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By Jon Christian Ryter
May 13, 2009

In the free enterprise system, mortgage foreclosures have always been with us. What hasn't been is something called "mark-to-market." Mark-to-market is a very bad bookkeeping rule imposed on commercial banks by the Federal Reserve. It is used to arbitrarily reduce the net worth of collateral assets to what tax appraisers in the local markets consider those assets to be worth if someone wanted to buy them today. In other words, let's assume there are an above the average amount of home foreclosures in Detroit, Michigan or Glendale, Arizona. Under mark-to-market, the banks holding any home mortgages sold in Detroit or Glendale are forced to reduce the ledger worth of those collateral assets to the collective current market value of all properties in those markets even though none of those mortgages are in trouble. Now, multiply the problem in Detroit and Glendale to every city in every State in the nation and you have an idea of how the problem happened.

The Fed rule flipflopped the asset-to-debt ratios in the nation's commercial banks, reducing the banks liquidity on paper and, under the fractional reserve system, dramatically reducing the amount of money the banks can loan to local consumers. Mark-to-market shut down the credit markets in the United States and led to the crisis that required a four trillion dollar bank bailout. It was a deliberate move by the Fed to stall the economy and create a massive financial crisis that appeared severe enough to require extreme intervention by government.

Americans have always been poor custodians of liberty. We carelessly assume that liberty cares for itself. Furthermore, we blindly assume that those we elect will not violate our trust because they spend every election campaign assuring us that while everyone on the other side of the aisle lack a morsel of integrity, they are bastions of piety.

The architects of the New World Order have been working on their own piety plan for over a hundred years. It began with JP Morgan and Thomas Woodrow Wilson. During the Election of 1912—which William Howard Taft should have won 55% to 45%—Morgan convinced Teddy Roosevelt to enter the race and challenge Taft. The polls showed that Roosevelt would take 25% of the vote. He took 37% and came in second. Wilson, who should have handily lost, won with 42.9% of the popular vote. From their 1912 experience, the money barons learned they could buy whatever election outcome they wanted. It's simply a matter of balancing a designated winner and a designated loser with a failsafe third party candidate to syphon enough votes from the designated loser to guarantee that the designated winner actually wins.

Roosevelt was the bankers' choice in 1932 to complete the job started in 1920 when the US Senate rejected the League of Nations. The Fed once again set the stage for a crisis. FDR also used a fabricated national emergency to seize all of the privately-owned gold coins and gold certificates. Refusal to surrender gold coins and gold certificates became a federal crime punishable by a fine of $10,000 and a 10-year prison sentence. The national emergency, fanned to crises levels by the bankers themselves, began with a well-staged collapse of the Stock Market that was blamed on amateur investors when, in fact, it was a strategic dichotomy of events designed to do the maximum amount of damage to the working class investor in order to generate enough public hysteria that the people would demurely accept a solution that would begin with the 73rd Congress reclassifying them as enemies of the United States in order for FDR to seize their gold and silver-backed money, replacing it with fiat scrip—and then, in Feb., 1934, devaluing that elastic dollar by 59¢, leaving the US consumers with a dollar bill with 41¢ buying power as durable goods, which had not been devalued, continued to rise in price.


We are now enmeshed in our third Fed-fabricated financial crisis. First Wilson and then Roosevelt. Now the community activist and political piranha, Barack Obama. Obama, like his predecessors, was picked by the international money barons because they saw him as a man with no moral compass who, without any qualms, would obediently lead the United States into a New World Order from which there will be no escape. If we haven't done so yet, this would be a good time to ask the question: "How did we arrive at this point?"

Sadly, the voters—and the couch potatoes who never vote but are always quick to tell you what's wrong with our government—are either very gullible or just stupid. They appear not to care that once politicians are elected into the US House of Representatives, most become morally bankrupt after three terms. And many of those the voters place in the US Senate lose their moral compass after one term. The electorate blindly trusts the politicians they elect because the party machines, the union bosses, and the liberal media tell them they should. We have become like sheep being led to the slaughter. We follow the droppings of the rich who profit from the sweat equity of the working class that built the United States into the greatest nation on Earth, with our hands out, like paupers. Yet, we buy the slave labor goods of the third world as the closed factories of America become the mortuaries of the US economy. Americans needs to learn to say "no." If it isn't made here, it won't be sold here. This is something we must absolutely do if we expect to survive as a independent nation beyond the middle of the next decade.

