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By Jon Christian Ryter

February 27, 2008

While it is still eight-and-a-half months away, we already know the Election of 2008 is in the toilet. The people�even those who like the candidates we will be forced to choose from�have already lost because the designated winners and losers are all losers. John McCain. Hillary Clinton. Barack Obama. The issues that will be enacted during the 111th and 112th Congress will destroy the fabric of America and leave the United States torn, tattered and bleeding profusely. The North American Union. Amnesty for illegals. Erasing US borders. Adding more social progressives to the federal judiciary in order to eliminate the Bill of Rights�and with it, freedom of speech and the right of citizens to own firearms because sovereignty will not be surrendered back to Europe as long as US citizens are armed and willing to fight to preserve their nation.

Nations are lost through apathy. The United States is no different than any other nation from the dusty, unread and long forgotten pages of history that were undermined and destroyed from within by greedy politicians who sold their souls for money and power. Pre-World War II Italy and Germany were not defeated by foreign enemies. They were both destroyed by "patriots" within their own country. They were all defeated from within by far right radicals�glib-tongued extremists�who advocated the abolition of government in order to provide the people with more liberty. Anarchy, brought on by legislative or judicial shortcuts that skirt the rule of law, always leads to totalitarianism.

Both Italy and Germany were constitutional republics before the rise to power of Benito Mussolini and Adolph Hitler. Mussolini was elected to the Italian Parliament in 1921. Mussolini and 34 other fascist deputies in the 500-member Parliament aligned themselves with Prime Minister Giovanni Giolitti. Mussolini's small entourage of fascists were enough, initially, to give Giolitti control of the fragile Italian government. Giolitti did nothing as the Fascists brutalized local socialist politicians (because the Italian government feared the communists) and assumed control of villages, cities and even some regional governments.

Because it worked so well, Mussolini�a former socialist himself�played the anti-Boleshevik card very well. In October, 1922 Mussolini's Brown Shirt thugs "marched" on Rome, seizing several government office buildings. Mussolini demanded that King Victor Emmanual III, a constitutional monarch, appoint him to head the government. Emmanuel III did so. As Mussolini's Brown Shirts consolidated control of the provincial governments through intimidation, they guaranteed that the majority of the deputies in Parliament would be loyal to Mussolini. While Mussolini held a death grip over Italy by 1923, he made certain the monarchy was preserved and the Church remained free. Unlike Hitler and Josef Stalin who ruled with an iron fist and broached no resistance, Mussolini knew that allowing opposition political parties (regulated by him), and by allowing his rivals to possess some delegated power in the running of the government, his task of total domination of the people would be easier and much less painful because the people would not realize he was erasing their freedom until it was gone. In 1924 he accomplished his task. He could not be driven from power. He usurped the Italian constitution and became the absolute ruler of Italy. Had the Italian people been polled in 1921, 1922 or 1923 and asked if Benito Mussolini�or anyone else for that matter�could abrogate the liberty of the Italian people and become dictator, they would have dismissed the question as ludicrous and the person asking as an idiot.

What took Mussolini three years to accomplish Hitler did in 20 months. And, like Mussolini, he did it while holding a legislative minority. Italy was a constitutional monarchy. Germany was a constitutional republic. Constitutions are fragile documents. We take ours for granted. So did they.

Like the Democrats today, Hitler was financed by the wealthy but drew his support from the poverty-class and the low middle class. The voters in Germany and Italy were united in their political views and believed both dictators when they promised them the universal dream�jobs in hard times and a myriad of government entitlements that would make their lives easier. Historians decry National Socialism as a terrible accident of fate that could never happen again. The historians are wrong. Totalitarianism is a crime of opportunity. Place the right politician at the helm of State and provide that president with strong enough and evil enough allies at the other end of Pennsylvania Avenue, and give that president a federal judiciary filled with social progressive judges, and our Constitution will be gone, replaced with the European Union's Convention on Human Rights that will make the inalienable rights found today in the Bill of Rights conditioned on the whim of government. Whoops�wait a minute. Isn't that already happening as federal judges today co-mingle the Convention on Human Rights with the Bill of Rights? Missing from the Convention on Human Rights is the right of the citizen to own firearms. As it did in Nazi Germany in 1934, what will happen in the post-constitution United States is mandatory gun registration followed by confiscation.

Fast forward to the Election of 2008 on the cusp of the birth of the North American Union. For the first time since 1912 the wealthy elite, who are attempting to recast the face of the world to fit a portrait of mankind they fashioned years ago, have become frighteningly visible because the prize is finally within their grasp.

The first step was to take control of the electoral process to make sure, first, that the candidates they needed to achieve their objective�on both sides of the equation�were nominated. They could not afford a replay of 1980. In 1980, GOP party insider George Herbert Walker Bush was hand-picked to run against incumbent Jimmy Carter. Bush was to be the designated winner. Carter, of course, was to be the designated loser. Movie star California governor Ronald Wilson Reagan was the wild card that year. He was the governor of the most populated State in the Union. The economy of California, measured against the other nations of the world, was the 7th largest in the world. Bush, on the other hand, was a former two term Congressman from Texas who served briefly as UN Ambassador, as the head of the US Liaison Office in China, as head of the Republican National Committee and, finally, under Gerald Ford as the Director of the CIA. He was a jack-of-all-trades and master of none.

Bush was a political lightweight who won the White House in 1988 only because he stood in the shadow of greatness for 8 years. His job, in 1980, was the lead America into the New World Order. Reagan, who ran on an anti-CFR plank, became the icon of liberty. The money barons could not defeat Reagan in the media or in the voting booth. Where Bush won a handful of the small State caucuses (beginning with Iowa), Reagan ultimately took 1,939 delegates (to Bush's 13) and became the nominee at the Republican National Convention in Detroit in July, 1980.

