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By Jon Christian Ryter

September 5, 2007

The prospect of the Republican Party taking back the US Senate in 2008 isn't looking very well. With three announced GOP retirements, four GOP Senators with PR problems with the voters, and three GOP Senators in races that are already too close to call, the Democrats could end up with a virtually veto-proof Senate for two years (when you count the cross-over votes from liberal Republicans) that will allow them to legislate at will. Give them a Democratic White House and the American people will be waste deep in political fertilizer.

Taxes will rise. Welfare will expand to its pre-1994 levels. The discretionary income of the American wage-earner will shrink to an all-time low. And, with the new "mandate" to govern, the nightmares of the Carter years will revisit Washington, DC. But, we will all be healthier for the experience. President Al Gore, Jr. will ban the internal combustion engine and those of us not driving electric cars will be peddling bicycles to work each day.

There are 21 Republican Senators up for reelection in 2008�and only 12 Democrats. Ten of the Democrats have safe seats. Here are the races. The % by their name is the percent of the vote they received during the Election of 2002. (The purple numbers indicate those percentages are in jeopardy in 2008.


WAYNE ALLARD, (Retiring) CO. 51%
N. COLEMAN, (Too close) M.N. 50%
LARRY CRAIG, (Resignedl) ID. 65%
PETE DOMENICI, (In trouble) N.M. 65%
L. GRAHAM, (In trouble) S.C. 55%
CHUCK HAGEL, (Retiring) NE. 83%
M. McCONNELL, (In trouble) KY. 64%
TED STEVENS, (Scandal) AK. 79%
JOHN SUNUNU, (close) N.H. 51%
JOHN WARNER, (Retired) VA. 100%


TIM JOHNSON, (Too close) S.D. 50%
M. LANDRIIEU, (Too close) LA, 52%

If all those�on both sides of the aisle�whose seats are in question lose in 2008, the Democrats will have a net gain of eight Senate seats. At the moment there are 49 Republicans, 49 Democrats and 2 Independents (who vote with the Democrats). Add eight more Democrats to the post-election mix and we have a 111th Senate that could have 57 Democrats, 41 Republicans and 2 Independents. Add the GOP social-liberals in the voting mix, and the Democrats will have a 67-33 vote edge on issues like S.1639�something that only 22% of the American people favor�the immigration reform bill, or some form of amnesty for illegals, or the subtle erasing of our Northern and Southern borders to create a defacto North American Union.

Votes of that genre will likely pass with "yeas" from the following institutionalized GOP politicians: Susan Collins [ME-2008], Pete Domenici [NM-2008], Lindsay Graham [SC-2008], Chuck Hagel [NE-2008] (who also opposes the war in Iraq), Richard Lugar [IN-2012], John McCain [AZ-2010], Mel Martinez [FL-2010], Mitch McConnell [KY-2008], Olympia Snowe [ME-[2012], Arlen Specter [PA-2010], George Voinovich [OH-2010], and Orrin Hatch [UT-2012] who generally vote the GOP mantra on most conservative issues. Far too many Congressmen and Senators quickly forget that they were elected by their constituents to vote for the issues those who cast their votes for them favor and, conversely, to vote against those issues the majority of the voters in their State or Congressional District oppose. (If you didn't guess, the four digit number after each name is the year they come up for re-election.)

Probably no contemporary politician understood the principle of voting your constituents wishes better than former Congressman, Senator and Vice President Al Gore, Jr. The ecoalarmist veep, who was raised in a left-of-center home and who was privately a far left-of-center liberal, successfully held both his Congressional and Senatorial seats because he voted the mindset of Tennessee on every bill. When he became vice president Gore saw his constituency change from those who cast the votes to those with the power to buy them.

Conservative senators like Domenici, Graham, McConnell and Hatch generally cast yea votes on pro-life issues, gun rights, and traditional marriage. Larry Craig [R-ID], who just resigned his US Senate seat climbed into bed with globalists on the immigration issue. They voted to end cloture and to push S.1639 to a final vote (knowing Bush's amnesty bill would easily pass the Senate even though the American people opposed it because the barons of business and banking and the transnational industrialists need it). Also voting for cloture on S.1639 were Graham, Hagel, John Kyl [AZ-2012], Lugar, Martinez, Specter and John Warner (who also announced his retirement).

