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Marc H. Rudov
March 9, 2010

Unhealthy Power

It’s hard to fathom, but some lost souls still truly believe that ObamaCare, the umbrella term for Barack Obama’s unpopular, un-American healthcare reform, is about “care.” Let’s get real: ObamaCare is about control and power.

There are two kinds of power in this world: healthy and unhealthy. Healthy power is the desire and ability to control one’s own destiny. Unhealthy power is the desire and ability to control others’ destinies. A czar has both kinds of power, and that is un-American.

I cringe every time Mr. Obama utters disingenuous concern for 30 million people (including illegal aliens) lacking healthcare insurance. Do you doubt, given his self-admitted socialistic roots, that his real agenda is Big Government subjugation of Americans? Why else does he keep pushing a plan we reject?

“One of the traditional methods of imposing statism or socialism on a people has been by way of medicine. It’s very easy to disguise a medical program as a humanitarian project. Most people are a little reluctant to oppose anything that suggests medical care for people who possibly can’t afford it.

Now, the American people, if you put it to them about socialized medicine and gave them a chance to choose, would unhesitatingly vote against it.” -Ronald Reagan, Private Citizen, 1961

Unabashedly Ambitious Bureaucrats

People who know history (especially American history), economics, business, human behavior, and world politics eschew ObamaCare — they see through its onerous foundation of blatant wealth redistribution.

Who, then, supports it? The lazy, the entitled, the naive, the uneducated, the foolish, and the great unwashed. Add to this list fake capitalists, charlatans, special-interest groups, globalists, and unabashedly ambitious bureaucrats.

If Barack Obama honestly cares about improving the lives of Americans, he would dedicate himself to shrinking Big Government — with massive cuts in spending and taxes. Reforming healthcare would be simple and cheap: Obama can lead the bandwagon for tort reform and interstate competition between insurance companies. He’s neither proposing nor doing it.

A citizen-centric country will outproduce a government-centric country any day of the week. In its heyday, America was the shining example of this maxim. A low-cost, thriving economy always puts money in people’s pockets, to do with whatever they want — including purchasing health insurance. This is not rocket science, and it is no secret.

Ah, now we have stumbled upon Obama’s hangup: independent, self-reliant people don’t need or want Big Government. But, the goal of Big Government is to make, and keep, its citizens as dependent as possible. That’s why Obama keeps selling ObamaCare while 10% unemployment persists. If unemployment drops to 5%, Big Government will lose power and relevance — great for America, bad for Obama’s agenda.

Teen Rebellion

As any parent can painfully remember, teenagers engage in nonstop rebellion. It’s exhausting. Why do kids rebel? They are expressing the most basic of all human desires: independence. A child who doesn’t rebel, in some way, is odd and headed for failure. Effective parents manage teen rebellion — in fact, encourage it.


As Stephen Covey wrote in The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, we must evolve through three successive stages in life: dependence, independence, and interdependence. The parent who spoils his child, giving him total latitude to do, think, say, and have whatever he wants, is violating this rule and will end up with an irresponsible narcissist.

Conversely, exerting maximum control to quash all rebellion will break the child’s spirit and creativity, and breed lifelong dependence. A wise, patient parent, though, will channel and reward his teen’s quest for independence, bit by bit, until the child is fully equipped to think, feel, and fend for himself in the world.

Typically, parents who oppressively control their children will continue to do so into their adult lives, dictating where they should live, how they should live, and with whom they should live. Amazingly, dependent children, even as adults, won’t resist their parents’ subjugation. The bully is as pathetic as the bullied.

It Takes a Czar

In essence, Big Government is no different from the eternally controlling parent, and equally deleterious: it insecurely treats its citizens like children, while those citizens insecurely obey like children. Yes, the need to control others, and the need to be controlled by others, derives from deep insecurity.

Big Government — socialism, communism, Marxism, Nazism, progressivism, and fascism — is unnatural and must be forced on citizens. Unnatural? Yes, unnatural. As mentioned above, teenagers prove that people naturally want to be independent. It takes a controlling czar to force a government and government programs on people — and a subjugated people to accept them.

That’s why it’s sad and frightening to hear citizens expressing support for ObamaCare. At this moment, 10% of Americans pay 70% of all income tax, and 50% of Americans pay zero income tax. How did this happen? It’s simple. Pathetically, we have become a nation of dependent, entitled children attracted to Big Government.

What would the Founding Fathers think? They’d be disgusted, for sure. They didn’t risk their lives so that America, one day, would become a tyranny like the England of 1776. That’s why they signed the Declaration of Independence — to proclaim freedom from the shackles of Big Government.

The NoNonsense Bottom Line

Americans must decide whether they’re independent, freedom-loving adults or dependent children of Big Government.

If Obama, Pelosi, and Reid “succeed” in forcing ObamaCare down the throats of the American people, America, as we once knew it, will cease to exist — and the Founding Fathers will have fought in vain.

2010 - Marc H. Rudov - All Rights Reserved

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Typically, parents who oppressively control their children will continue to do so into their adult lives, dictating where they should live, how they should live, and with whom they should live. Amazingly, dependent children, even as adults, won’t resist their parents’ subjugation. The bully is as pathetic as the bullied.