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Marc H. Rudov
August 20, 2009

Collective Blind Eye

The angry protesters at ObamaCare townhall meetings fall into two groups: those who did not elect Obama and those who did. The enmity from each group couldn’t be more different.

The Obama detractors, on one hand, are legitimately outraged about his socialistic, big-government spending — both current and planned. On the other hand, the Obama supporters are furious with themselves. Why? For engaging in self-deception and denial since his presidential campaign, for gullibly becoming infatuated with him.

There is nothing new about Barack Obama or his intentions, all of which were well-documented and evident before the election last November. Obama is a student of Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals and the Cloward-Piven Strategy, and a crony of Professor Bill Ayers and Reverend Jeremiah Wright.

Yet, Obama’s fawning groupies purposely turned a collective blind eye to his thinking, statements, and associations — I believe — because they psychologically needed him to assuage their white guilt.

How else could a man with scant legislative or executive chops — he argued that judgment trumps experience, even though judgment depends on experience — and left-leaning philosophies and friends, persuade voters to let him command the US Armed Forces and fix the wobbling economy?

The climate has changed of late. The haze of infatuation has dissipated, with reality taking its place. Those who fell for and have been in denial about Obama’s rhetoric are now shouting at townhall meetings in acts of self-flagellation.

Deviations from Fake Behaviors

Coincidentally, infatuation drives many relationships and marriages. People get hooked up and hitched despite deceiving themselves since the first date about their partners’ little “quirks” — drug abuse, alcoholism, infidelity, entitlement, gambling, violence, victimhood, pretense, materialism, insecurity, mendacity, etc.

You know how it goes. Because of his money, she views him a “catch,” dutifully pretending to love him, eventually getting the house, the cash, and the kids. He feels “lucky” to have this “candy” on his arm, pays any price to have it, and feigns believing that she truly adores him. Then, one day, he sits in shock over the enormity of her divorce settlement.

But, long before these phony lovebirds parted, there came a day in their odyssey when reality set in, the ruse ended, tempers flared. They admitted, or stopped denying, their mutual deceptions. Each complained that the other had “changed” — when both merely had deviated from artificial personae.

The NoNonsense Bottom Line

The fury over ObamaCare, on the part of Obama zealots, is really self-anger about gullibility and infatuation. Akin to a drug high, infatuation is a fake ebullience that eventually crashes and burns.

What has Obamamania wrought? He’s taken control of our money and several companies. Sound familiar? Men infatuated with women ultimately lose control of their money and themselves.

Infatuation will get you sex (the kind you’ll enjoy for a week). It will produce lies. And, it has brought you ObamaCare. Most important, infatuation will leave you angry at yourself.

So, next time you catch yourself infatuated with a politician or a paramour, denying what your eyes, ears, and gut tell you, immediately yell at yourself to stop. Otherwise, you’ll be yelling someday soon in your local town hall or divorce court.

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What has Obamamania wrought? He’s taken control of our money and several companies. Sound familiar? Men infatuated with women ultimately lose control of their money and themselves.