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Marc H. Rudov
September 29, 2010

Getting Pumped Up

Remember when getting “pumped up” was the result of lifting weights? Now, it has a new, pernicious connotation, thanks to radical feminists and wimpy males.

Perhaps you noticed recently in your hometown the pathetic sight of men and boys — perhaps your sons, husbands, boyfriends, brothers, or friends — walking about in women’s pumps. Yes, women’s pumps. It’s true.

These blokes aren’t transvestites. No, they’re gullible participants in a worldwide ruse called Walk a Mile in Her Shoes®, brainwashed into believing that men unilaterally cause domestic violence and are, therefore, solely responsible for ending it.

If you haven’t yet witnessed this emasculating sight and wish to view the Sissy Schedule, click on the high-heeled boy, modeling for Heartly House of Frederick, MD. Sue Hecht is, currently, a state legislator and CEO of this place, duplicitously funneling state and federal tax dollars into its coffers. Example: all marriage licenses in Frederick fund Heartly House, to the tune of $100K annually.

Eunuch Cycle: Today’s Wimpy Boy, Tomorrow’s Wimpy Father

The Feminist Credo

A ruse? Yes, women, increasingly, are more violent than men — a fact rarely reported in the liberal media. Moreover, mothers cause more child abuse than fathers. Bet you didn’t know that, either. So, why aren’t women marching around in men’s shoes? That would destroy the feminists’ business model of easily collecting government funds, no questions asked.

Radical feminism succeeds at the expense and hands of wimpy males, and I can think of no better way to memorialize the feminist credo — Thank Heaven for Wimpy Boys — than to put it to music. Sing it for yourself.

The Feminist Credo: Thank Heaven for Wimpy Boys

by Marc H. Rudov
© September 2010

Sung to the tune of Thank Heaven for Little Girls
performed by Maurice Chevalier in Gigi)

Thank heaven for wimpy boys,
For wimpy boys get weaker every day!

Thank heaven for wimpy boys;
They grow up in the most pathetic way!

Those brittle spines so helpless and revealing
One day will snap and oh the funds we will be stealing.

Thank heaven for wimpy boys;
Thank heaven for them all.
No matter where, no matter who,
Without them what would feminists do?

Thank heaven. Thank heaven.
Thank heaven for w-i-m-p-y boys!

The NoNonsense Bottom Line

Our gynocracy is perpetuating the eunuch cycle. Your wimpy son is a pawn for the feminists, reinforcing a lie about domestic violence. In a generation, your wimpy grandson will be a pawn for the feminists, reinforcing a bigger, better-funded lie about domestic violence — begetting higher taxes and fewer rights for all men.

Self-loathing is a debilitating disease, passed from one generation to the next. It motivates males to believe willingly that they’re rotten to the core, the culprits of all problems female, sycophants for all feminist causes.

Unless you dismantle the gynocracy, by refusing to elect gynocrats — politicians with female-centric agendas — you’re part of the problem and likely to walk a mile, even a lifetime, in her ruse. How pumped up are you now?

2010 - Marc H. Rudov - All Rights Reserved

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Remember when getting “pumped up” was the result of lifting weights? Now, it has a new, pernicious connotation, thanks to radical feminists and wimpy males.