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Marc H. Rudov
September 9, 2009

Is Your Son Safe at College?

He got me drunk. How many times have you heard this laughable nonsense from childish women?

Cops and judges hear it all the time but, to avoid being labeled misogynists, quickly punish the “guilty” men. The definition of female adult — one responsible for her own behavior, including alcoholic consumption — somehow doesn’t apply in matters of sex and romance with men.

Let’s get real: a man cannot get a woman drunk! That’s her deal — achieved by opening her mouth, repeatedly filling it with booze, and eventually passing out. Intoxication is a choice.

Unfortunately, a girl blaming a guy for her choice to have sex while self-impaired is an all-too-common and acceptable practice, especially on the college campus. At Duke University, home of the infamous Lacrosse Player Rape Scandal, a girl can file a sexual-misconduct complaint up to two years after any “incident.”

So, if your son is beginning or continuing his tenure at a university this Labor Day week, the likelihood he’ll be falsely accused of rape is greater than when I wrote “Is Your Son Safe at College?” in 2007. You must be aware and make him aware.

Inebriated Girls in Action

The men-are-bad climate in our country, which unconstitutionally presumes females innocent and males guilty in rape matters, has reached a dangerous peak: girls are drinking more than ever.

Here’s the cycle: Girls consume ever-greater quantities of alcohol, behave increasingly irresponsibly, and then shirk accountability for their drunken sex — with impunity — by blaming men.

Let’s watch inebriated girls in action. Because binge drinking has become such a serious problem, followed freshman femmes to observe their partying habits. CLICK on Jacqueline below. Where are the men “getting” these girls drunk?

Video: Girls Getting Themselves Drunk

Pretty shocking, huh? Get over it. It’s universal. The girls of encourage their sisters around the nation to binge, pee, binge some more, and brag about it. By the way, the same insanity is occurring in the UK.

Not to worry. If our plastered princess should find herself coitally engaged with a man, it’s not her fault — it’s his. He is responsible for her sexual decisions, behavior, and safety. She’s a child, after all, and that’s why it’s unlawful for a man to bed a woman who’s drunk and too impaired to give consent — even if she initiates the sex. Don’t you love feminism!

Peterina Pans

Our society refuses to treat women as adults. We coddle them and don’t want them to grow up. But, the feeling is mutual: these “Peterina Pans” enjoy being little girls — otherwise, they’d protest the coddling, wouldn’t they?

Every man is at a precarious disadvantage. Who is the arbiter of a woman’s sobriety? Must he carry a pocket breathalyzer? Does she have a red LED implanted in her forehead to indicate intoxication? If she is too drunk to know she’s drunk, how can she be a credible witness after accusing him of rape?

Women have complete latitude to decide — before, during, and after alcoholic sex — a man’s innocence or guilt. It all depends on how she “feels” about the incident, and about him. Her “interpretation” of events is key. In fact, she can claim intoxication with an alcohol level of zero. Who can dispute her? Her word is gospel — and that’s the way the male legislators who wrote these misandrist laws want it.

The NoNonsense Bottom Line

If a woman is responsible for her alcoholic consumption when she climbs behind the wheel of a car, why is she not equally responsible for her alcoholic consumption when she climbs atop a man? Seems logical, right? Well, name one politician, judge, chief of police, or woman who agrees.

As long as America tolerates Peterina Pan Syndrome, and I believe it always will, men will be responsible for the sexual decisions, behaviors, and safety of drunk women. If men don’t want it this way, they’ll lobby to change it. If women don’t want it this way, they’ll lobby to change it — and stop saying, He got me drunk.

The misandrist laws will change when Hell freezes over, so, in the interim, operate with street-smarts: If you don’t trust her sober, don’t trust her at all. Know her between the ears before joining her between the sheets.

2009 - Marc H. Rudov - All Rights Reserved

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Unfortunately, a girl blaming a guy for her choice to have sex while self-impaired is an all-too-common and acceptable practice, especially on the college campus. At Duke University, home of the infamous...