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By Patti Jo Edwards
December 24, 2013

The upside-down flag signals distress.

I sat across from my friend, hot steaming mug in hand and listened.

"Lying, Obamacare and Bengazi! That's all they talk about, but there is so much more he has done and they don't even mention any of it!" The veins stood out on my friend's neck. My friend continued: "Focusing on just these few things deludes and distracts us Commoners into not realizing how many reasons there are to fire our President." The coffee in our mugs wasn't the only thing that was steaming. Barely under the surface, my friend was furious.

Her thoughts are worth sharing. I pass them on here:


"Remember that article I sent you on the Million Vets March on Washington D.C.?" My friend continued.

I did remember. I had looked it up and viewed the hundreds of pictures and many of the videos. Marines in full dress uniform stood at attention holding American flags upside down and banners of impeach Obama.

I actually experienced a feeling of hope that our brave warriors might save us here at home. The treatment of those who volunteered to serve is despicable. The lack of respect given by our President to those that marched displayed an arrogance that was telling. The number of our service people who are committing suicide and are unable to find work is stunning.


"Meanwhile, he has his own standing army!"

My friend's temper was up for good reason. Our country maintains Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force and Coast Guard. It is hard to believe our President uses our tax dollars to create and maintain a personal militia of approximately one-thousand that goes forth spreading fear and suffering around the world at his beckon call in our name.


"And what about that personal assassination hit list he keeps adding to?! You don't even have to be guilty of anything. You can just be suspect and you get targeted along with your children and neighbors just for the possibility that you might do something in the future! And that includes Americans."

It is disturbing that the people accept the President has an assassination hit list, affectionately termed, "A Kill List" and has caused the death of uncounted innocents marginalized by the term "collateral damage" - a President who intentionally orders and backs acts of terror reigning down over thousands of people who used to support us and now understandably want us dead.

By definition our President is guilty of “crimes against humanity” which according to ICC are acts committed as part of a widespread or systematic attack directed against any civilian population, with knowledge of the attack: murder; and other inhumane acts of a similar character intentionally causing great suffering or serious bodily or mental injury. [1]

The price tag is equally disturbing on a different level: Eleven million dollars for a typical drone. Approximately $600,000 for each missile employed to terrify, maim and kill people who for the most part have done nothing to us.

This President attacks villages in countries with which we are not at war. Making undeclared war on undeserving people is unlawful. We the People have begged, marched, petitioned and threatened without success for him to stop attacking the world.


My friends eyes turned sad as she focused on her cup. "How many starving children could be fed, families helped to get back on their feet, organic farmers subsidized to grow healthful foods? But our money instead is going to pay for the FDA to have SWAT teams to shut down farmers for selling raw milk. The IRS also has SWAT teams that practice with automatic weapons. The money that has gone for these SWAT teams as well as the many drones and personal militia, is staggering. Money is being misappropriated to arm these agencies."

It is a fact that military grade police are showing up everywhere. I came out of the grocery store parking lot and pulled in behind a panel van full of cheerful camouflaged heavily armed young men. On the side of the van were the words: SWAT To Protect the People. Grants Pass Police. At the time I thought this was scary and laughable. Grants Pass is hardly a place where you need a SWAT team. I know our city is strapped for money, so wondered who was paying for a SWAT team.


"The recent collapse of our economy with bankers getting off with a slap on the wrist and bailed out didn't start with President Obama, but he didn't do anything to stop it. He had good advisers in people like Elizabeth Warren, our Senator Jeff Merkley and Congressman Ron Paul. We are warned that it is going to happen again and still nothing is done. There is no move to reign in the FED who is quickly devaluing our dollar. Our President is required to act to right the things that threaten our country. This is much more of a threat then his imaginary terrorists." My friend paused and took a deep shuddering breath. "My God, look who he appointed to be the new head of the FED. She's even worse than the guy who's in charge now!"

I had to agree. It is expected that a much worse collapse is about to happen. I believe this is likely with all the money being wasted on SWAT teams and trillions being printed based on nothing of substance.


