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By Dr. Laurie Roth
November 12, 2010

Ashley Dawn Thompson’s death points to murder not suicide in Oklahoma.

This week on my unsolved crime segment, I visited with the grieving parents of Ashley Dawn Thompson, Stacey and Noville Thompson. Also on the line was attorney Jaye Mendros of and Crime Blogger, author and crusader Susan Murphy Milano. They all painted yet again another profile of a beauiful young women, Ashely, looking forward to starting her modeling career, who was obviously murdered in her home on January 1st, 2004 in Roger’s County Oklahoma. Strangely, yet again nothing makes sense about this case, just like other cases profiled out of Garvin county and surrounding counties in Oklahoma.

Ashley’s father and mother painted a picture that is hard to believe. Joshua Wayne Brown was the boyfriend staying in their guest room. He had approached the parents room giving different accounts as to how he had entered Ashley’s room (through the door off her balcony or a window), where he says he found her hanging in her closet. The family ran to her room and found her.

I can’t even imagine the horror of that. They both said New Years has never been the same. Her father is a respected Police Chief who walked us through the endless incompetency of this investigation. Ashley’s death was quickly ruled a suicide though the following facts were known.
You make up your own mind.

Joshua Wayne Brown, the boyfriend had another girlfriend, also 15 who had hung herself 7 months before in a different state. How many young men do you know who have had two 15 year old girlfriends hang themsleves in the same 12 month period or any period???

Apparently that night Ashley was planning to break up with Joshua, then 18 since she was going off to start her modleing career soon. She had all kinds of work and career things lined up…….but she committed suicide….hmmm


Even with Joshua pushing drugs and alcohol on Ashley, a minor, having another girlfriend, mysterously killing herself the same way 7 months before, and finding her body, he was never charged or investigated……hmmm

The M.E.’s office failed to perform an autopsy until after Ashley was embalmed. It appeared, according to her father that this was a CYA cover up job, not a fact-finding mission at all. In our conversation on air I found that Ashley had major bruising on her body, a big clump of hair was lodged in the collar of her coat, an obvious sign of a struggle. Later, the funeral home noticed her fingernails were ripped off her fingers. Her Dad’s invesigation verified bruizing on the ends of her fingers as well. These were all obvious signs of a major struggle, but no, there was no autopsy when there needed to be and she had ‘hung’ herself.

It was clear as this nightmare case unfolded on my show that a big chunk of the misrepresentation and incompetency landed right at the feet of the Oklahoma State Medical Examiner’s Office.

Many reported cases over the last 10 years have also landed there. Families have too quickly heard again and again the ruling ‘suicide’ WITHOUT a real, thorough and proper investigation.

The boyfriend from hell who had a magic ability to get his 15 year old under age girlfriends to hang themselves is thankfully, now in prison on subsequent rape, sodomy, and other convictions. He should be in there for murder in my opinion.

Even with all this, Ashley’s death has still remained a suicide. Call it part cover up, fraud, incompetency and stupid police work, I call it unforgivable. All I can say is thank God the alleged murderer Joshua Wayne Brown, is rotting in prison now, at least for some other crimes. What a piece of work and what a horror show of betrayel against Ashley and her family.

What should be done in Garvin and surrounding counties regarding a ton of miss handles cases and ‘mystery suicides’?

Attorney Jaye Mendrose is pushing hard to put pressure on and sea major reform in the Oklahoma State Medical Examiner’s Office. This is a work in progress but just recently, November 6, 2010, The Funeral Home Association’s new President has questioned the integrity of death certificates issued by M.E.s (medical examiner) office.

Susan Murphy Milano, crime blogger, host, author and survivor, is my regular guest on my unsolved crime segment each and every Wednesday, hour two, 4-5pm PAC. She has shown leadership, inspiration and built hope for families who have lived for years with the murders of their family members mislabled and unsolved. Susan is a master at putting the light where it should go and watching the real scum run for cover.

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Laziness, coverups, stupidity, fraud and bad police work can no longer be tolerated and stand in Oklahoma. Criminals, thugs and friends of thugs, YOUR DAY OF ACCOUNTABILITY IS COMING. YOU WILL LOOK GOOD BEING SOMEONE ELSES GIRLFRIEND IN PRISON.


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� 2010 Dr. Laurie Roth - All Rights Reserved

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Even with Joshua pushing drugs and alcohol on Ashley, a minor, having another girlfriend, mysterously killing herself the same way 7 months before, and finding her body, he was never charged or investigated, hmmm