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Is The Public Being Deceived By 'Family Friends'?


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July 7, 2003

We recently read in the July 2003 issue of "Sneak Preview", a Southern Oregon monthly publication, about the "Proactive Approach to Preventing Falls and Injuries" to senior citizens and how the Riverside Home Health Care in Grants Pass, OR has added a new geriatric-based rehabilitation clinic called COMPREHENSIVE REHAB.

It seems Riverside provides a Fall Prevention Program which involves a home safety check; a registered nurse review of medication interactions and a six-week therapy program consisting of general strengthening, coordination gait drills and balance exercises. The Rehab claims to strive to meet the needs of frail seniors.

Is it now time to move into the private homes where the elderly live to "bond" with them?

As we read that article, we were reminded of a friend who took care of her elderly father in her home for nine years in the latter eighties and nineties. He came to live with her family at age 78 and died at age 87.

He had a collapsed lung and couldn't walk very far but aside from that and a daily insulin shot for his diabetes, he was on absolutely no medication which astounded the medical community.

After one hospitalization for that lung problem, she brought him home and tried to get his insulin adjusted after the medical industry sufficiently messed him up and in so doing, kept in close contact with his doctor by phone.

Hello, we're here to help you whether you like it or not.

Her father wasn't home very long from the hospital when a knock came at the door. It was some health professional coming to check on his condition. Then another knock and a third and a fourth. Pretty soon she had four uninvited health professionals standing in her family room where the hospital bed was located.

One was an occupational therapist who gave him a little rubber ball to squeeze. She said her father squeezed it a few times and then smiled as he tossed it at the occupational therapist. He was a man of few words. She commented, "I guess he doesn't want to squeeze the ball." Duhhh!

The next one was a physical therapist who received a similar response from him.

She can't remember who the third one was but the fourth was a nurse who was checking the menus taped to the cupboard door for diabetics. Our friend wondered why they were there. After all, she'd taken care of her dad a number of years before his hospitalization.

She was very tired. She'd been at the hospital during her dad's stay and needed some rest. He also needed and wanted some rest. She finally got rid of three of them but the nurse hung around, refusing to leave, poking around and asking more nosey questions until our friend finally had enough and showed her to the door.

Her dad had already closed his eyes for some rest so she headed for her bedroom for a nap. Suddenly she remembered how some professionals were gaining access to homes under suspicious circumstances such as the birth of a new baby. The thought came to her that this nurse was going to report her to the mental health authorities. In approximately the time it took the nurse to leave her home and get back to the hospital, the phone rang. Yup! Sure enough, it was someone from mental health calling to see if she was under stress and what they could do for her.

Not surprised because a small voice forewarned her only minutes before, she stayed calm. She thanked the caller for her concern and assured her everything was under control and all she needed was a little rest and she wasn't getting it because of all the medical professionals who had been knocking on her door.

Then our friend told the mental health professional a funny joke about a mental health expert who got a flat tire in front of an insane asylum. As he was taking the lugs from the flat and putting them in the hubcap an inmate watched from behind the fence.

Then along came an 18-wheeler and the afterdraft lifted up the hubcap and tossed it as the lugs went flying in every direction. As the mental health professional was scratching his head over his dilemma, the inmate said, "Hey, mister, why don't you take two lugs off the other three tires giving you six for the flat you are replacing leaving six on the other three and that will get you to a service station." The mental health professional said, "That's a brilliant idea. If you're so smart why are you in there?" The inmate replied, "I got angry at all the injustices in the world which gave them the excuse to lock me up."

The mental health expert laughed into the phone. Our friend thanked her for calling and the conversation ended but to this day she's betting her name is in the mental health computer someplace. If this ever happens to you, stay calm because you're dealing with evil.

We are well aware that some grown children abuse their parents who are very vulnerable not only in the homes of their angry children, but the elderly may also be abused in state-licensed medical and elderly care facilities.

The reason we're telling this story is because our friend's father died back in 1996 so the snooping was already going on then. When she called the doctor to ask why he was sending all these people to her home, he said he wasn't and the visits stopped. The foregone conclusion is simple. These professionals were passing her dad's file from one to the other and they all just happened to hit her front door on the same day.

Home visits were implemented as bite-sized pieces of GOALS 2000. The one program, Parents as Teachers, combined group interaction with home visits and while anxious first-time parents might glean some tips on child development and rearing from workers who probably dropped their own children off at some government day care, others are unaware that the "nice social worker" went back to her office, pulled up the child's cumulative electronic portfolio and entered data from what she had just observed in the home.

