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By Jon Christian Ryter
October 29, 2008

Roosevelt, the New Deal Congress and the New Deal federal judges that the Democratic super majority appointed to safeguard the New Deal, rubber-stamped laws that violated the separation of powers and began the slow process of erasing the tenets of liberty by changing the rules of how free elections are held, and who gets to vote, in order to give the far left an edge by changing the equation of liberal vs conservative mindsets in the country on election day. By easing voting restrictions under the guise of protecting democracy by making sure everyone in the country has a right to vote, the far left has been able to register millions of people who, because they are not citizens, they are felons, they are dead, or they are minors, are simply not eligible to vote.

On Friday, Oct. 24, 2008, US District Court Judge R. Barclay Surrick for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, a Bill Clinton-appointed federal magistrate, ruled on the lawsuit filed by former Pennsylvania Assistant Attorney General Philip J. Berg, Berg v. Obama. Berg's lawsuit demanded that Democratic presidential nominee Barack Hussein Obama produce a Certificate of Live Birth to refute Berg-offered evidence to support his argument that not only was Obama not born in Hawaii, he was born in Kenya. Berg further offered evidence showing that Obama forfeited his US citizenship when his step father, Lolo Soetoro adopted him in Indonesia. For that reason, Berg's lawsuit demanded that Obama produce [a] a Certificate of Live Birth, [b] his certified birth certificate and [c] his Certificate of Citizenship together with a certified copy of his Oath of Allegiance. (If you or I was suspected by the Dept. of Immigration Control and Enforcement [ICE] of being in this country illegally, they would demand those documents and we would be obligated to produce them or face deportation.)

Yet a man running for a job for which the Constitution of the United States says he must be a natural born citizen is not required, in the view of Judge Surrick, to prove he is qualified by birth to be President of the United States. Or rather, the left-of-center federal magistrate insisted in his ruling, that ordinary citizens have no legal authority to question whether or not candidates for federal office are qualified.

Surrick said that "...ordinary citizens can't sue to ensure that a presidential candidate actually meets the constitutional requirements of the office." Surrick added that only Congress has the right to challenge the credentials of a candidate. "Until that time," Surrick concluded, "voters do not have standing to bring the sort of challenge that Plaintiff attempts to bring..."

When citizens of the United States discovered that fraud by the US government took place in the ratifications of both the 16th and 17th Amendments, Assistant US Attorney David Brown, prosecuting US v. George & Marion House, in June, 1983 admitted that fraud took place in 1913 by a long dead Secretary of State (Philander Knox) and an equally long dead Solicitor General (Joshua Reuben Clark) but argued that correcting the error fell solely on Congress. The trial judge agreed.

The 1st Amendment guarantees citizens of the United States the right to redress their grievances. How does an ordinary citizen do that? Ask Bob Shulz, the head of the We The People Foundation who spent eight years trying to get the Clinton Administration to sit down with his group, listen to their arguments on why they believe the 16th Amendment was fraudulently declared ratified, and simply explain the government's logic why it was not. Nothing happened. Shulz then spent another eight more years petitioning the Bush-43 Administration to allow him his constitutional prerogative to address his grievances with the government.

Since that did not appear to work well, what's left? The courts. Oops...if ordinary citizens do not have the right to address their grievances against public officials, or those wanting to become the leader of the free world, how do they exercise their right under the 1st Amendment to seek redress of their grievances? The courts are all that's left. If the federal judiciary has joined forces with the power players in the Executive and Legislative branches to usurp the constitutional rights of the people, then liberty is dead and freedom is a socialist myth that can be practiced only in your own home—unless you want to smoke a cigarette while ranting at your pregnant minor daughter whose school-supplied condoms didn't work.

Think of the 15.4 million illegal voters who have been registered since 2000 by ACORN and other far left socialist, antiwar voter registration advocacy groups as a computer virus that you uploaded into your own computer believing it was a helpful aid that would protect your computer. Unfortunately, the virus is now self-perpetuating. There is no anti-viral solution that can get rid of it because the key swing States that ACORN targeted to steal the White House for Obama are also the States where the key Senate races the left plans to steal to gain their super majority are also taking place. It's one of those two-birds-with-one-stone propositions. If Obama wins the White House, the Senate gets its filibuster-proof super majority.

Sen. Elizabeth Dole, whose husband was the designated loser in 1996 against Bill Clinton and Al Gore, knows that ACORN, Obama and socialist billionaire George Soros have rigged the vote in North Carolina. Dole understands how the illegal voting works. There are no split votes. The surrogate who votes the registration votes straight party—Democratic. If ACORN has delivered 400 thousand votes in North Carolina, both McCain and Dole lose North Carolina. Dole apparently thinks its that close since her latest commercial argues that the American people cannot afford for the far left to get a super majority. She's right. If they do, the United States is lost. And, the Election of 2010 will not resemble US elections of the past. Dole believes she can convince the voters of her State to separate the two, and keep her job. She's wrong. If ACORN has delivered enough votes to give North Carolina's 15 electoral votes to Obama, then they have enough votes to elect 5th term State Senator Kay Hagan who has aligned herself with the Secular Coalition of America and advocates on behalf of atheists and humanists to remove "under God" from the Pledge of Allegiance. Hagan also advocated on behalf of the right of homosexuals to be Cub Scout and Boy Scout troop leaders. If ACORN has supplied enough illegal votes to elect Obama, then Dole's seat in the US Senate is gone as well.

