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By Jon Christian Ryter

August 9, 2006

As the globalists busied themselves solidifying the final phase of their plan to create world government in 1999, the World Bank and UN-Habitat were already putting the final touches on a global network of International Development Partnerships [IDA] with world urban centers that would allow the UN to avoid the hazardous treaty-making process by bypassing those who constitutionally negotiate and sign treaties by going directly to the cities�the US Senate.

The UN has implemented an international urban inclusion strategy designed to reduce poverty and promote inclusiveness in urban environments by promoting "equality equity." Part of what the UN calls the Campaign on Good Governance is the Inclusive Cities Initiative [ICI]. The ICI is designed to empower all members of society to participate in the social, economic and political opportunities in the world's urban centers through a strategic global affirmative action program with special emphasis on the issue of gender equality to employ individuals from groups that have been historically underutilized.

Fueling this agenda is the UN World Urban Forum that has been examining every facet of rapid urbanization and its impact on the community since 1999. The forum includes several international NGOs, academics, federal, state and local governments, urban professionals and community-based organizations. The Forum is an non-legislative organization that strives to solve the urban problems of the world through diversity initiatives that are designed to pull minority members of society into the mainstream. Sixty-eight American cities in 28 States are participating in building inclusive communities under the UN ICI. While the program is being touted by the liberal media as a tool to fight inner city intolerance and racism by building ethnic harmony in a country that is fast becoming a culturally-diverse nation, it is in fact an international affirmative action program designed to reshape the character of the urban working class haves-and-have nots and prepare the world for the rapidly expanding world economy�and the world government that is scheduled to follow by the end of this decade.

Cities in the United States began signing on to UNESCO's Rights of the City diversity initiative in 1999 to promote "job fairness" as the Clinton Administration attempted to cope with the rapidly escalating number of Hispanic illegals in the United States�as well as a dramatic influx of Asians from mainland China, Taiwan, Korea, the Philippines and the underbelly of Asia from Indonesia. "Job fairness" was promoted by America's largest corporations (those transferring factories to the third world) in order, they claim, to strengthen the capacity of cities to solve the problems associated with diversity: poverty, homelessness and what the utopians view as the rapidly increasing income disparity between the middle class and those struggling with below poverty income levels. The program was also designed to help integrate management-level aliens into the American environment�and to accustom America's workers to foreign bosses.

The first UNESCO conference on urban nation building�the Inclusive Cities Initiative�took place in Barcelona, Spain in September, 2005. In June of this year, participating ICI cities attended the third World Urban Forum in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. (It was in Vancouver where the UN's Habitat I platform on Sustainable Development was hammered out in 1976.) Within a month of the World Urban Forum, 68 participating American cities that had not previously done so, began to launch their own ICI programs. Tied into this agenda is the blending of several utopian protocols such as the normalizing of same sex marriages, the phasing-out of abortion in the industrialized nations (as abortion is increased in the third world); and mainstreaming the rapidly growing Hispanic and Asian illegal alien populations into the work force not only of the United States but the other industrialized nations who, like America, are suffering from population depletion due to legalized abortion. [See DVD: Liberty or Sustainable Development]

The cities participating in the UNESCO inclusive initiative are consummating Clinton era political correctness�the formal marriage of Sodom and Gomorrah (political correctness and the social church). The inclusive initiative push comes at a time when hundreds of cities across the country are cracking down on illegal aliens and several states are attempting to amend their constitutions to ban same sex marriage.

Billboards�as you enter Hamilton, Ohio�remind employers of a 1986 federal law that criminalized the practice of hiring illegals. The signs read: "Hire an illegal, break the law." States are enacting laws that will obligate municipalities to arrest illegal aliens as the Bush White House ordered the Dept. of Homeland Security to initiate plans to hold and deport all non-Hispanic illegals that are caught by federal law enforcement agencies. Local law enforcement officials in Washington, DC, and the Virginia and Maryland jurisdictions bordering the District who belong to the National League of Cities and are part of the ICI have indicated they have no plans to change the way they handle illegal aliens. Local police in the DC metroplex do not ask the immigration status of obviously foreign-born drivers pulled over in routine traffic stops. Federal immigration authorities, who are now under orders to detain and deport, need the cooperation of local authorities. Police in the suburban DC area admit they don't cooperate with federal authorities to deport illegal aliens since the communities have no written policies mandating that action. Most of them do, however, work with federal authorities to arrest and deport gang members who are in the United States illegally.

