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Marc H. Rudov
November 7, 2008

Typical of All Bad Marriages

John McCain, in his battle with Barack Obama to become 44th president of the United States, proved himself a terrible salesman and a worse campaign manager. He had the easiest products to sell — capitalism, justice, and freedom — but was outgunned by an inexperienced man who masterfully hawked socialism to the masses as a means to “fix” the economy, while spending lavishly with other people’s money.

By bashing Wall Street and Washington as sources of evil, instead of specific fraudulent CEOs and politicians, McCain inadvertently sullied capitalism, stoked the wrath of American citizens, and enabled Obama’s quest to redistribute wealth.

Competing with Obama/Biden, chief cheerleaders for the unconstitutional and pernicious Violence Against Women Act (VAWA), gave McCain the opportunity to become a unique voice for gender equality and to help right the legislative and judicial wrongs perpetrated against men. To wit: He could have pledged, for example, that all future Crystal Gail Mangums — the stripper who falsely accused three Duke University lacrosse players of rape — be thrown in prison, but he did no such thing. Instead, Mangum is a free woman publishing a book about life as a professional victim.

So, through his loss, John McCain, the man who promoted himself as a maverick, ultimately became a “cadaverick.” A maverick is generally defined as a lone dissenter who takes an independent stand apart from his associates. I admire those who defy conventional wisdom — as long as they move people to produce positive, transformational results. But, to wear the maverick badge as a general strategy makes as much sense as constantly running up the down escalator, just because it can be done.

Instead of a campaign taking a bold, ingenious, and differentiated course, McCain’s was filled with chaotic, errant, and erratic decisions.

McCain picked Sarah Palin to be his running mate. She impressed me at first. But, then, it became clear that she was not VP material — and that McCain had chosen her blindly, in haste. He staked his reputation and future on Palin, who made a big splash at the Republican National Convention, but, because of her lack of mental gravitas, quickly became an embarrassment. For example, Carl Cameron of Fox News reported to Bill O’Reilly that Palin didn’t even know that Africa is a continent.

With Palin, McCain was stuck in a bad marriage of his own creation, typical of all bad marriages: mismatched parties, joined together for the wrong reasons, replete with resentment and backstabbing.

Another example of John McCain’s erratic judgment: he suspended his campaign in the face of a financial-bailout vote on Capitol Hill and threatened to withdraw from the scheduled presidential debate at Ole Miss that Friday.

Instead of rushing to Washington to accomplish something — either to protest the bill’s passage or to markedly change it — McCain emerged from the smoke with no results. The debate was held after all, but, in 90 minutes of sparring, McCain never once mentioned the campaign-halting financial calamity that was paralyzing America. Meanwhile, Obama coolly glided through the whole mess, unscathed.

While understandable that America chose the better campaigner, it is disconcerting that America elected a man who spent only five months in the US Senate before declaring his bid for the presidency, possesses a long legacy of espousing socialist views, and has associated with left-wing America-haters like Reverend Jeremiah Wright, William Ayers, and Khalid Rashidi. Yet, Americans disregarded Obama’s alarming pedigree, and McCain was reluctant to make a huge issue of it.

Gray-Haired Executives

In his campaign rhetoric, Obama made light of experience, claiming judgment as more important. After all, what else did he have to sell? But, he was convincing because his opponent, John McCain, was always displaying such a lack of judgment, despite his experience. Where I come from, though, judgment is the result of experience.

I live in Silicon Valley, the land of technology startups created by young, green, energetic idealists. Typically, they get their fledgling companies off the ground, gain some traction, and then hit the wall. What happens next?

They bring in the gray-haired executives with experience and judgment — chosen according to their associations and records of management philosophy and results — to run them properly. Google and Tesla, the new manufacturer of electric cars, are perfect examples. So, if companies need experienced execs with judgment to run them, why is this not true of a country of 300 million people?

The NoNonsense Bottom Line

America now faces a dangerous future — filled with threats from terrorists and unfriendly nations, an unstable financial industry, a heightened cry for entitlements and redistributed wealth, the risk of rising taxes, and the potential reduction of individual freedom that accompanies socialism — with an inexperienced, left-leaning leader at the helm. And, two days of precipitous post-election drops on the New York Stock Exchange prove it.

Obama and Biden would not be bound for the White House were it not for the male vote. What did men think about when electing them? Taxes? Defense? Economic opportunity? Did men vote logically, or were they totally emotional? Based on the contest between a known veteran conservative who ran an erratic campaign and a novice socialist who ran a smooth one, it isn’t clear.

One factor men did not consider in choosing Obama/Biden: personal liberty. Based on my experience, personal liberty is the last thing men care about. They just don’t care. VP-elect Joe Biden has singlehandedly destroyed the lives of thousands of American men with his unconstitutional VAWA.

Crystal Gail Mangum was able to falsely accuse three Duke University lacrosse players of rape, with impunity, because of Joe Biden’s VAWA, which gives women license to destroy men. How many men know or care about that? Few. How many women know or care about that? Fewer. That’s why Joe Biden soon will occupy the VP mansion.

Had John McCain fought to eliminate the legislative and judicial injustices against men, he could have emerged as a true maverick — because, in this gynocracy, no politician has the guts to take on the feminist lobby.

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Instead of exposing Obama’s weaknesses and emerging as a unique executive, John McCain, the man with experience and judgment, dithered and dashed and was diffuse in his message. And, that is why this self-proclaimed maverick is now a cadaverick, a moniker shared by the men who voted to destroy their personal liberties.

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America now faces a dangerous future — filled with threats from terrorists and unfriendly nations, an unstable financial industry, a heightened cry for entitlements and redistributed wealth, the risk of rising taxes, and the potential reduction of individual freedom that accompanies socialism — with an inexperienced, left-leaning leader at the helm.