Even if the States woke up and realized what was happening and invalidated every ACORN voter registration it would be too late. Why? Because in each of those States where
Democratically-controlled statehouses were able to enact legislation allowing newly-registered voters to cast absentee ballots before their rights to vote was verified, those votes have already been separated from the voters who cast the ballots. (While we know that 100% of the voter registrations processed by ACORN were Democratic since those were the only votes ACORN was hired to find, the Democrats controlling most of the State election boards will argue there is no way of knowing how the absentee ballot voter voted. Logic tells us if any of those voters cast their ballot for McCAIN-PALIN that ballot would have been changed by the ACORN vote-recruiter, or it would have simply been thrown away and that registration would have been voted on election day by one of any number of caravan voters who go from precinct to precinct voting the dead whose names have either not been removed from the voting rolls, or painstakingly re-added to the voting rolls as a new voter by any of a number of Soros-funded get-out-and-vote advocacy groups across the country.

Senator Obama's cocky assuredness that he is going to be sworn in as the 44th President of the United States is not based on his faith that the voters of the United States will elect him. He, like every other far left liberal, knows that no more than 35% of the voters will legitimately cast their votes for a socialist in the United States. His self-assuredness comes from his knowledge that enough fraudulent votes have been fabricated to guarantee that regardless how many conservatives turn out to cast their votes for McCAIN-PALIN, he is going to prevail when the votes are counted.

When Joe the Plumber—like most supplysiders who understand that prosperity comes from investing in your own sweat equity and not from the largess of government—showed up at an Obama Campaign swing event to ask the candidate himself. The revealing exchange (video at top of article) was caught by Toledo's local ABC affiliate and immediately swept the nation, making Joe the Plumber an overnight conservative icon. In fact, one of those who watched the exchange was Sen. John McCain who introduced the name of Joe the Plumber in his debate with Obama that evening. McCain touted his tax plan over Obama's, noting that "...[e]ntrepreneurs are at the heart of American innovation and growth. Entrepreneurs create the ultimate job security—a new, better opportunity if your current job goes away." McCain pledged to keep taxes low and make the Bush-43 tax cut permanent not only for Joe the Plumber, Joe the Butcher and Joe Factory Worker but for every working class stiff who wants low taxes and does not want his income seized by an affirmative action president who believes those who refuse to work because jobs don't pay enough aren't entitled to a slice of their earnings.

In fact, during the final debate—which resonated well with the voters—McCain chided Obama's use of the Marxist mantra. A day later, the usually liberal AOL election poll showed McCain trouncing Obama 71% to 29%. And, while McCain's people believed the Senator won the debate with his remark that if Obama wanted to run against Bush he should have run four years earlier, the Obama people knew Joe the Plumber won the debate and somehow turned the tide of the election rhetoric . They were thankful that the election was only two weeks off. They knew if McCain had a month and the use of Joe the Plumber in Ohio, Pennsylvania and Michigan, he likely would have to turned the election on its ear. Everytime McCain mentioned Wurzelbacher, Obama winced—and squirmed. And everytime he did, America remembered Obama's Marxist remark about redistributing Joe's wealth to his less fortunate neighbors. And, the following morning Joe Biden took a shot at Joe as well. On NBC's Today Show, Biden challenged the veracity of Joe the Plumber, suggesting he might have been a GOP ringer. Biden said, "I don't any Joe the Plumbers in my neighborhood that make $250 thousand a year." Obama's blogsphere reported that Wurzelbacher was not even registered to vote. It's hard to guess where they checked, but Joe is registered in Lucas County, Ohio. He voted Republican in the primary and, I'd bet, will vote Republican on Nov. 6. Biden even went so far as to denounce Joe the Plumber as a fraud because his staff found several Joe the Plumbers listed in various telephone directories. Biden conveniently forgets that Wurzelbacher didn't call himself Joe the Plumber, the media did.

Had Biden been listening, Wurzelbacher never claimed to be making a quarter million dollars a year, he told Obama he was contemplating buying a company that was making from $250 to $280 thousand a year." Nevertheless, the Obama War Machine declared war on Joe the Plumber. And although the Democratic Party insists its the party of the little guy, the dirt-diggers got out their spades and began digging for dirt about Joe the Plumber. They checked with the Ohio DMV for possible driving violations—not once but four times, hoping they might be lucky enough to dig up some charges for drunk driving or some other egregious offense that would make him look bad. None. They did find that Average Joe owed some back taxes to the State of Ohio—$1,200.00. The State of Ohio immediately filed a levy. And, they thought they really scored pay dirt when they discovered that Joe did not have a plumbers license. They were disappointed to discover that because Joe the Plumber works for someone else, and is covered by his employer's license, he doesn't need one.

Joe the Plumber said he hoped other Americans wouldn't be afraid to question the political candidates seeking to run our country because of the microscope he was put under. "If we are too afraid to question our elected officials, the America I grew up in and love, is gone. Maybe if enough of us are willing to question our government and those in other places of power, perhaps we can take back our country." He said the media chose to dig into his private life to find something that would embarrass him—or John McCain—"...because the media has an agenda, plain and simple."

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As for himself, Wurzelbacher said he planned to vote "...for a real American...who isn't going to lead us into socialism and despair. I want a president that can stand amongst some of the great leaders of our past." Clearly, Barack Obama cannot. In the view of this writer, Barack Hussein Obama can only stand shoulder-to-shoulder with political pirates like Karl Marx, or terrorists like Yassar Arafat or Cambodian dictator Saloth Sar, more commonly known as Pol Pot . But with a step ladder, the best he will ever become is knee high to Ronald Reagan. For part two one click below.

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Joe the Plumber said he hoped other Americans wouldn't be afraid to question the political candidates seeking to run our country because of the microscope he was put under.