While most of the diversity initiative cities are just now stepping into the batter's box, several American cities have been actively engaged since 1999. Many of the cities were prodded by the transnational industries who are bringing foreign managers to the United States for training before assuming managerial roles in those companies in their native lands. And many of them are those who want to capitalize on the non-union foreign labor that is increasingly available in this country. The joint diversity initiative program implemented in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 2003 was fashioned by the Milwaukee Chamber of Commerce with the help of Miller Brewing Company and the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Diversity issues in Wisconsin, according to Danae Davis who is now the Executive Director of Pearls for Teen Girls. At the time, Davis was Director of Diversity Affairs for Miller Brewing. An integral part of the Milwaukee experiment, Davis formerly served as Diversity Manager for Kraft Foods.

When Valerie Patton was hired as Director of Diversity Initiative for the city of St. Louis in 2000 the ICI was still on the UN drawing board and the St. Louis diversity program�Civic Progress�was funded by 30 of the largest local corporations who focused their advocacy on diversity in the workplace with special emphasis on diversity in management. Michelle Horton, Manager of Inclusion at Edward Jones in St. Louis admitted that St. Louis still has a big job ahead of it. "Being in the Mideast," she said, "its a little tougher. You're defined by your personal sphere of influence. If you grandparents thought a certain way, they passed that on to their children and they passed it on to you. There's a great parochial perspective in St. Louis. We've had change agents who worked here for some time, and they got frustrated. You hope there will be a new cadre of people who will come to help continue it." Horton noted that the biggest task facing St. Louis is in attracting management people "of color."

George Galster, Professor of Urban Affairs at Wayne University in Detroit said Detroit council members will have to define what the city means by "inclusive." Galster noted that the city council will have to confront issues other than the traditional "black and white" ones that have traditionally colored the diversity debate for decades. Now the diversity issues will deal with immigration�both legal and illegal�with homosexual and lesbian issues, particularly same sex marriage, since the diversity umbrella if inclusiveness covers every unpopular societal issue. Under the mantra of inclusiveness, the UN hopes to solve the "urban dilemma" by blending every tolerance issue into a new politically correct word: inclusiveness.

During the Clinton era, the UN initiated a protocol of bypassing the treaty-making prerogatives of the federal government and unconstitutionally began signing accords (treaties under another name) with individual States (most notably the WHO-Maryland Accord in which the World Health Organization gained access to the health records of all Maryland residents). As Habitat II convened in Istanbul in June, 1996, Wally N'Dow, Secretary General of the UN Center for Human Settlement in a press conference declared: "What we are doing here is building the global brain." An explanation of the "global brain" was not offered in the press conference. It was found on page 6 of Habitat II Discussion Document #23. "The UN must help governments at all levels forge and nurture new and renewed intersectoral alliances of public, private, non-governmental and community-based organizations to make a positive difference in the quality of life in human settlements...The need to build alliances with local authorities and NGOs and to draw upon and empower the mobilization capacity of community-based organizations and neighborhood groups in order to address these problems in a holistic way is now increasingly recognized."

Habitat I witnessed the beginning of a cautious weaving of global partnerships between transnational corporations, NGOs (funded by those transnational corporations), the UN and either State or municipal governments. It must be noted that while these "working arrangements" between the UN and State, county or local governments are referred to as"partnerships" or "accords" in which only ideas are exchanged, any agreement between an international body such as the UN and any state, county or city within the United States other than the President and/or the US Senate in which UN programs are being implemented in the United States are treaties. As such, these "understandings" are unconstitutional�and illegal. These programs exist because if the US Senate and/or the White House attempted to negotiate a treaty with the UN to implement them, the din from the public outcry would not subside until the President or Senate leaders who championed the treaty were voted out of office.

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The UN urban inclusion strategy has a dual purpose. First, and most important, its an agenda promulgated by the transnational industrialists who want to move people from the overpopulated, underprivileged third world to the underpopulated, overserved industrialized nations to drive down the price of labor. And second, its an affirmative action program designed to reduce poverty and promote inclusiveness regardless of economic means, gender equality, race, ethnicity, or sexual orientation.

� 2006 Jon C. Ryter - All Rights Reserved

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Jon Christian Ryter is the pseudonym of a former newspaper reporter with the Parkersburg, WV Sentinel. He authored a syndicated newspaper column, Answers From The Bible, from the mid-1970s until 1985. Answers From The Bible was read weekly in many suburban markets in the United States.

Today, Jon is an advertising executive with the Washington Times. His website, has helped him establish a network of mid-to senior-level Washington insiders who now provide him with a steady stream of material for use both in his books and in the investigative reports that are found on his website.

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The cities participating in the UNESCO inclusive initiative are consummating Clinton era political correctness�the formal marriage of Sodom and Gomorrah...