Because the Republican leadership joined the Bush-43 White House in 2006 to push an unpopular amnesty bill through Congress that was opposed by 78% of the American people, many Christian conservatives and almost all of the patriot right boycotted the 2006 mid-term election to send Congress a message�and to teach the GOP a lesson for ignoring their constituency even though almost all of the casualties of that protest were Congressmen and Senators like George Allen [VA], Lincoln Chafee [RI], Mike DeWine [OH], Bill Frist [TN] (who retired rather than run the voter gauntlet for carrying the water for Bush), Rick Santorum [PA], and Jim Talent [MO], as well as Congressmen Melissa Hart [PA], J.D. Hayworth [AZ], Jim Leach [IN], Jim Ryan [KS], and Curt Weldon [PA] among others who actually worked for their constituents. But because many of those constituents failed to vote, they lost their jobs�and their "constituents" lost their representation in Congress.

While Democrats recognize that their Congressmen and Senators are flawed humans like themselves, and most of them will only vote the constituent's political positions 55% to 65% of the time, Republicans�particularly Christian Patriot constituents�expect those they elect to have the perfection of Jesus Christ in order to qualify for their vote. The far right usually hinges their vote on one or more personal pet issues rather than a plurality of conservative issues where the voter anticipates the Congressman or Senator will vote his way most, but not all, of the time. In the GOP world, if the Congressman or Senator votes against any of the voter's pet issues�even if he votes for 99% of the issues most important to the conservative world�that voter will not pull the lever or punch the card for him next time around. Conservatives are the most suicidal voters in the world. That's why the communists are winning the world. They understand that politics is about compromise. Christian conservatives, for some reason, fail to get the message. They believe God will condemn them if they vote for anyone who would not qualify as one of His apostles.

Sen. Chuck Hagel, who is reportedly contemplating an offer to become the running mate for New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg's independent 2008 presidential bid, knows he's in trouble with the traditionally conservative Nebraska voters for backing Bush's amnesty bill and opposing the war in Iraq. Hagel's 83% of the vote, while suggesting he will have a comfortable win if he seeks reelection, is not a sure thing since he had only token opposition in 2002.

His opponent in that race was an unemployed construction worker, Charlie Matulka who took 13% of the vote and challenged the election result. Matulka claimed Hagel won only because he was the CEO of a voting machine company before running for the Senate in 1996. (Hagel's company, American Information Systems [AIS] was merged with another company and renamed Electronic Systems & Software [ES&S]. It is now one of the largest voting machine companies in the country. The merger took place after Hagel resigned in 1996 to run against Gov. Ben Nelson for the Senate seat vacated by retiring James Exxon. Hagel received stock in ES&S for his shares of AIS.) Matulka argued his exit polls showed him winning. Matulka needed to face the simple reality that he was an unqualified, unemployed construction worker who was completely out of his element running for the US Senate. And, 83% of the voters apparently knew it.

Hagel's problems with the electorate has Medal of Honor winner and former Nebraska Senator Bob Kerrey bracing at the bit to return to Capitol Hill. If Hagel steps down, Kerrey is expected to immediately become the front-runner for the job. In a toss-up purple State like Nebraska, if Kerrey runs, he wins. Hagel's seat becomes blue. And, while Kerrey is a moderate who occasionally leans to the right, he is one more Democratic caucus vote that will be controlled and manipulated by the far left that now has a stranglehold on both Houses of Congress.

If Idaho Gov. Butch Otter has been successfully pitched by the Republican Senatorial Campaign Committee, he will appoint his lieutenant governor, James E. Risch to fill the remaining 16 months of Larry Craig's senatorial term. Risch's opponent for a full 6-year term in November, 2008 will be Larry LaRocco (who would have been the Democrat running against Craig.) Risch drummed LaRocco in the last gubernatorial election, 60% to 40%. In a Risch-LaRocco Senate race, Craig's seat remains in the GOP column.