"And the spying!!!" At this point my friend lost it. Up on her feet and pacing, she ranted: "We are all amazed at the very unconstitutional NSA spying, but, in spite of the unconstitutionality, after the President was caught he said the NSA will continue this unlawful practice! There are now two agencies who's purpose is to listen in on every phone call and read every email!"

Each word emphasized and blazing with righteous indignation, she continued: "Both are under one General. In order for us to stop this illegal activity, We the People have to take the NSA and Cyber Command to court and get a Congressional Bill passed to attempt to stop the spying even though the President is our employee and the spying is against the law. Beyond the fact that our elected President is not honoring the will of the People or the Rule of Law, there is the monetary cost from a country that is in serious debt. How much did it cost to build that repository for collected information? How much is the continued act of spying costing in tax dollars? How else could this money be used that would benefit We the People?

"That this President chooses to allow our country to go to shambles, our middle class to die out and put the much needed funds (our money) toward spying on law abiding citizens is another reason the President should be impeached!" And with that she refilled her cup and sat down to continue. I didn't mention the new surveillance drones that we can expect to see flying overhead watching us here at home.


"And Fracking!!!! Not only is it pathetically ridiculous that homes, health and happiness have been and are being irreparable destroyed for the fictitious purpose of energy consumption, We the People have come out overwhelmingly against fracking. Again we have petitioned, marched and spoke out loud and clear. Our President has done nothing to end this and compel the perpetrators of this horrific nonsense to cease. Fracking is in absolute contradiction of our inalienable rights as guaranteed by our Constitution. This President is not acting for the citizens who employ him."

I had seen pictures of people's tap water catching fire from the pollution from fracking. They couldn't even filter the water because the chemicals dissolved the filters. The fumes were extremely toxic and the wells were drilled within feet of many houses, making their lives hell and their properties worthless.


"This President promised clean energy." My friend had calmed and now with intense certainty, continued. "We have the technology to build and sell electric cars now. We have solar. We have wind. We have brilliant people who are innovators so that we do not have to be using natural gas, oil, coal or ethanol. The spin masters paid by corporate lobbyists tell us alternative energies will not do the trick. They lie. Obama misled us to believe he would embrace these innovations. He has done the opposite of what he promised against the will of the People."



My friend's eyes leveled and her voice became low and even: "By Executive Order, this President consigned us as a "Stakeholder" to the next phase of Agenda 21, a business plan designed and implemented by the United Nations to create a One World Government in the twenty-first century. This is not a conspiracy. It is a business plan.

Understanding Sustainable Development Agenda 21 with attorney Michael Shaw.

"Obama's American version of Agenda 21 pushes what he calls: 'Sustainable Development'. Seems like something we want our leader to create and encourage. But do you know what they mean?! Their definition of 'unsustainable'?! They list as unsustainable golf courses and ski resorts and - " My friend's eyes narrowed and her voice lowered becoming dead serious as she ticked off on her fingers: "- Small business, family units, pastured animals, the middle class, the American legal system, private property, irrigation, agriculture, transportation, rural communities and Democracy.

"Wait." I stopped her. "What do you mean unsustainable?"

"It's not what I mean. It's what They mean! It's basically anything that does not serve Them and their purpose. In other words if it does not sustain Them it is not sustainable."

I did look up Agenda 21. Agenda 21 replaces our sovereignty with subjugation. Here are a series of 8 videos to understand Agenda 21 and Sustainable Development.

Agenda 21, How Will It Affect You

From what I understand, our President, by Executive Order has begun to fulfill his promise to the United Nations that our country will begin to implement the directives of Agenda 21 and be 16% on board by 2015. Obama actually bypassed Congress using the regulatory agencies and private organizations successfully creating and implementing regulations that are currently moving us toward the Agenda 21 objective. The objective is to be rid of the Middle Class, move all people out of over 50% of the country making that land completely off limits to people. Buffer zones will be maintained around the no people areas where very few people will be allowed and movement will be strictly controlled. We the People who are still alive will be moved into tightly controlled urban areas where we will work for the collective and our children will be cared for by the State. Seriously?!


