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Marc H. Rudov
December 6, 2008

Rubber Screwdriver

The nonstop TV commercials touting cures for erectile dysfunction paint a dismal picture of widespread male inadequacy. It’s as though every handyman in America is trying to fix his wife’s pipes with a rubber screwdriver. Nonsense. According to the National Institutes for Health (NIH), only about 5 percent of 40-year-old men and 15-25 percent of 65-year-old men experience this manhood malady, which the NIH states is not an inevitable part of aging.

So, what’s going on here? There are, to be sure, legitimate medical reasons — and, perhaps, a tiny influence from our estrogen-laced water supply (from the urine of women taking birth-control and hormone-replacement pills) — that cause some men to lose their swordsmanship. But, there is no “missile crisis,” as our pharma-driven culture would have you believe.

I posit that most male impotence derives largely from anxiety, boredom, and incompatibility with wives and girlfriends. In essence, the preponderance of American men popping Viagra pills suffer from selectile dysfunction: the predisposition to choose the wrong women, without logical and rational thought, and to put them on pedestals.

The Unrealistic Dust

We live in a gynocracy, where women comprise 60% of college students, control 60% of wealth, make 80+% of purchases, bring 70% of divorces, and birth at least 40% of our babies out of wedlock (with guaranteed child support).

Because the US Constitution has been reduced to a museum relic, thanks to weak male politicians and judges — and male voters who put them in power — women enjoy unconstitutional rights to control reproduction and commit maternity fraud, paternity fraud, rape fraud, domestic-violence fraud, and VAWA-enabled Green Card fraud.

Despite treading water in a sea of female rights and privileges, the typical man still blindly and obsequiously clings to the outmoded, illogical, irrational belief that he must unilaterally court and please women — put them on pedestals, wine & dine them, propose marriage to them on bended knee, and generally kowtow to them.

Such pathetic fawning clouds his judgment and objectivity about the character, agenda, and motive of every woman he meets. Inevitably, though, the unrealistic dust of his idealized, fantasized angel will settle, and he will see her — correctly for the first time — as a flawed mortal. At that point, his immature emotions will transform into disappointment, resentment, and … deflation.

Cockeyed Worship Behavior

Men’s cockeyed worship behavior doesn’t end with paramours; it also extends to politicians, as I discovered in the 2008 presidential election of Barack Obama. To my shock, a lot of men are disturbingly in awe of and totally infatuated with this relatively unknown man with a thin resume and unconfirmed birth status. Yes, men have put Barack Obama on a pedestal, too.

When the president-elect held his celebratory rally in Chicago’s Grant Park, the night of November 4th, grown men in the crowd could be seen with tears streaming down their faces. Tears over an elected official, a mortal who campaigned to redistribute their wealth? Give me a break.

I expect men to cry in divorce court — when they lose their houses, cash, kids, and rights — but not over an elected official. But, there is a strong correlation between the degree of selectile dysfunction and the heights of pedestals onto which men place their paramours and politicians.

Barack Obama is merely a man who won the USA’s top-CEO job. That’s it. He’s responsible for budgets, borders, and bombs — not for leading a starstruck flock to the Promised Land. He chose a VP, Joe Biden, an avowed misandrist who, through VAWA, has ruined the lives of thousands of men. But, no matter. Men inexplicably ogle Obama as they do supermodels.

Furrowing Up My Leg

When I disseminated information to my subscribers about Barack Obama’s birth-certificate controversy, about 1% of them unsubscribed in indignation. That’s right: they refused to hear anything negative about their Chosen One, and they excoriated me for my sobriety and demand for the facts. How dare I! To hell with the Constitution. According to these Obamamaniacs: We’ve built our pedestal, made our selection, and that’s that. And men denigrate women as the emotional ones?

Chris Matthews, an in-the-Obama-tank anchor for MSNBC, said: “The feeling most people get when they hear a Barack Obama speech — I felt this furrowing going up my leg; I don’t have that too often.” Mr. Matthews, who recently announced that he’ll challenge Arlen Specter (R-PA) in 2010 for his US Senate seat, almost cried on January 30, 2008, when contemplating that the Clinton Machine might topple Barack Obama off the pedestal. With “men” like Chris Matthews in government, or aspiring to be there, it is no surprise that America is a gynocracy.

What results have Chris Matthews et al garnered so far? The Obama who promised “change” and “hope” during the courting period has filled his cabinet, post-honeymoon, with “no-change” Clintonistas. Imagine that! In fact, these appointments, Washington insiders all, overshadow him. Obama doesn’t resemble in real life the idealized, fantasized, pedestalized visage that so-called logical, rational men created in their minds when selecting him. No, Obama said what was necessary to get hitched and now is doing precisely what suits his agenda. Duh!

Need to Erect a Pedestal

Selectile dysfunction, based on the need to erect a pedestal, is an unhealthy condition but one that can be cured. What are the signs? If, for example, you selected Obama but cannot enumerate logical, rational, educated reasons for doing so, you have a classic case of selectile dysfunction.

By the same token, if you cannot articulate, logically and rationally, the reasons for selecting your woman, you’ve pulled a real boner. Placing a woman on a pedestal is immature behavior, the epitome of of selectile dysfunction, as it underscores the inability to see her as a peer. Sound familiar?

The NoNonsense Bottom Line

A man’s rigidity is inversely proportional to the height of the pedestals he erects. In other words, pedestals deflate manhood. How deflated are you?

Any woman whose man places her on a pedestal will lose respect for him, take advantage of him, and further her own agenda with him. Moreover, she will get little satisfaction from him in bed. Why so many men don’t get this is beyond me.

Accordingly, a politician placed on a pedestal — instead of being held to accountability — will lose respect for his constituents, take advantage of them, and further his own agenda with them. Eventually, though, the dust of euphoria will settle and the truth will emerge, and the constituents’ emotions will morph into disappointment, resentment, and … deflation.

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You show me a man who elevates politicians to pedestals, and I’ll prove that he does likewise to women. If the cause of selectile dysfunction is obvious, so is the cure: grow a pair! And, magically, you’ll find your erectile dysfunction cured as well.

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I posit that most male impotence derives largely from anxiety, boredom, and incompatibility with wives and girlfriends. In essence, the preponderance of American men popping Viagra pills suffer from selectile dysfunction...