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By Jon Christian Ryter
February 14, 2009

And through his "national catastrophe," Roosevelt created the unelected 4th branch of government—the bureaucracy that is run by faceless bureaucrats who are answerable to no one. This faceless bureaucracy writes the regulations that are codified into law. In the dark of night between 1933 to 1939, our parliamentarian democracy surreptitiously morphed into a socialist democracy—rule by the minority.

Like Roosevelt, Obama is doing the same thing. On Saturday, Feb. 7, Obama got on his political soap box and warned that we are facing a "national catastrophe" that will swamp the nation if Congress does not move quickly to enact the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, using FDR's "scare the public" tactics in order to strip Americans of their rights. When hawking his doom and gloom rhetoric, Obama chose to ignore the fact that his national catastrophe is so devastating that none of the job creation provisions in the job stimulus bill will happen until 2010 when the Democrats need to generate midterm election votes. In fact, when the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008 was passed, Republicans voted for it only because the bill promised to buy up the defaulted, foreclosed subprime mortgages and remove them from the books of America's banks. If that had happened in October, 2008 after former President George W. Bush signed the $700 billion bank and credit card company bailout bill into law, the asset-to-debt ratios of America's banks would have stabilized and there would be no national catastrophe for Barack Obama to moan about today.

But Obama, like Roosevelt, knows you can't radically change the country without a national crisis of such magnitude that the people risk losing everything—their homes, their jobs, their savings, and all semblance of personal security if they don't accede to the whims of the State. Rahm Emanuel, Obama's chief-of-staff and the designated funeral director of the soon-coming demise of America, smiled as he told the reporters who questioned him about the financial crisis facing the nation: "You never want to let a serious crisis go to waste." In an interview with ABC's John Stossel, Obama admitted that "...painful crisis provides us with an opportunity to remake the US economy." This is precisely what Roosevelt tried to do. In the end the Constitution got in his way.

Today, in a collaboration between industry and government—dubbed as public-private partnerships to imply its a good thing—Obama, or rather, the transnational banking-industrial complex, will succeed in promulgating the final phase of government before the final curtain call at the end of Act Three of "The Demise and Fall of America." You know it as the New World Order. But, there's nothing new about totalitarianism. We saw it birthed in the Soviet Union in 1917 with Vladimir Lenin and Josef Stalin. We watched it grow with Benito Mussolini in Italy in 1925 and in Germany in 1933 with Adolf Hitler. We watched Mao Zedong use World War II to seize power in China in 1945 and Kim Il-sung do the same in North Korea. Fidel Castro fabricated a national calamity in Cuba to become dictator in 1959. All of these countries claim to be democracies. All of them are totalitarian dictatorships.

When the Constitution got into Roosevelt's way of becoming America's first dictator in the summer of 1936, FDR invited Chief Justice Charles Evans Hughes to visit him at the White House. Over coffee, Roosevelt suggested an accommodation from the high court that he believed, he said, would make each of their jobs easier. Roosevelt suggested that the two of them "meet" periodically to "exchange ideas." Hughes would share with the president some of the more problematic constitutional issues found with the challenges to the New Deal laws before any court decisions were made, ostensibly so the Roosevelt bureaucracy could find an accommodation that would keep the court from overturning the law. In return, Roosevelt would discuss pending legislation that might be problematic, and seek Hughes' advise how to make them acceptable to the court before they were signed into law. Hughes was shocked that a president would suggest such a legal impropriety.


President-elect Barack Obama, who is a student of history, proposed the same scenario to Chief Justice John Roberts even as the Court was considering three legal challenges questioning Obama's Article II right to be sworn in as President of the United States without first providing documentation to prove that Kenyan-born Obama was a natural born citizen of the United States. Roberts, who apparently has less integrity than former Chief Justice Hughes, saw nothing inherently wrong with Obama's proposition and agreed to discuss pending decisions with the President whose super majority—like Roosevelt before him—was deliberately crafting legislation they knew would flaunt the Constitution in order to "repair" the "social infrastructure" of the nation through the redistribution of wealth from the white middle class to achieve "societal equality" for poor minorities who lack the gumption to find employment in jobs at their skill levels. Liberals just don't seem to get it.

The Constitution of the United States does not guarantee people economic parity. The "welfare clause" in the preamble of the Constitution is not a "delegated right." Nor is it a "rite of passage" for government to seize the assets of hard working people in order to redistribute those assets to those lacking the ambition or the know-how to sufficiently provide for themselves. No where in the Constitution of the United States are its people guaranteed that they will be successful. Under the Constitution, the people are only guaranteed the opportunity to compete on a level playing field. What they achieve on their own from their own sweat equity investment in America is all they are constitutionally entitled to. You don't owe me a living, nor do I owe you one.

