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Marc H. Rudov
July 1, 2008

The Death of Manhood

According to the CDC, heart disease and cancer are the leading causes of death in men. These maladies pale in comparison to the leading causes of the death of manhood: denial and inertia. Because so many men have their heads in the sand and refuse to fight for their waning civil rights, feminism continues its nonstop, high-octane, uncontested control of American laws and culture.

Ignoring inevitable reality never produces a happy ending. American politicians, who disallowed drilling off the coasts of California and Florida for three decades, are now running amok like decapitated chickens, balking at spiraling gasoline prices, desperately searching for alternative energy sources, and hypocritically exhorting new lifestyles.

Their panic began instantaneously about three months ago, when the price of gasoline first hit $4 per gallon in California — ostensibly the magic tipping point, the pain threshold. Now, the national average price exceeds $4, causing lifestyle hardships to 90% of Americans.

Was this fuel crisis predictable and predicted many years ago? Absolutely. Did anybody take it seriously? Absolutely not. But, what does one expect from inert people who eat a steady diet of denial?

TV’s talking heads and business columnists, on any given day, alternately and collectively blame OPEC, commodities speculators, oil companies, state and federal governments, environmentalists, and drivers of SUVs for this situation. Is there a practical solution in sight — such as offshore drilling, inland drilling, solar, wind, nuclear power, flex-fuels, or electric cars — in any reasonable timeframe? No. Fact is, we’re all screwed for the foreseeable future.

Unacceptable Copout

Every week, I receive hundreds of e-mails from men who have been hosed in divorce court, falsely accused of domestic violence and rape, and unable to see their children because of paternal alienation. They don’t know what to do, but they also have a history of complaining without acting.

Feminists are engaged in an endless campaign to worsen men’s lives. This situation is severe and crisis-bound. But, as long as men ignore it, mutter under their breaths, complain under aliases on blogs, and drink beer while watching SportsCenter, they have no right to squawk. Their unacceptable copout will lead to a day, akin to the current era of $4 gas, when the increasingly oppressive system of American gynojustice will be unstoppable and unfixable. It’s as certain now as $4 gas was when Thomas Friedman told us three years ago, in The World Is Flat, that China and India would be dictating fuel prices.

What does $4 gas have to do with men’s rights? Nothing and everything. If you think this article is about gasoline, go back to your beer and your fantasy football. The point is simple: Men must act today to defeat the future total domination of feminists. No more excuses.

Irreversible Consequences

One good example of how to fight back — using pragmatic, effective tactics — is the lawsuit filed by the Vienna, WV-based group called Men and Women Against Discrimination (MAWAD), which seeks to stop West Virginia’s unconstitutional and discriminatory (pro-female) funding of domestic-violence programs and shelters. In another effort, MAWAD is working to eliminate the anti-father West Virginia Family Court culture.

If men would copy MAWAD’s approach, at both state and federal levels around the country, they can dismantle the lopsided gynocracy — without resorting to counterproductive stunts like illegally scaling the Lincoln Memorial.

Remaining inert and living in denial, however, will lead eventually to crisis, the blame game, and irreversible consequences. To wit: VAWA (the unconstitutional but increasingly oppressive Violence Against Women Act) is already 14 years old, has ruined thousands of men’s lives, and knows no bounds. Moreover, as the national average percentage of out-of-wedlock babies approaches 50%, child-support fees, like the price of gasoline, will continue to escalate. Why not?

The NoNonsense Bottom Line

This, the third article in a trilogy — along with “Men’s Silence Is Women’s Gold” and “Obama’s Baby Mamas” — is designed to:

1 - Remind men that they live in a gynocracy
2 - Admonish them to remove their heads from the sand
3 - Warn them that their window of opportunity to prevent the death of manhood is almost closed
4 - Stir them to take action — ASAP.

Despite its economic cost, the emergence of $4 gas can help men by exhibiting what happens when people foresee future perils but do nothing to prevent them. The question is, Will $4 gas help men? Doubtful. Men have sat back for years while elected gynocrats abridged their reproductive and civil rights. The current energy crisis presents an opportunity to learn something. Think of $4 gas as a two-by-four between the eyes, a crystal ball for the final destruction of men’s rights.

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Every man has two options going forward:

1 - Work with and fund groups like MAWAD and the National Coalition of Free Men to force pro-female politicians to create a gender-neutral government

2 - Awake every day — out of gas and out of luck — with his manhood marginalized.

Based on what I’ve witnessed so far, I’m betting that men, unfortunately, will just pay the $4 for gas, the $5 for beer, and keep muttering under their breaths while saluting the gynocratic flag.

2008 - Marc H. Rudov - All Rights Reserved

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In the US, an average 40% of babies are born to unwed mothers. In England, the average is above 50%. Why? Two reasons. First, Hollywood makes movies like Juno and Knocked Up that glamorize teen pregnancy; a constant stream of unwed Hollywood actresses inappropriately “announce” their pregnancies and “show off” their baby bumps.