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By Jon Christian Ryter
December 2, 2009

While the Progressive far left 111th Congress has already expanded the welfare system, it is unlikely they will restore generational welfare for the minority underclass because in the communist world all members of society must contribute their labor. Speaking of Labor, the first major recipient of Obama's largess with our children's money, was the government's own labor union, the Service Employees International Union [SEIU]. SEIU, which bargains for all local, county, State and federal employees, is the fastest growing labor union in the world The SEIU, whose revenue-stream comes from the taxpayers in the form of dues from its members and grants from the federal government, donated $61 million of your money to the Obama campaign during the past election. SEIU thugs harassed Obamacare protesters, and they were almost the sole attendees at the well-publicized Obama healthcare rallies where it appeared everyone was in favor of Obamacare. Of course SEIU is in favor of Obamacare because, like the federal government, their version of the plan doesn't contain the rationing the rest of us will endure if Obamacare becomes law. SEIU members will move to the front of the line. Taxpaying double dippers (seniors on Medicare who are also Social Security recipients) will move to the back of the line where they will remain, in perpetual limbo, waiting for medical care that will never come.

In the end, the minorities who knocked on doors, supported Obama by attending his rallies and, in the end, cast their vote for the "brother," are now wondering why they still have to pay their own mortgages, make their own car payments and, of course, put gas in their own cars. Because, for most of them, the stimulus bills which supposedly put some $3,579,000,000.00 into the economy hasn't put anything in their pockets. And, the legislation that was supposed to guarantee African-Americans and other minorities would stand at the head-of-the-line for all of the government construction projects, are still jobless. What's more, they have little or no prospects of finding a job. Nationwide, 34.5% of all young black men 25-tears of age or less are out of work in a world where the universal unemployment rate (depending on whose survey you are reading is between 11.4 to 12.9%). If I was a young Black man, I'd be asking the Black brother at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue why, with all of his promises about redistributing the wealth, the unemployment rate for young Black men is three times the published rate of unemployment for the universal population in the United States. Could it be, maybe, that instead of redistributing the wealth to the poor Black guys, Obama gave the money to the rich White guys?

The problem most blacks experience in finding jobs is that they live in a nation where at least 34 million Americans are now out of work and job hunting. And 15 million illegal aliens are stealing what jobs are available by working for serf wages at minimum wage or below that US citizens—Black or White—who are paying a mortgage, making a car payment and paying taxes simply couldn't afford to work for. Most job hunting young Blacks, who speak "Ebony English" (Ebonics) instead of American English, have learned through experience they are the last to be hired and the first to be fired when things get tough. In good times, before the housing collapse that was caused by greedy mortgage brokers and the Fed which forced the banks holding those mortgages to reduce the value of their mortgage assets when the subprime collapse happened, creating the financial crisis. The sale of housing skidded to a halt. The collapse of the construction market, manufacturing, the hospitality industry and retail are disproportionately impacting 17 to 35 year olds who generally populate these work environments. These are the areas where most African American workers were employed.


If you recall, on Jan. 7, 2009—two days after the 111th Congress was installed—Obama Economic Advisor Robert Reich testified before Charlie Rangel's House Ways & Means Committee, detailing to Rangel's committee how he envisioned Obama's infrastructure spending should play out. He insisted that spending should target projects that "...have a high social return that also can be done with the greatest possible speed..." and that the jobs being created "...simply not go to high-skilled people who are already professionals, or to white male construction workers." Rangel agreed, noting it was imperative to "...get the money where the hemorrhages are. At the end of the day," he noted, "we know where the joblessness is, where the fears are, and we can get the federal formulas to get the relief to those communities. We don't have to worry about the what the middle class is going to do. Things are so bad they have to put food on the tables..." to pay attention to what the Democrats were loading into the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.

When the legislation, which did not get a single Republican vote, was enacted and signed into law by Obama, it stipulated that [a] all jobs created by the stimulus bill would be union jobs, and [b] minorities and women would get the jobs. I find it interesting, with the Obama Administration claiming they created, or saved, millions of private sector jobs the General Accounting Office has been able to document zero job creation, and with 8 million Americans losing their jobs since the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. became law, its safe to assume no jobs were saved, either.

The stimulus money pool that was legislated by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 which was going to create a virtual tsunami of employment for Black Americans where Rangel and the Democrats "...knew the joblessness existed" was diverted like a dam diverts a river. Instead of creating jobs for his unemployed Black brothers, Obama funneled the money stream into the hands of America's most powerful bankers and forced General Motors and Chrysler to surrender the ownership of their companies to the US government, with the largest block of shares going to—you guessed it—SEIU, which will shortly take over the United Auto Workers which represents what auto workers are left in this country.