My friend leaned across the table, her voice rising in pitch, the palm of her hand slammed the table. "And have you heard about Common Core?!" SLAM! "Common Core strips away the 10th Amendment authority of the States over education in violation of three Federal Statutes! And it imposes substantial costs on state and local school budgets. And the DATA MINING!!! This system collects personality identifiable data like disciplinary records, health history, family income range, religious affiliation and parental political affiliation. 45 states have already been duped into accepting this nonsense by grants mainly funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Oh, and the wavers from Obama. Trouble is the Common Core focuses on making our kids into non-questioning worker drones. Math and science is arbitrary. English literature and history is minimized as unimportant to the purpose of education. Well educated children are unsustainable. This is right out of Agenda 21. And it is Obama who is doing this!"

I agree with my friend, as the President is working toward taking the setting of standards for schooling away from the States, he is setting aside his duty to uphold the Constitution and the will of the People.


This is a problem for me. Obamacare is a move toward a global healthcare system that works to incapacitate those like me and my husband who are barely making it. This bad idea attempts to force us to spend money we don't have, fining us, and eventually, forcing us to become dependent on the State. This effectively causes the subjugation of what is left of the middle class. Agenda 21 directs that the middle class is unsustainable and must be eliminated. The use of the IRS to force the payment of extra taxes to support a healthcare system I do not choose, is unconstitutional. I am a believer in Science of the Mind, which is my religious belief and I do not use doctors.

The President's creation of law is also unconstitutional as laws are to be made by Congress.


"Obama said he would repeal the Patriot Act. Instead he broadened and extended it. And how about the FEMA camps!" What about the FEMA camps?

Obama explains the FEMA Camps

Indefinite detention (now called, "Prolonged Detention"), torture and warrant-less searches are all pretty scary. The preparing of FEMA camps with barbed wire pointing in suggests the purpose of imprisonment. This is all in violation of our civil liberties as guaranteed by o

ur beloved Constitution and our Rule Of Law. Our country does torture detainees even though the agencies under Obama have come up with guidelines that redefine what is torture. It is still torture. This is against our American way and international law. It is morally and ethically wrong. It is shameful.


"And, did you notice they are chemtrailing again today." My friend stood at the window, refilling her cup for the third time. "That is our military! That is Obama! Our tax dollars pay for that and it is all about weaponizing the weather, which is documented. Our US military jets paid for by our taxes are used to serve up and spread this toxic cocktail over us and the world in partnership with the UK and Russia causing and adding to the ever increasing spread of chronic diseases.

"There are still some in our Congress and Senate who believe chemtrails from GeoEngineering are contrails, but they know better and lie for the government and that too comes back to our President's administration that directs them to lie."

Explanation for the uninformed: Contrails are jet exhaust. Chemtrails are aerial applications of disease causing aluminum oxide, strontium and barium in the form of nano-particles sprayed through applicators creating a reflective field in the sky for use by H.A.A.R.P.

14. ACTA

The Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA)

"Remember ACTA. We rushed but it was too late. We were able to stop SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act), but Obama personally rushed ACTA through before we could stop it. The People overwhelmingly did not choose this. Obama did this in spite of us."

A bit about ACTA: Participants in the negotiations for this intrusion into our privacy in the name of protecting us included: Australia, Canada, the European Union (EU), represented by the European Commission and the EU Presidency and the EU Member States, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Morocco, New Zealand, Singapore, Switzerland and the United States of America. While we were able to stop SOPA, ACTA was rushed through by our President without giving us or our representatives a chance to participate. The action of our leader to avoid our participation is unacceptable.

My friend finally went home, leaving me spinning. All night I lay in bed reviewing the drama unfolding in my country. Here are some of the things my friend did not mention:


President Obama wants to skip past Congressional overview and "fast track" away our right to good food, clean air, water, safe products and - this fits with Agenda 21, so makes sense. The Trans Pacific Partnership takes our right of self governance and turns it over to corporations. Our President is working to replace our Rule of Law with corporate governance. The fact that our elected representative is striving to avoid representing us and pushing to bypass our other elected representatives is reprehensible.


How is it that the President of the United States of America did not work to protect us from this unconstitutional law? Why are the justices who break the laws that they are sworn to uphold to a high standard not being taken off of the highest bench in the land? Shouldn't our President be pushing to remove corrupt judges who work creating law that undermine the Constitution he was elected to uphold?