Let me vent a minute: The home grown wholly USA corporations which ultimately grew into behemoth transnational entities owe their growth and their success entirely to the sweat and muscle of working class Americans who not only built their cars, trucks, boats, clothes, household products, widgets and whatnots, but bought them as well. Corporate America owes the American worker a fair shot in the free enterprise system. That fair shot means keeping the jobs they've had most of their adult lives. Plus healthcare and two, three or four weeks of vacation a year, and maybe even a 401K retirement plan fed by company profits which the sweat equity of the workers helped create.

America's Fortune 1000 companies seem to have forgotten that they didn't become the most powerful companies in the world hiring Chinese slave labor, or cheap day labor from the third world who couldn't care less if the products they manufacture last ten years, ten months or ten weeks. Those workers are not, and never will, be vested in the companies that employ them. You won't see generations of working class families proudly working for the same employer in the emerging nations. Sadly, today, US employers are no longer interested in that type of generational loyalty. It's not cost effective in the global economy. To earn that extra dime, corporate employers replace long term employees with cheap imports from the third world. In December, 2008, 108,123 US workers were laid off or fired. In January, the total rose to 598,000. It's now estimated that over 2.7 million US workers may lose their jobs during calendar year 2009. Yet, employers imported 1.5 million foreign employees last year, and have told the the Obama Administration they will need even more this year. Employers defend their positions by claiming that there is a massive labor shortage in the United States. Unknown to most job applicants, many of the employers they interview with have taken classes on how to avoid hiring US job applicants. In the computer technology industry, employers like Hewlett Packard and IBM estimate that close to 300 thousand jobs go unfilled every year, costing US high tech employers over $4.5 billion per year in lost productivity. Yet, thousands of US IT college graduates are flipping burgers in fast food restaurants because they can't find a job in the IT industry.

Now, back to the cornucopia of socialist wishes in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (i.e. The Hogfest of 2009). One detrimental provision in that bill was so adroitly concealed in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 that it did not pop up on anyone's radar screen until Rush Limbaugh revealed the content of the measure on his national talk radio show on Mon., Feb. 9. Sadly, it was not revealed quick enough for the nation's seniors to assure both Democrats and the three rogue Republicans: Olympia Snow [R-ME]. Susan Collins [R-ME] and Arlen Specter [R-PA] that the old duffers would live long enough to vote all them out of office if they voted "aye" on the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. American seniors, particularly in the Sunbelt States from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean believed the Obama rhetoric about "change" and cast their votes for Democrats. The "change" Obama has planned for them will not be the change they expected.

Buried in the Senate's $885 billion giveaway for socialist causes is a healthcare provision they won't like. The healthcare provision in the Stimulus Bill—which purportedly will guarantee that everyone receives adequate healthcare—is just so much donkey kong. The mandate will ration healthcare to the elderly. Each hospital or healthcare facility in the nation will utilize an appointed board of bureaucrats who will decide whether or not an elderly patient who requires costly medical procedures which have been recommended by that patient's doctor, will be allowed to have it. We're not talking about elective surgery here, we are talking about absolutely necessary lifesaving procedures like angioplasty or heart bypass surgery.

As I warned the readers of in 2002. 2005 and 2007, the State is increasingly assuming for itself the role of final arbitrator of life and death of the elderly. Every hospital now encourages the elderly to sign living wills. In some cases, the living will becomes just one more piece of paper shoved at them to sign when they are admitted to the hospital for treatment. The living will gives the hospital the authority to determine, when the patient is viewed as terminal, to pull the plug.

The problem is that when you are old enough—over 70—age itself is considered to be a terminal illness because you can't recover from age. You just get older, more feeble, and more in need of constant attention. In addition, you are no longer viewed as a contributing member of society. You drain the assets of the State without returning a revenue stream to it. When you pass from this life, that drain on the resources of the State—both from Social Security check and Medicare and Medicaid—stop abruptly.

It is important for people to understand, in the epilog of this 222-year old saga called "The Demise and Fall of America," "we-the-people" are no longer a free people. We have been reduced to human capital. We have become a commodity of the State—human chattel. Our rights, and our liberty, is being erased by government—one eraser stroke at a time. We need to ask ourselves—and we need to ask this question very quickly—are we going to allow the government of Barack Obamavelt to subvert the Bill of Rights and chain the American people to the global yoke of the transnational industrialists, bankers and merchant princes, whether socialist or free enterprise? Or, are we going to take our government back?

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I never thought I would say this since I've always considered myself a voice of reason, but perhaps its time for a good old fashioned march on Washington. For part one or two click below.

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It is important for people to understand, in the epilog of this 222-year old saga called "The Demise and Fall of America," "we-the-people" are no longer a free people. We have been reduced to human capital. We have become a commodity of the State—human chattel. Our rights, and our liberty, is being erased by government—one eraser stroke at a time.