These buttinskies have gained access to the homes of first-time, unsuspecting, trusting parents, families on welfare and poor families that someone anonymously reported to child welfare as children being "at risk". Keep in mind that "at risk" isn't defined, so it could mean anything. This state "At Risk" intrusive agenda was passed by the Oregon state legislators in 1991 as HB 3565.

The list of professionals who must report 'suspected' child abuse to the authorities may be expanded to include tradesmen that come into your home and those outside the home such as meter readers and garbage workers. The last we heard it was close to 20 who are required to report what they 'feel' is suspected abuse.

While the professionals are being told to report suspected child abuse, The Supreme Court struck down sodomy laws that have been on the books for decades to protect children. As the result of that ruling, the judicial systems are freeing convicted child molesters by the thousands throughout the nation. Read; Judge Orders Bail Reduced for Gay Child Molester  and  Two Former Priests Convicted of Sex Abuse Released From Jail  and Child Molestation Charges Dropped Against Judge Where is the government's concern for the children?

In many states home visitors are told to inform authorities if they 'suspect' any "imminent harm" to children. Parents have been reported for spanking and even for 'raising their voices'. Throughout the country school districts are developing "wrap-around support services" that begin with home visits from social workers -- often before the child is born. All data is entered in a national data base. "I cannot say enough in support of home visits," Mrs. Clinton enthused in her ghost-written opus 'It Takes a Village' to raise a child. It's from the womb to the tomb folks.

The bottom line is, that every home is going to be under constant surveillance by Social Service personnel under the guise of "assistance" and "evaluation", but in reality, the whole thing is a BIG lie. They don't care for the elderly and the children at all, they are exploiting them to gain access into our homes and to drain the seniors bank accounts. All in the pretense of "We're Here To Help You!".

Unsuspecting Seniors are told if they can't pay for their services, or, their property taxes for that matter, no problem, the city, county state or a private firm will put a lien on their property and the money will be collected upon sale of the property after death.

Because people are becoming more suspicious of government, most, if not all government services will eventually be privatized. Some prisons around the country are already privatized. Law enforcement in some areas are already performed by licensed private firms. Land fills are privatized. Privatization of schools is gaining strenght called "Charter Schools". The reason government programs and services are being privatized is simple. An decent elected government official is accountable to the people. Appointed officials and private companies are not. So, as most services are being run by corporations, your newly elected officials have no control over them. Simply put, bad officials (change agents) privatize as much as they can get away with, in case a decent man gets elected, he won't have a say in certain matters. It's in the hands of a private corporation.

Some individual believe we're on a slippery slope heading for a corporate police state run by private companies with no accountability to the public.

How long will it be before the professionals, who played the "Life Boat" game when they were in school, will be making life and death decisions for our elderly? For those who may be unfamiliar with the "Life Boat" game, here's how it goes; children are told about a ship going down but there isn't enough room in the life boat for everyone; so the kids must determine who is to be the one to be forced overboard to die. Some examples of the choices the kids are given are: A college student, a small child, a doctor, a professor, etc., and, of course an elderly or a handicapped person. Now, we ask, between the producers in society, the small child and/or the "useless eaters", who do you think the children will be programmed to force out of the lifeboat?

In the book THE POISONED STREAM (C) 1997, it said "The fate of 'sub-humans' were herded into Germany's new mercy-killing centers to be executed on the strength of a physician's oath that the victim was no use to society." Remember, Oregon voters began the slippery slope towards this end when they foolishly passed the first 'right-to-die' initiative in the U.S. It was sold to the unsuspecting voters as "Death with Dignity" Yeah, right.

When abortion was first approved, it was only to be allowed in the first trimester. Now these barbarians have gone to partial birth abortion on full term babies by sucking the brains from the baby's head after all but the baby's head is still in the mother's birth canal. Do we really believe they'll be any less sympathetic to the elderly? Read; Is "The Giver" on Your Horizon?"

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"The bottom line is, that every home is going to be under constant surveillance by Social Service personnel under the guise of "assistance" and "evaluation", but in reality, the whole thing is a BIG lie. They don't care for the elderly and the children at all, they are exploiting them to gain access into our homes and to drain the seniors bank accounts. All in the pretense of "We're Here To Help You!".