There is no debate on whether the Law is broken. In this country in Civil Court you are guilty until proven innocent. That is unless you are lying, then you are innocent until proven guilty. Unless you are the President of the United States of America, then you can lie and everyone knows and accepts you are guilty and - even though the outcome is devastating to so many - it is allowed.


This President put Tom Vilsack, Michael Taylor and other biotech and chemical corporation lobbyists and lawyers in charge of our food and environment in spite of us, the many who protested his choice. The President works for us - We The People - we demanded he place people in authority that would act in the best interest of the citizenry and the country. He ignored us.

Obama has been strong arming other countries to purchase, grow and use GMOs and sanctioning them when they say "no", this in spite of the fact that GMOs have been scientifically proven to cause allergies, diabetes, autism, cancer and more. This President, who personally eats organic foods, pushes these biotech creations even though they are destroying our health and putting our small farmers out of business. He must be fired so that we can replace the people who are in charge.


The 2nd Amendment is second to Freedom of Speech because our Founding Fathers knew the importance of our ability to protect ourselves from the tyranny of a government headed by insanity. We know that it is not the sane gun owners that are jeopardizing our safety. Virtually every kid who has shown up with a gun to annihilate their classmates was on some sort of prescribed pharmaceutical drug. It is not legal lawful gun ownership that causes crime.


What does cause crime are leaders who are bad examples such as our Attorney General, Eric Holder, appointed and protected by our President that supplied guns to drug cartels and then lied about it to Congress. They haven't fired him either. The fact that our President is involved in supplying guns to drug cartels and covering it up, then protecting his appointee and lying to Congress is one more reason to have him removed.


The sad practice of forcing children to take drugs rather than eat well is destroying our children's mental health. Parents are not warned and this too falls on the shoulders of our President as he is the one who chooses the people who head the regulatory agencies. Currently small children are going to be forced to take flu vaccines even though they may cause autism. Parents have no choice in this. This is wrong. The best way to stay well is to eat nutrient dense foods, exercise and be happy.


Keystone Oil Pipeline and the lie that it benefits us in any way is proffered by the corporate rich in Canada. We do not get the oil. There are no jobs, but it is destroying a beautiful land and taking away the livelihoods of so many good people. We have come out in force against this and yet it is being done. Our President could stop this, but instead he misleads and distracts and wastes the time and resources of those who care and those who's lives are being ruined. To stop this, he must be removed.


They, our government under Obama, are creating food deserts of only corn and calling it food. Could you live off of only GMO corn? Genetically modified creations are perverting our natural species and causing disease. CAFCOs are destroying our environment and health. The over use of antibiotics for the purpose of fattening the cows, pigs and chickens is causing untreatable diseases. Our honeybees, monarch butterflies and other pollinators are dying out in spite of the evidence that pesticides are to blame. This is a huge threat to our ability to produce food. This is easily solved simply by going organic.

We cry out to our President, sign the petitions and the people he has put in charge stall and lie and put the makers of the pesticides and genetically modified "foods" in charge of the research. The perpetrators are subsidized. Our good farmers are persecuted. People are being arrested and given jail time for growing food in their front yards. And yes, this falls on the man who chose the czars that head the FDA, EPA and USDA.


One of my students defended Obama saying:

"Poor Obama. Everybody is blaming him, but it is not his fault. It is the people who run things. He is in danger at all times. They would kill him." Seriously?! It was a good thing my friend wasn't there.

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I find it unacceptable that our President is a puppet, but if he is, shouldn't he be fired and replaced with someone who can do the most important job in the land?

And for those of you who believe that Obama will only be replaced by another perhaps worse person, so why bother, I say this:

Anyone in a job who is acting in a way that is unlawful and endangering the life and livelihood and health of their employer and their employer's business should be fired and replaced until a good and worthy person can fill the position. Period.

I know there are those who are reading this who have found some things you disagree with. Are there three things you do agree with? Three strikes, he's out.


1. ICC definition of Crimes against humanity.

© 2013 Patti Jo Edwards - All Rights Reserve

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I had to agree. It is expected that a much worse collapse is about to happen. I believe this is likely with all the money being wasted on SWAT teams and trillions being printed based on nothing of substance.

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