), is a speaker on the Tea Party Express national tour, and resounds her passion for God, family and country. While on the first tour, Selena conducted a brief interview on September 11, 2009 with Fox and Friends concerning the movement, and the 9/12 march of over one million people that took place on the National Mall in Washington, DC.

Selena is a political activist whom has never before engaged in politics. Her passion for her country and future generations has inspired her to write and speak, and also to resume a college education online after a twenty year hiatus.

Selena is married to author and speaker, William Owens, and the couple has reared four young adults who are passionate for God and country. She is also vice president of iTouch Publishers, a division of Higher Standard Publishers, Inc., and director of Multi-Cultural Conservative Coalition.













Conservatism has worked in the past, is working, and will work in the future, even though it appears to have been immobilized. A perpetual truth, Conservatism outperforms, and outlasts, the deception that liberals continually dole out in an attempt to mask its legitimacy.