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December 9, 2004

Posted 1:12 AM Eastern is a citizen activism group asking millions of Americans to sign a petition demanding that members of Congress read any bills or legislation before they vote on them. Much publicity was given to the fact that few, if any, members of Congress read any part of the 2400 page NAFTA treaty which has gutted America's agricultural, manufacturing and industrial base.

In a much publicized challenge, only one U.S. Senator, Hank Brown [R-CO] who retired after one term, read the entire 28,000 page GATT treaty which has led to what many charge is the abrogation of America's sovereignty to a world body.

There was considerable outrage when the American people found out that members of Congress weren't even allowed to read the text of the Patriot Act, but were told to just vote on it. A few members like Ron Paul [R-TX] balked, but the majority went along, never read the text and voted on it anyway. .

How many members of Congress actually read the 3,200 page, $388 billion omnibus appropriations bill which was passed during Thanksgiving week? No one seems to know, but once again, the latest budget passed by Congress will be bringing home the pork. According to Taxpayers for Common Sense, below represents 11,772 earmarks at a cost of $15,780,533,623:

$25,000: Curriculum development for the study of mariachi music, Clark County School Distinct, NV, Labor-HHS.

$25,000: Banana Factory for an arts and technology after school program, Bethlehem, PA, Labor-HHS.

$45,000: A+ for Abstinence for abstinence education and related services, Waynesboro, PA, Labor-HHS.

$300,000: CyberSeniors, Inc. - Experience Senior Power Program, Detroit, MI, Labor-HHS.

$225,000: National Wild Turkey Federation, SC, Agriculture.

$250,000: Country Music Hall of Fame, Nashville, TN, VA/HUD.

$1,000,000: Missouri Pork Producers Federation: converting animal waste into energy, MO, VA/ HUD.

$75,000: Renovations of the Merry Go Round Playhouse, Auburn, NY, VA/HUD.

$100,000: Punxsutawney Weather Museum, Punxsutawney, PA, VA/HUD.

$306,000: Rest room repair at Porter Beach at Indian Dunes NL, IN, Interior.

$4,989,000: Stabilize bathhouses for adaptive reuse, Hot Springs, AR, Interior.

$800,000: Soybean Rust Research, Ames, IA, Interior.

$1,400,000: Laser lines of tug roads and lake Hood Seaplane base, Ted Stevens International Airport, AK, Transportation.

$1,593: Potato Storage, Madison, WI, Agriculture.

$250,000: Asparagus Technology and Production, WA, Agriculture.

$50,000: Feral Hogs, MO, Agriculture.

$150,000: Coca-Cola Space Science Center, Columbus, GA, VA/HUD

$150,000: Beaver management and damage. WI, Agriculture

$250,000: Sidewalks, street furniture, and facade improvements. Boca Raton, FL, VA/HUD

$200,000: American Cotton Museum. Greenville, TX, VA/HUD.

$218,250 to the Port of Brookings Harbor, Oregon for the construction of a seafood processing plant.

$344,000 to the City of New York Department of Parks and Recreation for the renovations to the Bath House at Crotona Park.

$72,750 to the City of Portland, Oregon for the Central City Eastside Street Car project.

$1,000,000 for the B.B. King Museum in Indianola, Mississippi $250,000 for the City of Caribou, Maine to improve and repair a gymnasium and related facilities in the Armory building.

$275,000 for the Village of Tijeras, New Mexico for the purchase of a fire truck 26. $200,000 for the town of Pahrump, Nevada for costs associated with the construction of the Pahrump/Nye County fairground.

$550,000 for Cleveland Playhouse Square.

$250,000 for the City of Birmingham, Alabama for the renovations to the Birmingham Zoo.

$100,000 for building a playground in Louisville, Kentucky $100,000 to the City of Ottawa, Kansas for the improvements to the municipal swimming pool.

$100,000 to the City of Rochester, New York for planning and expansion of the High Falls Film Festival.

$500,000 to Jazz at Lincoln Center in New York City for facilities construction.

$200,000 for construction of the Blowing Rock Performing Arts Center in Blowing Rock North Carolina.

$100,000 to the Graveyard of the Atlantic Museum in Hatteras, North Carolina for facilities construction.

$388,000 to the village of Western Springs, Illinois for construction of a parking lot.

$121,250 to the City of Los Angeles, California for the rehabilitation of the Echo Park Boathouse.

The U.S. Treasury has no money. The American people are currently indebted to the privately owned Federal Reserve to the tune of almost $8 trillion dollars. The projects above will have to be funded through more borrowing.

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U.S. Senator, Hank Brown [R-CO] who retired after one term, read the entire 28,000 page GATT treaty which has led to what many charge is the abrogation of America's sovereignty to a world body