In 1982 the Democratic Party leaders adopted new rules to guarantee that they could control the nominating process by allocating to themselves a reserve of delegates (called Super Delegates since they would not be committed to anyone), and could flip-flop back and forth based on the whims of the party leaders to assure the nomination process worked out the way the money barons wanted it to. In other words, the Democrats�who actively promote themselves as the founders of American democracy�want to strip that right from the voters whenever the money barons disagree with the electorate.

In 1984 then Sen. Gary Hart [D-CO] was leading Sen. Walter Mondale [D-MN] by double digit numbers by portraying his battle against Mondale as a contest between new ideas and old dogmas. Even with his faux pas of suggesting the media follow him to see if he was having an affair with Donna Rice, Hart would still have won the Democratic nomination if there were no Super Delegates, since it was the Super Delegates that pushed Mondale over the top. While the money barons were determined to defeat Reagan and put America's introduction to the New World Order back on schedule, Mondale suffered the most humiliating political defeat since the Election of 1820 when James Monroe soundly "whupped" Federalist John Quincy Adams (who ran posing as a Republican). Monroe took 231 electoral votes, Adams took one. In 1984, Mondale took one State�Minnesota.

Today the Democratic race is so close that Senators Hillary Clinton [D-NY] and Barack Obama [D-IL] are hustling Super Delegates since both of them know that the nomination could be settled by delegates not picked by the voters who make up 20% of the delegate pool. In fact, one of the Super Delegates whose "vote" weighs more than yours, is a citizen of Guam who cannot vote in US elections. Antonio Charfauros, a 58-year old retired government planner is one of the 796 Super Delegates. Although he can't vote, he has the voting power of 10,000 citizens in selecting which candidate will be the Democratic nominee. Awais Khaleel (a Muslim-Indian born in Milwaukee), is vice president of the College Democrats of America, He is also a Super Delegate who is being wooed by Obama and Clinton. Khaleel told the media that "...I don't think anyone who is 23 years old expected to be in this position."

When asked about the fairness of the Super Delegates, former Clinton Administration official and Hillary Clinton staffer Harold Ickes said: "It's not like we dropped in from Mars and are going to hijack the election," adding that the Super Delegates deserve their say. Ickes, like most liberals who need a stacked deck to win, can't seem to understand that those delegates, providing they are US citizens, are legally entitled to have their say precisely as you and I do�in the voting booth, not in a caucus where their one vote negates the votes of a small town.

Obama, who narrowly leads in the regular delegate count, has contributed over $698 thousand to Super Delegates from his PAC group, Hope Fund, since 2005. HillPac�Clinton's political action committee�who has the bulk of the Super Delegates committed to her, has not had to be so generous. Thus far she's only doled out around $205 thousand to Super Delegates. But, that's a problem for Democrats to sort out. If the rank and file working class Democrats don't mind having their primary votes "overruled" by the party elites, it's their problem. But if I was one of those rank and file working class Democrats who saw my vote erased by party officials who wanted the other guy�or woman�anointed for the expected coronation in November, I think I'd be pretty ticked off.

Follow the Money

Even before a single primary vote was cast, the Election of 2008 was shaping up to be the most expensive presidential election since Richard Nixon. More money will be raised and spent this year than what was raised and spent in 2004�then the most expensive political campaign in the history of the United States. Before the traditional campaign season even began the presidential challengers had raised $582.5 million�and had spent $481.2 million. Those amounts exceeded the total fundraising and spending in each election from 1976 to 2000. In 2000, Al Gore, Jr., George W. Bush, Pat Buchanan, Ralph Nader and the lesser third party candidates raised $528.9 million and spent $343.1 million. (If they "retired" from politics after that race, the candidates got to keep whatever portion of the remaining $185.8 million was left in their treasuries.) In 2004, Bush and Sen. John Kerry [D-MA] and the combined third party candidates raised an unheard of $880.5 million, spending $717.9 million. (The retirement fund for the spoilers is increasing dramatically.) This year, the Center For Responsive Politics conservatively estimates that the candidates will have raised well over $1 billion before November 4.

The media has suggested that you can determine who the front runners are by the amount of money they have received in contributions. If all of that money came from working class Americans that might be true. However, the megamillions are not donated by Joe and Judy Workingclass, but Joe and Judy Wealthyclass who expect major quid pro quos for their bucks when the candidates who received the money get in office.

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If you could actually gauge front-runner status by the amount of money raised, then in the 4th Quarter of 2007 Dr. Ron Paul and not Sen. John McCain (or former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani whose 4th quarter, 2007 totals were so negligible they didn't even register) should have been construed to be the front-runner The only thing you can tell from the dollars raised by any candidate is that those who raise the most are beholden the most. Further, if you examine the business interests of the largest donors, you can actually chart, with a fairly good degree of accuracy, the legislative agenda of any candidate running for office. For part two click below.

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� 2008 Jon C. Ryter - All Rights Reserved

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Jon Christian Ryter is the pseudonym of a former newspaper reporter with the Parkersburg, WV Sentinel. He authored a syndicated newspaper column, Answers From The Bible, from the mid-1970s until 1985. Answers From The Bible was read weekly in many suburban markets in the United States.

Today, Jon is an advertising executive with the Washington Times. His website, has helped him establish a network of mid-to senior-level Washington insiders who now provide him with a steady stream of material for use both in his books and in the investigative reports that are found on his website.

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Nations are lost through apathy. The United States is no different than any other nation from the dusty, unread and long forgotten pages of history that were undermined and destroyed from within by greedy politicians who sold their souls for money and power.