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Marc H. Rudov
May 6, 2008

The Unfairer Sex

Hillary Clinton isn’t qualified to become our next president. Why? Because she exclusively represents a gender that doesn’t want or believe in equality. She promotes herself as a champion for women, and, therefore, doesn’t represent men. This biased leader of the “unfairer” sex — a gender always in search of special rights and privileges — doesn’t have what it takes to lead our nation.

Governor of New Mexico, Bill Richardson, also can’t be president. He launched his Women for Richardson effort with pledges to support pay equity, provide limited Social Security credit for family leave, and appoint judges who would uphold abortion rights. Said Richardson: “This is not a constituency issue. This is not an issue of women being a special interest. Women are the majority in this country. What I’m doing here is addressing the interests of the majority.”

Mature, emancipated, fair-minded adults take umbrage at condescension and handouts. But, women are not taking umbrage. Why not? They don’t really want equality. Women don’t grasp that they diminish themselves by seeking and accepting special treatment, from politicians or employers or boyfriends or husbands. It suits women to feign weakness and fragility — because wimpy men fall for it. Alas, a woman who plays the victim card will indeed experience the occasional victory, but it will be Phyrric: she will lose the respect of others and of herself.

Women enjoy double standards and aren’t satisfied having the upper hand in the laws governing reproduction, safe haven, abortion, maternity fraud, paternity fraud, divorce, custody, alimony, child support, assault, battery, restraining orders, domestic violence, rape, and presumption of innocence. They want more, and they get more. Gains in rights for women mean losses in rights for men. It’s a zero-sum game. Equality be damned. The Constitution be damned.

Name one presidential candidate who’s promised to prosecute the next woman who falsely accuses a man of rape. You can’t. Remember Crystal Gail Mangum, who feloniously accused three Duke University lacrosse athletes of rape? They were totally innocent, and yet she’s a free woman. Outrageous. Which presidential candidate promised to prosecute women like Kim Basinger who alienate children from their fathers? None. Which candidate promised to prosecute Katie Couric for slapping a male subordinate in the workplace? None. Not one presidential candidate gives a damn about or represents men. America is a gynocracy.

Princess Academy

What is the genesis of our gynocracy? Women aren’t born believing they’re entitled; they learn entitlement at Princess Academy, through a lifetime of courses. These courses are available within and without the family — in school, on TV, on the radio, in the movies, in singles bars, in magazines, and in “female-ly” courts. They are offered to grown women, as part of continuing education, and to little girls, as the introduction to vaginal manipulation.

In July 2007, NBC teamed up with Money magazine to teach women how to land billionaires. And, within the past week or so, MSN Money offered a female-taught tutorial to men on how to get a second date by paying for the first one. Are men stupid enough to justify and validate these courses? You bet. Otherwise, the “madrasahs of misandry” wouldn’t exist. And, they will pay handsomely for their stupidity. After all, it’s no coincidence that “court” is at the root of courting and courtesan.

Despite graduating college at a 33% higher rate than men; despite earning more money than men in New York City, Chicago, and Dallas; despite owning the preponderance of rights and privileges in all of America; women perceive themselves as the downtrodden. This is a vestigial emotion from the days when daddy never said no.

Women protested when ladies’ nights were outlawed in California, Hawaii, Iowa, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania, and are outraged that the same fate might befall New York. Princess Academy graduates like Maureen Dowd — who penned Are Men Necessary? — reject equality, proving that feminism is a hypocritical joke.

Princess Academy has a panoply of courses for little girls, too. SalesGenie, an online purveyor of sales leads, is the latest advertiser to teach that fathers (men) have all the financial responsibility. In a new TV commercial that CBS showed frequently this past weekend during the 89th PGA Championship in Tulsa, Oklahoma, a little girl laments that her father, a salesman, didn’t make very much money last year. But, mommy saved him by buying a subscription to SalesGenie. Now, the little girl tells us, her daddy can get more sales leads, close more business — and make more money.

Is it inappropriate for a little girl to be involved in her father’s finances? Yes. Is it perverse to use a little girl to manipulate men into buying a financial product? Yes. Is it strange that women, who also are sales executives, aren’t targeted customers in this SalesGenie spot? Yes. What do children think when they watch this sexist SalesGenie commerical? That men have one purpose in life: being the default providers for women.

Damsel in Distress

If women are fragile, dainty, delicate, entitled princesses, they’re unfit to be president. If women need special rights and privileges, they’re inferior and unfit to be president. If they don’t mind watching their sons, fathers, brothers, husbands, boyfriends, cousins, uncles, and friends lose civil rights, they’re unfit to be president. Alas, many men, in the name of political correctness and notwithstanding the above, will vote for Hillary, and they should be ashamed of themselves.

Until women act equal, they aren’t equal, and we cannot elect them to the top job of our country. How will we know when women are equal? When ladies’ night is outlawed in every state and no woman complains. When women stop demanding and expecting to be wined & dined on dates. When articles about how to marry billionaires cease to exist. When alimony is abolished. When mothers stop getting automatic child custody. When unwed mothers are no longer entitled to child support. When women who falsely accuse men of rape are imprisoned for 25 years. When politicians no longer have special campaign platforms and promises for women.

Newsflash: Hell will freeze over before women act like equals. Why? Because the typical woman is insecure and, regardless of her education or occupation or age or wealth, likes to be a damsel in distress; the typical man is insecure and, regardless of his education or occupation or age or wealth, feels compelled to rescue her. Ultimately, however, he will pay a huge price for his insecurity: loss of cash, kids, house, and civil rights.

The NoNonsense Bottom Line

It’s shameful enough that male candidates are pandering and condescending to women, totally ignoring men in the process. But, Hillary’s candidacy is doubly bad because she’s a woman running as the “champion for women.” Adult women in a gynocracy don’t need a champion. A genuine, fair, balanced president must be the champion for all citizens. Hillary cannot offer this, and Hillary cannot be our president.

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When women demonstrate that they are fully equal to men — take the same lumps, pay the same prices, and suffer the same consequences in life as men — then they will be qualified to occupy the Oval Office. Until then, they can keep seeking special treatment and keep getting disrespect.

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Mature, emancipated, fair-minded adults take umbrage at condescension and handouts. But, women are not taking umbrage. Why not? They don’t really want equality. Women don’t grasp that they diminish themselves by seeking and accepting special treatment, from politicians or employers or boyfriends or husbands.