The media has done a bang-up job of duping the voters into believing that politicians can take millions of dollars in contributions from special interest groups who actually write the legislation that the politicians in their pockets introduce on the floor of Congress as their own. The politicians then fight to push through Congress bills they themselves have never read which specifically benefit the special interest groups that wrote them. And, they do it with a pious, straight face as though what they are doing is not wrong. There's nothing wrong only because they enacted laws that make that type of bribery legal. Any Congressman or Senator who advocates on behalf of, or votes in favor of any legislation that profits a contributor or the company or organization of a contributor, that politician should be summarily removed from office, tried in federal court for accepting a bribe, and imprisoned. And those who paid the bribe should likewise be imprisoned. Voters naive enough to believe that political donors give millions of dollars to politicians and political parties without the expectation of getting something worth far more in return should have their voter registration cards revoked.

Sadly, even as they watched the mass exodus of jobs from the United States over the last decade and a half, and stood by as social progressive politicians placed social progressive judges on the benches of our federal courts with the expectation that they would "modernize" the archaic document known as the Constitution of the United States. It's hard to believe that, due largely to our apathy, the political system under which we live is not the same political system that was created by our Founding Fathers.

Nor is it the same political system under which our grandparents lived and prospered before the fraudulent ratification of the 16th and 17th Amendments. Nor is it even the same nation our parents lived under in the 1940s and 1950s before the Supreme Court realized it could legislate new laws from the bench by combining portions of old ones—without getting impeached for violating the separation of powers. The legislative branch lacks the power to adjudicate the law and the judicial branch lacks the authority to legislate law.

Frankly, none of those patriots who signed the Constitution of the United States—not even those who would have preferred a stronger central government—would have signed any document that granted a federal oligarchy the type, or degree, of power that has been unconstitutionally conferred on the Executive, Legislative, or Judicial Branches of government by themselves. But then, far too few Americans care. Far too many of us, for far too long, have taken liberty for granted. It is, after all, an inherent right. Yet, without as much as a whimper of outrage, the American people have watched the elitists among us erase the Constitutional protection we enjoy, one clause at a time. And, slowly and meticulously, we dismissively watched as the far left revised the history of this great nation by rewriting the textbooks used by our children. Most people fail to realize that to change the destination at the end of the path into the future it is only necessary to change the historical archive of that nation's past. The revisionists have craftily edited the history of the 20th century to fit the emerging realities of the 21st.

The die is cast. Those who are determined to build the New World Order on the ashes of the United States are now too deeply entrenched in the governments of the world to be stopped. Although world government now appears to be inevitable, the timeline for its implementation can still be delayed if the American people wake up very quickly, stop chasing windmills, and take their government back in 2010. But make no mistake, world government is the reality of the 21st century. Yet, with all of the talk about global utopia, it matters little who you talk to anywhere in the world, nobody anywhere on Earth want to be merged with every other nation in a seamless global nation state that stifles liberty and controls the independent thoughts men think. Global government is the vision of a handful of the most powerful money barons on Earth.

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Sadly, when America and its citizen warriors are effectively disarmed, the walls of national sovereignty will fall like children's building blocks all around the globe, and a one world economic, political and religious system will rise from the rubble. And the souls of the martyrs of America's past will cry out in anguish.

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Jon Christian Ryter is the pseudonym of a former newspaper reporter with the Parkersburg, WV Sentinel. He authored a syndicated newspaper column, Answers From The Bible, from the mid-1970s until 1985. Answers From The Bible was read weekly in many suburban markets in the United States.

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Sadly, when America and its citizen warriors are effectively disarmed, the walls of national sovereignty will fall like children's building blocks all around the globe, and a one world economic, political and religious system will rise from the rubble. And the souls of the martyrs of America's past will cry out in anguish.