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By Patti Jo Edwards
December 2, 2013

I Choose To Stand

Photo by unknown photographer at Occupy rally

In creating a video to go with my song, I Choose To Stand, I found thousands of photos taken by the public of We the People marching with homemade signs. We are not doing nothing. The People are acting - pushing back - marching, and shouting and in my case singing. As I look at the finished video, I am proud of my country. Not the government. I am moved by the people who are working toward stopping the powers that are destroying everything that is life-enhancing.

Here is my song and video: The 2nd American revolution: I Choose To Stand.

For things to change, it has to impact enough people causing more than discomfort. It has to be blatantly dangerous for the masses to move. There are individuals who see and act on the immoral unethical non-sense perpetrated by a few with great power, but there are many who wait until things have gotten to where they are now.

Yesterday my inbox offered a treasure - an offering of sanity that leads me in the direction of healing and an opportunity to share in a dance that brings together the many to create the re-establishment of human rights.

True human rights are well-known: clean air, drinkable water, healthy land with rich soil, kindness to children and animals. It is right for us, the citizens of the Earth, to have forests of diverse life and grasslands and blue skies, happy streams to wade in and waves to swim in. It is right that we may live on land that is free of chemical trespass, that we may have food that is natural and not perverted by science devoid of the precautionary principal. It is right that our representatives, elected by us, actually represent us and our best interest.

The idea that those who are Fracking our lands, chemtrailing our skies, drone-bombing our neighbors and poisoning our children care about us is absurd. Yes, they do live on this planet with us and will ultimately suffer the consequence of their acts against humanity, but research out of University of California at Berkeley has shown that the maga-rich do not understand that they breath the same air as we, the little people.

I am standing up to join this Revolution to identify the perpetrators who are the true terrorists wrecking havoc against me and my community. I, one small person, am standing up for integrity, justice and honor because these things are the foundation of what I understand to be strength and we must be strong to get this done.

My email inbox brought this: THE DECLARATION OF SOVEREIGNTY. This offering of inspired patriotism came as part of a newsletter from Natural News.

Here is what came in my inbox:


I. No one — no government, no corporation, no business, no individual or other entity under the sun — has the right to poison us or put toxins in our food, water, medicines, clothing, homes, automobiles, etc. Likewise, no one has the right to injure or harm us through any governmental law or statute, rule or regulation. Neither does any corporate process or procedure, which harms or defrauds, have any legitimacy in law.

II. The governments and corporations of the world are the primary offenders in this regard. They must each be identified by name so that they can be issued an immediate CEASE AND DESIST ORDER by We The People.

III. Only by calling out each corporation for their unlawful and injurious conduct, and naming their CEOs, Presidents and Board Chairs for their criminal behavior, will sufficient pressure be exerted to effectuate genuine, systemic and lasting change.

IV. If they continue their illegal behavior, they should be forced to resign. Likewise, their collaborators, throughout federal, state, and local governments, should be forced to relinquish their public roles.

V. Only in this way will the proxies of the World Shadow Government (WSG) be held accountable. As the WSG-selected puppet governments are forced to stand down*, and their corporate chiefs compelled to resign*, the WSG will lose its power and control over We the People.

VI. These are the most effective actions that the inhabitants of Planet Earth can perform at this critical moment in history, in order to successfully safeguard their personal sovereignty. Only by taking back our power will each human being live a life free of these chemical assaults. Then, we can begin the task of reclaiming out personal sovereignty.

VII. Each resident of the global community can reclaim their personal sovereignty only by standing in their own truth with courage and resolve. By speaking truth to power wherever and whenever appropriate, we bond with likeminded individuals who have likewise taken back their power.

VIII. As the unity of purpose and strength of conviction grow within the citizenry, a critical mass of people power will emerge. The collective will, and unified intention, will then translate into the actions required toward attaining true sovereignty on the collective level, especially in matters concerning the state and one’s sovereign nation.

IX. A return to personal sovereignty is what the Founding Fathers of the American Constitutional Republic first accomplished before they signed the “Declaration Of Independence”. We the People will do well to imitate their courage and resolve during these revolutionary times. Truly, the opportunity for profound and permanent planetary transformation comes infrequently to Planet Earth.

X. The 2nd American Revolution has begun; only this time it is a global revolution. Every person on this planet has been challenged to rise up and face this unacceptable offense against all life. Let’s get busy ! ! !

Any response less than an immediate resignation of all culpable corporate officers, as well as a standing down of all accountable government officials, ought to result in aggressive criminal prosecution followed by severe prison sentences.[1]

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We the People are standing up and speaking up. I am proud to be a citizen of this country when I look at the evidence that we are not as the media portrays us. We are patriots with homemade signs, searching for a way to recreate our society against big odds and we will prevail.

I am choosing to do my part to act toward saving myself and the country I love. I am one of the many, the patriots - the individuals who act to take back our right to prosper, to create, to live in the land of the free and the home of the brave. Will you, one person, an individual, add your action to stand up for what you know to be Right and Righteous?

We the People will win for the same reason we won in 1776; we are fighting for our home, but it is more than that. We are fighting for our world.


1. Natural News

© 2013 Patti Jo Edwards - All Rights Reserve

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Patti Jo currently lives in Grants Pass, Oregon with her husband, writing and teaching. She is the director of MAOCOJ (The Many As One Chorus Of Joy) for which she writes and arranges all of the songs that they perform. She is an organic gardener and chef, growing many of the ingredients used in her culinary creations. Her articles and commentaries are widely read globally.

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We the People are standing up and speaking up. I am proud to be a citizen of this country when I look at the evidence that we are not as the media portrays us. We are patriots with homemade signs, searching for a way to recreate our society against big odds and we will prevail.


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