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Posted: April 28, 2004
1:25 AM Eastern
by NWV Staff Writer
� 2004

Last week ran a staff writer article about sniper rifles equipped to fire microchips into human beings for tracking purposes. Unfortunately, the source for acquisition of such a rifle was in error: Empire North. This site was created and put onto the world wide web by Jakob S.Boeskov as a lie to deceive. Boeskov used this deception as a public relations stunt. Mr. Boeskov created a web site to mislead. Where is the honor in such an action?

The only regret by our staff writer was not to incur the cost of calling Copenhagen, Denmark to inquire about the product as advertised. However, the research done on the subject by our staff writer does provide the factual information below through contacts on active duty in Europe and law enforcement contacts stateside.

Sniper rifles are being used and have been used for more than a decade to deliver a number of "items." Sniper rifles with the capability of delivering microchips, called 'non-lethal weaponry' can be acquired through many sources in Europe, i.e. several companies falling under the Russian defense industries such as Splav Enterprise, Ekran Enterprise, Novosibirsk Instrument-Making Plant, Kupol Enterprise, and Sfera Enterprise provide a complete array of non lethal weaponry for crowd control and terrorists, including specially equipped sniper rifles.

Lesser known small arms dealers worldwide have sold these special sniper rifles to military and law enforcement in countries like Israel and Communist China. Sniper rifles with specialized capabilities were being implemented in Bosnia and Ireland in the early 1990s in an effort to tag and locate cells of insurgents or any identified enemy.

According to Robert Mandel, author of Non-Lethal Weaponry and Deterrence Dilemmas, "The range of specific non-lethal security instruments is broad and constantly evolving, including such coercive techniques as blunt projectiles, traction modifiers, nets or rapid-hardening rigid foam, radio frequency or microwave technologies, noxious smells, and acoustical interference....blinding lasers, non-nuclear electromagnetic pulses, high power microwaves, laser weapons, infrasound, computer viruses, and metal-eating microbes.�

The National Defense Authorization Act of 1996 directed the Secretary of Defense to centralize responsibility for non-lethals. In January 1997, the Commandant of the Marine Corps was designated as executive agent. Shortly thereafter, the Joint Non-lethal Weapons Directorate was formed to coordinate programs across the Armed Forces and within U.S. Special Operations Command. (Dennis Herbert: From Tactical to Strategic Applications).

In an effort to determine if the Marine Corps is training local law enforcement on the use of sniper rifles which deliver microchips proved frustrating. Phone calls to the Marine War Fighting Lab in Quantico, VA and the Marine Corps Scout Sniper School's public relations offices were not returned to the staff writer. Unfortunately for the American people, most of the detailed information on these non-lethal weapons being developed here in the U.S. is classified. Further inquiries are continuing via sources with contacts within ATF and local law enforcement. regrets any inconvenience caused by the listing of a non-valid supplier for this particular sniper rifle. However, sniper rifles that can deliver microchips and other non-lethal objects are real and being used world wide.

� 2004 - - All Rights Reserved

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"Lesser known small arms dealers worldwide have sold these special sniper rifles to military and law enforcement in countries like Israel and Communist China."