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Marc H. Rudov
June 16, 2009

Ignorance and Cowardice

To paraphrase a tenet of Sun Tzu, author of The Art of War: If you know neither your woman nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle. Sadly, most men falsely believe they are more sexual than women, proving that they know neither women nor themselves. Consequences? They’re forever doomed to grovel for sex and succumb in every battle.

For example, a man recently sent me a note that included his belief about sex, typical of how most men think: Women attract men more easily than men attract women because men’s urges are stronger. He couldn’t be more wrong.

It amazes me how many men actually believe that their sexual urges exceed those of women. Totally untrue. So, all of their behaviors, in the quest to get female affection and approval, are based on this myth. Ironically, instead of getting affection and approval from women, they lose power and money to them.

Another example of groveling and a public one at that: On June 12, 2009, John Stossel interviewed Fox News Channel’s Glenn Beck and his wife Tania on ABC’s 20/20. Here are relevant excerpts:

Stossel to Glenn: “You became a Mormon. Why?”

Glenn: “I apologize, but guys will understand this. My wife is, like, hot, and she wouldn’t have sex with me until we got married, and she wouldn’t marry me unless we had a religion.”

Stossel to Tania: “He just told us he became religious only to have sex with you. Was he joking?”

Tania: “No, he was not joking.”

With all due respect, Glenn, I’ve now heard it all.

When a man kowtows to a woman, just to get laid, she will rule every aspect of his life — forever. Yet, the typical man will yield to her. Why? Two reasons:

1- Ignorance about female sexuality
2- Knowledge of female sexuality but lacking the courage to act on it — fear of rejection.

I’ve written, ad nauseam, about both reasons — through my two books and 100+ articles — so I’m not going to repeat myself here. But, let me reassert that said ignorance and cowardice are the chief causes of men losing their rights in the legislative and judicial systems. Why? Because lawmakers and judges grovel, too.

I will, however, employ a new label for the environment in which a man knowingly lets a woman reign supreme over his life in exchange for sex: voluntary despotism, or VD. Why would any man want VD, a life-threatening disease that penicillin can’t cure? For the same reason he’d want voluntary socialism: the convoluted belief that less freedom begets more happiness. Total insanity.

Sexual-Control Poll

In the past few days, I conducted a sexual-control poll: Do women have an “unfair” ability to control men with sex? I posed the question as such for two reasons: 1) most men believe they have stronger sexual urges than women and are, therefore, at a disadvantage; 2) women know about this male ignorance and benefit accordingly.

As you can see in the graphic below, 1138 people voted in this poll — 1070 men and only 68 women. Women had ample opportunity to vote but, in my opinion, avoided doing so because it’s a little too revealing.

Men who voted “yes” (66% of men voting) demonstrated a complete ignorance or fear of female sexuality. Women who voted “yes” (59% of women voting) are experienced in exploiting men’s ignorance and fear.

The NoNonsense Bottom Line

The fact is, women have zero — let me repeat, zero — inherent ability to control men with sex. None. The only way a woman can control a man with sex is if he’s ignorant or fearful about it — and most are. But, there’s no excuse for remaining so.

Remember: women crave sex more than men do, thereby giving men power … but only if they realize it!

Voluntary despotism, or VD, is a tragic disease. Yet, most men want VD — pay for VD — in exchange for sex. Men think they have no choice but to let women rule their lives. Less freedom begets more happiness. How?

Then, there are those who don’t tolerate this nonsense at all, from a distance. I’ve received numerous letters from men who have become sexual hermits — avoiding women altogether — rather than deal with sexual conflicts that they’re ill-equipped to handle. Life without women? Not for me. Women are too much fun.

Men who believe they’re at a sexual disadvantage to women know neither women nor themselves. As Sun Tzu rightly taught 2500+ years ago, they will succumb in every battle. And women know it.

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Men who believe they’re at a sexual disadvantage to women know neither women nor themselves. As Sun Tzu rightly taught 2500+ years ago, they will succumb in every battle. And women know it.