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By Larry Pratt
March 10, 2011

Texans for Accountable Government (TAG) have one-upped Saul Alinsky. Alinsky is known for his Rules for Radicals which were taught by President Obama when he was an instructor at the University of Chicago School of Law.

Alinsky’s goal was the destruction of the free market in order to build a socialist “utopia” upon the ruins of capitalism. One of his tactics was to target a particular opponent and make fun of it.

TAG chose the city of Austin as the location where they would apply Alinsky’s technique of using ridicule to destroy the enemy. But rather than destroy, TAG inverted Alinsky’s principle on its head by helping the poor, even while they made fun of the police and the liberals.

Austin is a rather politically correct area. On February 26, the Austin Police Department and the Austin Crime Commission decided to hold another Gun Buyback, similar to what they did last June. Gun Buyback is a term that reflects the statist mindset of the Austin officials. Even though the city never owned the guns in question, somehow the ruling class believes they have ownership rights to everything. How nice of them to offer to pay rather than just outright grab the guns.

But this buyback was different. TAG placed themselves near the police department’s agents. TAG announced ahead of time (picked up at least by a local Fox affiliate) that they would be offering cash for functioning guns at just over the value of the grocery cards being offered by the police.

Handguns and rifles would fetch a $100 grocery card from the city; TAG offered $110 cash. Semi-auto rifles (the so-called assault rifle) were getting $200 from the city; TAG paid $220.

TAG raised nearly $4,000 and had some forty buyers on hand to buy from the public. They estimate that the police shelled out about $30,000 -- mostly for clunkers.

Not surprisingly, the NAACP supported the police department disarmament effort. According to The New American, they complained that “This is not the Wild West. This is 2011.” The NAACP thus shows itself to be as ignorant of the Wild West as the historical purpose of gun control. The only time the Wild West was characterized by shootum-ups was in the movies. And gun control throughout the history of the U.S. was aimed primarily at disarming blacks.

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TAG spokesman Jack Blood reported happily that he obtained a 9mm for a fraction of what he would have paid in a gun shop. Most of the guns were destined as gifts for the poor in Austin who were unable to buy guns. Saul Alinsky would probably turn over in his grave to see his principles being used to advance freedom.

Hopefully other freedom fighters will duplicate TAG’s delightful way of buying discount guns for the poor -- and themselves. And, thanks to the Austin officials for organizing the initial event. This is my idea of public-private partnership.

2011 Larry Pratt - All Rights Reserved

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Alinsky’s goal was the destruction of the free market in order to build a socialist “utopia” upon the ruins of capitalism.