The Democrats insist that the Black unemployment rate is three times the rate of the White workers because racism is at play, and that's why they don't get called back for jobs after their interviews—providing they are even interviewed. First, let's all of us understand one thing. There aren't any jobs. Why? Because the $789 billion in stimulus money that was supposed to create jobs in the United States was given to the bankers and industrialists who are investing 100% of their financial efforts in the emerging nations where tomorrow's consumers live. The bulk of those dollars simply weren't invested in the United States. When asked by the GOP how many jobs he created, Obama's economic advisors and Labor Secretary Hilda Solis simply pulled numbers out of midair. The media reported them as fact. They just weren't good enough for the General Accounting Office which finally conceded the White House may have created 50 thousand jobs and perhaps saved another 50 thousand even though there was no evidence that any jobs had been created nor saved because of the stimulus plan—particularly since 8 million Americans lost their jobs since Obama took up residency in the White House.

Princeton University sociology professor Devah Pager told the Washington Post in a recent interview that "...Black men [are] less likely to receive a callback or job offer than equally qualified white men." The problem may well be that most of those young Black job applicants speak Ebony English as their first language and they simply don't have a second one. And, far too often (if the interview doesn't require a suit and tie) the job interview dress code consists of pants (whether trousers or jeans) whose waistband is about jock strap level with boxer shorts at waist level. Small business owners (about the only "new hire" employers left in America) are too image-conscious to hire employees who cannot speak American English fluently. (Nor, by the way, will they hire White applicants with spiked hair; pierced tongues, noses, brows or cheeks; or tattooed like a carney sideshow attraction.)

Smart business owners hire people based not on ethnicentricity but on the perceived work ethics of the applicant, their appearance and their ability to communicate cogently during the interview. If you think that's not so, remember this. There is a thriving black middle class in America. Most of those who own their own businesses will always hire an articulate white employee before they hire a black applicant whose first or only language is Ebony English. Like their white counterparts, they are in business to make money. And whom they employ to represent them is a reflection on their character.

Ebonics suggests either an unintelligent or at least uneducated person. While it may not be true, those who choose the gangsta appearance and an ebonics vernacular suggest poor math skills and weak work ethics. In Pager's view it's simply racism. Pager told the Post that in her own studies in Milwaukee and New York a few years ago she concluded that "...Black men with a clean record fare no better [in the job market] than white men just released from prison." Pager needs to take off her Princeton shades and look around. This economy is affecting every American: male, female, Black, White, Hispanic, Asian, or European. Over 15 million US jobs—including the factories which employed them—left the United States for the emerging third world nations where 80% of the world's potential consumers await the jobs being exported from the United States. Unlike the US and western European replacement markets, which have reached a product saturation level of about 99%, in the emerging nations, consumers possess virtually no modern consumer products and need everything. Especially jobs to provide the income to buy the goods they need.

I think if I was one of Obama's Black brothers, I'd be asking for my vote back. But more than that, if the Black brothers can forego Ebony English in favor of American English and take a real close look at what the Brother in the White House is doing, they will start asking questions of the public-at-large instead of the black precinct bosses who treat them like slaves shackled to the public feeding trough. When they stop and really think about it, they're going to realize they've been Obamaized.

The Democratic Party used them once again. Only this time, there will be no Yellow Brick Road leading to a Black Utopia. When Obama completes the task of converting freedom to communism, the brothers will not be riding down that Yellow Brick Road in a new Cadillac. They will learn what the Russian people learned in 1917, the Italians learned in 1922, the Germans learned in 1934, the Chinese learned in 1946, the North Koreans learned in 1948 and the Cubans learned in 1957. Work or starve. There will be no free ride except for the rich. They will own the Yellow Brick Road and the rest of us will be traveling in the opposite direction on the rutted, potholed dirt roads to oblivion.

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I don't think Black America wants their country converted into a Marxist nation anymore than White America. Perhaps its time for Black America to bond with White America and find a government that actually works for all the people. That is, after all, what the Constitution tried to create. Greedy men thwarted that plan. It's past time to take our nation back. The way I figure it, we have one election left to change our lot. That election occurs in Nov., 2010. If we don't take Congress away from the Social Progressives in 2010, the Election of 2012 will be the last election of a dying nation. And remember this...when you vote in Nov., 2010, you aren't voting for're voting for your children and grandchildren. Don't let them grow up in a communist world, thinking that their fathers and grandfathers voted their consciience in 2010 and lost a country. For part one click below.

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