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By Jon Christian Ryter
October 31, 2009

Sixty-three year old Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton was first diagnosed with hypothyroidism in February, 2001 shortly after taking a fall. In mild cases of hypothyroidism, patients do not exhibit obvious symptoms. For that reason, it may be years before they realize they have a medical problem that can potentially become life threatening. In this country, the most common form of hypothyroidism is Hashimoto's Disease, a form of hypothyroidism in which the immune system produces killer lymphocytes that destroy the thyroid gland. As the thyroid gland weakens, it produces less thyroid hormones causing the pituitary gland to secrete more thyroid-stimulating hormones [TSH] to encourage the thyroid to work. Antibodies are produced that serve as markers for diagnostic testing for thyroid cancer. Symptoms of hypothyroidism are: constant fatigue, a hoarse voice, mood swings, difficulty swallowing, forgetfulness, intolerance to cold, and noticeably dry skin and coarse hair.

I n April, 2001 as word was circulating in the cybersphere that while Hillary was supposedly being "treated" for an "underactive thyroid," cyber-rumors suggested by anti-Hillaryites that it was more likely she had contracted an STD of some type from her philandering husband that would prevent her from seeking the office of President (explaining to the satisfaction of the conspiracy idiots why she didn't compete with Al Gore, Jr. for the White House in 2000). There is nothing that cybernet conspiracy nuts love more than a good conspiracy rumor— particularly when no evidence exists to confirm or refute the rumor thus proving (to undeveloped minds) that powerful forces are keeping the media from reporting that the rumored deed actually took place.

The symptoms the tabloid media reported was that Hillary Clinton experienced extreme fatigue (which she blamed on her hectic political schedule), hoarseness (which she blamed on much too heavy speaking engagements), mood swings (something Hillary has always been famous for), forgetfulness (not provable since her appointment secretaries keep her apprised of every detail of her work day), and in addition, chronic symptoms with more righting symptoms: blinding headaches, loss of balance, blackouts, and shortness of breath.

Her first public blackout came during a speech in Buffalo, NY in 2005. Her press agent said she had a stomach virus. The balance of her speaking engagements were canceled. Earlier this year she fell in the State Department garage and broke her elbow. The break required surgery. Hillary insisted the fall resulted from slipping on something on the floor, but others present during the incident said Hillary simply passed out and collapsed, breaking her arm during the fall.

Hillary Clinton convinced herself that the shortness of breath, loss of balance and the brief loss of consciousness were likely the result of her work schedule. But friends of the Secretary have admitted she is becoming increasingly worried that if a medical emergency happens while she is in some far-flung third world country, she could be faced with a life-threatening situation that could take her life before she could reach a modern hospital {i.e., a medical center in the United States or somewhere with state-of-the-art diagnostics technology. One of Clinton's close friends admitted that "...she knows something's going on with her health. And, she knows she's not getting any younger. She doesn't want to die on the job. Hillary loves her work—but she's worried about the strain of travel, and the stress of the job. She doesn't want to have a heart attack in some place like Zimbabwee or Moscow. She's afraid if she keeps pushing herself, eventually that's what will happen." And, she'll die in a third world hospital from something easily cured in the United States.

I wonder if Hillary Clinton has actually envisioned herself in the role of the typical working-class citizen faced with her specific health conditions in an Obama health care world? I wonder if she has even remotely contemplated what her fate would be under Barack Obama's "public option" nationalized medical system where US citizens with life-threatening conditions will be denied lifesaving surgery because they are 63-years of age or older and have what Obama's medical board will construe to be incurable hypothyroidism? Or, being diagnosed as having undefined life-threatening blackout spells, or life-threatening shortness of breath that could requires carrying a portable oxygen concentrators, particularly since Medicare just cut the majority of the funding for such devises that cost anywhere $2,500 to $4,000 each?


When Bill Clinton was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease, the tremors that are now noticeably visible in his left hand were barely detectable. While Bill and Hillary's closest friends are very close-mouthed about the health of the famous couple, some friends—speaking with anonymity—have admitted that while both have some serious medical problems, Hillary displays more severe symptoms than her husband, particularly the blinding headaches which are more severe symptoms of hypothyroidism. Hillary also suffers from what they describe as "terrifying blackouts."

Okay, for the sake of argument, let's consider them—for the moment—as ordinary working class retired 63-year old couple. Bill, a recently retired civil servant suffers from Parkinson's Disease. As lifetime federal employees, retired citizens Bill and Hillary wll always get their medical care from the Federal Employees Health Benefits Plan. The plan's not honored in Somolia for run-of-the-mill federal retirees, but it will get your the best room, the best doctors and the best care in any hospital in the United States.

For retired factory workers or former Walmart employees, Obamacare or Hillarycare will get a palsied 63-year old Medicare patient or his 63-year old Medicare wife with hypothyroidism (who may have thyroid cancer) a one-way gurney ride to the Transitiional (Terminal) Care Unit where they will be fitted with a morphine drip to ease their pain through the night—and another gurney ride, under a white sheet, to the morgue in the morning.

Makes you feel somewhat relieved to know that in the event our political leaders get sick that they won't be wheeled into a terminal care unit like the rest of us under Obamacare and euthanized. Right? Instead, the doctors on staff—the best know the one with the real MDs after his name, not the world "intern"—will actually take the time and whatever taxpayer dollars are needed) to perform whatever lifesaving surgery is needed to save the Teddy Kennedys and Hillary Clinton's of the world while the rest of us are "put to sleep" like Old Shep when blindness overcomes him and he runs into walls and craps in the corner because he can't find the doggy door anymore.

After all, I guess we all know that our Congressmen and Senators are such honest and revered people that they deserve our tax dollars to save them before our dollars are spent to save us. The brain surgery Sen. Ted Kennedy underwent to remove the the glioblastoma that still killed him a few weeks after the operation cost between $100 to $500 thousand—paid for by the taxpayers of the United States. If a 77-year old retired factory worker on Medicare tried to get that same operation to add a few weeks to his life, the operation would be arbitrarily denied because the patient would be viewed as a terminal cancer and, other than to add a few weeks to his life, the operation could not reverse the condition or prolong his life. In fact, the board would have ruled that, at 77 years of age, the patient, due to his advanced age, he would likely be dead within 6 months with or without the surgery.

As lifetime federal employees, Bill and Hillary will continue to receive their medical care from the Federal Employees Health Benefits Plan. They will always get the best private room, the best doctors and the best care in any hospital in the United States. For Bill and Hillary the elderly Obamacare patients, our tax dollars will provide that elderly couple, who suffers from terminal old age, with their one-way gurmey ride to the Transitiional (Terminal) Care Unit in their local hospital where they will be fitted with a morphine drip to await the end of life in a semiconcious stupor with no fear or conscious knowledge of their impending doom. The distinctions between the end of life of the two subsets is important because, after all, the lives of those honest, hardworking politicians are worth so much more than ours. How do I know that? Because the politicians keep telling us they are more important. That's why they have a healthcare plan designed for kings and they want us to have one designed for paupers.

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But then, maybe that's because they know how much money we are going to have left in our pockets when Barack Obama gets through implementing his promised changes to America. Don't you wish now that someone other than just Samuel "Joe the Plumber" Wurzelbackher questioned Obama about the changes he wanted to make to our country? Don't you wish someone asked Obama what he meant when he said "We live in the greatest nation on me change it."

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As lifetime federal employees, Bill and Hillary will continue to receive their medical care from the Federal Employees Health Benefits Plan. They will always get the best private room, the best doctors and the best care in any hospital in the United States.