John Warner's seat is complicated by the rapidly changing demographics of Northern Virginia that is pulling its new residents from the District of Columbia and liberal eastern Maryland. What used to be a conservative stronghold is now a liberal bastion which is, increasingly, controlling the politics of Virginia. Sen. Chuck Schumer, the head of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee is feverishly working to convince former Virginia governor Mark Warner (no relation) to run for John Warner's seat. Most GOP pundits believe if Mark Warner throws his hat in the ring, he will be the odds-on favorite against either former Gov. Jim Gilmore (who just folded up his presidential pup tent) or former Sen. George Allen who lost his seat in 2006 to James Webb. While Gilmore will throw his hat in the ring, it is uncertain what Allen will do. Seven-term Congressman Tom Davis III will enter the race. The question is, is the field getting too crowded for former California Congressman B-1 Bob Dornan�who lives in Virginia�and who has been waiting for John Warner to step down, in order to throw his hat in the ring? Mark Warner aides admit that their boss is torn between running for the Senate or holding out for a plum cabinet post or Vice President in the next administration since he is convinced the next president will be Democrat.

First term Norm Coleman [R-MN] is in the crosshairs of simply because he's in a purple State that leans blue�and he won in 2002 with a photo finish 50.1%. Races just don't get any closer than that�unless a court picks the winner. Coleman is a supporter of the war in Iraq. A few good headlines in October, 2008 and he wins. A few bad ones and he loses. The Minneapolis Star-Tribune is an antiwar newspaper. Do the math.

Colorado, like most of the traditionally conservative Red western States, has been trending Democratic over the last five elections, with liberal Easterners painting the skies of the western states purple. Sen. Wayne Allard, who ran for the Senate on a two-term pledge, is keeping his word and stepping down. Allard's seat is in jeopardy. Colorado�the home of popular conservative Congressman Tom Tancredo�skipped purple and went straight to blue. Colorado is one of the western States that was smorgasborded by's motor-voter assault in 2004. Based on the media reports in 2006, I think there are more student drivers�and pets�registered to vote in Colorado per capita than any other State in the Union. Only the illegal alien registered voters�and, of course, the deceased Americans who all vote Democrat�exceed the voter travesty done to the electoral process in America by deeming as "registered to vote" anyone who is issued a driver's license.

The only safe seats for those GOP Senators forced to run in 2008 are Thad Cochran [MS], Susan Collins [ME] (even though she supports Iraq), Michael Enzi [WY], Pat Roberts [KS] and Jeff Sessions [AL]. The others are virtual toss-ups. One GOP pundit remarked "...[a]bout the only safe Republican seats in '08 [will be] the ones that aren't on the ballot. I don't see even the rosiest scenario where we don't end up losing more seats."

The only thing that can change that doomsday scenario for the GOP is President George W. Bush and the Republican leadership. The GOP has to rediscover its root�and divorce the money barons who want to make the United States a "colony" of Europe's one-world government. Bush and the Republicans have to aggressively enforce all immigration laws, seal our borders, repudiate NAFTA and slap a massive tariff on every piece of goods made outside of the United States. And, we need to hold the officers and corporate board members physically responsible for the hiring of illegal aliens�and jail them. "I didn't know what my field managers were doing," can't justify a "Get Out Of Jail Free" card any longer. It's been against the law since 1986. And, since 1986, its been costing thousands of American families their share of the American dream. It's time that those who paid politicians legal bribes to change the laws�or not enforce them�are made to pay a full measure for their misdeeds.

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Between now and the Election of 2008 we have to figure out how to fix these problems because we can't afford to boycott elections to teach Republican politicians a lesson. When we do, "woe to the people"� America loses. Hillary Clinton and George Soros win.

� 2007 Jon C. Ryter - All Rights Reserved

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Jon Christian Ryter is the pseudonym of a former newspaper reporter with the Parkersburg, WV Sentinel. He authored a syndicated newspaper column, Answers From The Bible, from the mid-1970s until 1985. Answers From The Bible was read weekly in many suburban markets in the United States.

Today, Jon is an advertising executive with the Washington Times. His website, has helped him establish a network of mid-to senior-level Washington insiders who now provide him with a steady stream of material for use both in his books and in the investigative reports that are found on his website.

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Between now and the Election of 2008 we have to figure out how to fix these problems because we can't afford to boycott elections to teach Republican politicians a lesson. When we do, "woe to the people"� America loses. Hillary Clinton and George Soros win.