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By Patti Jo Edwards
August 6, 2013

Southern Oregon is one of the foremost organic food production centers of the entire world, but why organic? The market for organic foods is increasing exponentially.

To listen to the main stream media you would think it is all in your mind and only elite snobs eat organic, but the fact is that health professionals are prescribing organic foods for treatment of what has become an epidemic of chronic diseases, from diabetes and obesity to autism and Alzheimer's.

One obvious consideration is pesticides. RoundUp (glyphosate) is used in all RoundUp ready crops to kill anything with the exception of the crop (corn, soy, sugar beets, potatoes, mangos, etc. ) There is a residue left on the crop after harvest, but what isn't widely advertised is that these crops are actually registered as pesticides.

The other significant piece of the answer to our question is the health of the soil. Food that is living needs soil that is alive. The "ew" response to what is soil health can be chalked up to conditioning. The truth is that soil that is alive is full of bugs, microbes, fungus and healthful bacteria. These living organisms break down organic matter in the dirt into little tiny things that plants can take in as nourishment. Organic foods allow and utilize this natural process.

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Chickens and cattle that feast on plants grown in living soil produce living food that is full of all of the vitamins and minerals humans and their pets need to thrive.

Here in Southern Oregon we have a wealth of wonderful organic farmers and gardeners growing a harvest of plenty. To find good organic food you may visit the Growers Market in Grants Pass or Farmer's Market in your town. You may also visit the Weston Price website for local farmers to visit near you.

Eat well, support your community, vote for sustainability while promoting environmental health. Is it more expensive? Have you priced cancer lately?

© 2013 Patti Jo Edwards - All Rights Reserve

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Patti Jo Roth-Edwards has been producing, recording, performing, writing and teaching for nearly 50 years.


Her television show, "Patti Jo Roth's Songwriters' Soundstage" was aired over stations located as far away as England, Australia and Brazil and included a yearly live awards show, "The Rothies". During that time, Patti Jo also produced and hosted a television show out of Berkeley called, "Live at LaVals", an interview and performance show that went out to Oakland, San Leandro and the rest of the East Bay.

Beyond her productions that featured music, Patti Jo produced and directed two telethons for PCTV Channel 8 in Pacifica, a series for Midcoast TV Channel 6 titled, "On the Go With Patti Jo" taking viewers to back-roads destinations along the Midcoast of California, and the weekly TV series "Whales of Tales" for the Peninsula Library Association, a children's show featuring a librarian sharing books with young children to encourage reading.


Patti Jo has had six of her original songs receive radio air-play including, "Line in the Sand", "No Kissin' Just Talkin", "She"s So Strange, She Don't Like Sushi", "Temporary State of the Blues" "Shakin' and Slidin" and "The Electric Car Song".

Two of her albums: "Two Friends and a Chair" and "Kitchen Floor Blues" were written and produced by Patti Jo Roth/Edwards and her then partner, Linda Tringali.

Patti Jo's third album was entirely self-produced consisting of songs written, arranged and performed by her and titled, "River".


Besides performing on television and radio, Patti Jo has entertained at festivals, theaters, coffee houses, wine cellars, clubs, private parties, weddings, colleges, preschools, high schools ~ for audiences of all ages and walks of life.

The last 6 years, she averaged thirty shows each month for seniors in retirement homes and convalescent facilities as an entertainer and music therapist. The favored style of music was 1940's Swing.

Patti Jo Roth retired from the concert and live performance scene in 2002 after injuring herself dancing. She has since healed, married Russ Edwards and lives in Southern Oregon. Since marrying, she has added Edwards to her name becoming: Patti Jo Roth-Edwards.

Patti Jo is a prolific song writer completing and recording 53 songs in. She has written 33 songs in 2013 as of this update in August 2013.

Patti Jo currently lives in Grants Pass, Oregon with her husband, writing and teaching. She is the director of MAOCOJ (The Many As One Chorus Of Joy) for which she writes and arranges all of the songs that they perform. She is an organic gardener and chef, growing many of the ingredients used in her culinary creations. Her articles and commentaries are widely read globally.

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Chickens and cattle that feast on plants grown in living soil produce living food that is full of all of the vitamins and minerals humans and their pets need to thrive.


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