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October 20, 2004

Posted 1:05 AM Eastern

According to LA Weekly, conservative Republican Congressman David Dreier not only engages in sodomy, they cite a recent interview done by John Byrne, also a homosexual, that he was living with his Chief of Staff, Brad Smith during the 2000 election cycle. This interview by Bryne was conducted with Dr. Janice Nelson, Dreier's Democratic opponent in both 1998 and 2000, who says she was aware during that time that Dreier was a homosexual living with Smith, "Brad was like an invisible presence. They really have the routine down slick.�

Dreier who represents San Gabriel Valley, is the very powerful chairman of the House Rules Committee, chairman of the California Republican House delegation, a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, co-chairman of Californians for Bush and was chairman of Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger's transition team. LA Weekly also confirms that Mike Rogers and his Blogactive web site was responsible for outing another closet homosexual, conservative Republican Congressman Ed Schrock from Virginia. After Rogers put an audio tape of Schrock "trolling for tricks" on a homosexual chat line, Schrock ended his re-election campaign on August 30, 2004. Schrock is married with one son. He neither confirmed nor denied he's homosexual, but his resignation from Congress was "effective immediately."

Mike Rogers, who is a former development director for the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force has awarded the �Roy Cohn Award" to Dreier " in recognition of 24 years of working against gay and lesbian rights while living as a gay man yourself.�

Dreier has angered homosexuals for his anti-sodomy stand and crusading for a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriages. Raw Story, a hot new liberal gadfly newsblog, has given some interesting details about Dreier's live-in: Smith is the highest paid chief of staff for any House committee chair with a salary of $156,600 - just $400 shy of that received by White House Chief of Staff, Andy Card and Bush's political guru, Karl Rove.

It is believed there are at least nine more conservative Republicans in Congress who are closet homosexuals; all of them are married. According to several homosexual activist groups, these closet homosexuals could be outed if they don't stop their anti-homosexual voting records and stop the push for a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage. Dreier has always received a 100% rating from the Christian Coalition. Neither Dreier, Smith or the congressman's press secretary will return any phone calls to offer comment on his outing.

Dreier's woes continue as his constituents are up in arms over his stand on illegal immigration. To counter his negative image in hopes of being reelected, Dreier now wants to force all Americans to carry a national ID card with them wherever they go in order to combat the ongoing invasion of California by illegals crossing the border from Mexico. His legislation will prohibit employers from hiring anyone without this new federal ID card that has their picture, social security number and an "encrypted electronic strip." When this card is swiped, it will link to an employment eligibility database which will include "all such data maintained by the Department of Homeland Security," along with all personal information contained in the files of the Social Security Administration. As time is of the essence to get votes, Dreier is pushing hard and using his influence to get this legislation pushed through.

While Dreier pushes for what he feels is his reelection trump card, some of his constituents who participated in a "Fire Dreier" rally, also state they will refuse any national ID card and that the federal government cannot order employers not to hire anyone based on this legislation. Citing their right to work and privacy issues, Dreier's constituents reject any database maintained by the Department of Homeland Security and vow to fight the national ID card all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court. Besides Dreier's constituents, Barry Steinhardt of the American Civil Liberties Union warns: "Congress shouldn't be providing a blank check to the Department of Homeland Security to design a national driver's license."

Stephen Lilienthal, a policy analyst at the conservative Free Congress Foundation has gone on record stating: "Many conservatives have expressed concern that proposals such as the Dreier bill are placed on the books with a limited set of objectives but will expand bit by bit to include all sorts of other information and be monitored constantly by the government to keep track of individuals from cradle to grave."

Since no one is required by any law to obtain a social security number to live or work in the United States, it will be interesting to see how such a national ID could even be implemented.

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Mike Rogers, who is a former development director for the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force has awarded the �Roy Cohn Award" to Dreier " in recognition of 24 years of working against gay and lesbian rights while living as a gay man yourself.