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Posted: April 22, 2004
1:12 AM Eastern
by NWV Staff Writer
� 2004

Citizens all across America are faxing, e-mailing and calling Congress demanding passage of Senate bill S.1906 and H.R. 2671 which would, among other provisions, requires the feds pick up all illegals apprehended by local police and get them deported immediately.

The Homeland Security Enhancement Act of 2003 defines major changes in law enforcement's ability to round up illegal aliens. According to bill supporter, Charlie Norwood [R-GA]:

"There are upwards of 400,000 individuals who have received final deportation orders that are hiding in our communities. Their appeals have run out, and those orders tell them, "it's time to go." But, the Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement can't find them! What's worse, 80,000 of those people have criminal convictions, just like Miguel Angelo Gordoba! They were in the hands of our law enforcement. Can you imagine opening the doors of our prisons and letting 80,000 criminals run back into the streets? Well folks, that's exactly what has happened with these 80,000 criminal aliens. What's more, 3,800 of those people with final deportation orders are from countries with a known Al-Qaeda presence."

"First and foremost, this bill will clarify that state and local officers have the inherent authority to arrest and detain criminal and illegal aliens during the normal course of their duty. We are a nation of laws and it is just plain common sense to allow these officers to enforce all the laws."

Recent activity shows the number of illegals sneaking across the border from Mexico into the United States is on the increase. In the Tucson, Arizona area, Border Patrol are grabbing a little more than 2,000 illegals a day which is double the average of one year ago. Yuma is equally hard hit only halfway through the fiscal year with the number of illegals caught smuggling themselves across the border: 43,000.

Cash strapped states like California are spending roughly $8 billion dollars a year from state income taxes to support three million illegal aliens. This massive expenditure includes educating children of illegals from kindergarten through college. These students are also illegal aliens, which according to supporters of these bills in California, puts an even heavier burden on already existing education problems and increasing the financial tax burden on the backs of hard working citizens and legal aliens.

Two other provisions of the senate bill target reversing giving incentives to anyone who sneaks across the border:

Amends the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act of 1996 to prohibit a Federal agency from accepting for any identification-related purpose a State driver's license unless, if the driver's license is issued to an alien who is in lawful status but who is not an alien lawfully admitted for permanent residence, the license expires on the date on which the alien's U.S. residency authorization expires.

States that in the issuance of any Federal public benefit that requires recipient identification, no Federal entity may accept any identification document unless: (1) the document was issued by a Federal or State authority and is subject to verification by a Federal law enforcement, intelligence, or homeland security agency; or (2) the recipient is lawfully present in the United States, is in possession of a passport; and is a citizen of a country for which the visa requirement for U.S. entry is waived if the alien possesses a passport from such country.

Currently 120 members of the house support passage of this bill. Sponsors in the senate are: Sen. Larry Craig [ID], Se. Jeff Sessions [AL], Sen. Jim Inhofe [OK] and Sen. Miller [GA].

According to Roy Beck, Executive Director for, "We need to help all Members of the Senate Judiciary Committee realize what broad public knowledge of and support of the bill there is. The open-borders lobby has gone berserk at the announcement of this hearing and is organizing its forces across the country to scare the Senators away from this most sensible legislation. Their main argument against the bill is that it would result in large numbers of illegal aliens being ripped from their American communities and sent home while spreading fear among the remaining illegal aliens that they could be next."

Beck encourages every American who cares about stopping the massive invasion of illegals to contact their representatives in Congress ( ( and demand passage of both bills.

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"Recent activity shows the number of illegals sneaking across the border from Mexico into the United States is on the increase. In the Tucson, Arizona area, Border Patrol are grabbing a little more than 2,000 illegals a day which is double the average of one year ago."