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By Tom DeWeese  

August 26, 2002

Name any aspect of your life that you believe is your right as an American citizen to determine and it will be taken away from you in the name of "Sustainable Development."

"Sustainable Development" is the phrase that those who seek to control the world use to hide their totalitarian ambitions. Sustainable Development is a horror that hardly anyone in this nation understands or even cares to oppose. It can be ignored only at the peril of everything you hold dear including individual liberty, private property, free enterprise, freedom to travel, freedom of association, and life itself.

The World Summit on Sustainable Development, beginning August 26th in Johannesburg, South Africa, is the United Nations' plan to impose this Orwellian agenda on this nation and the world.

Here is the definition of a sustainable community from the Report of the President's Council: "Sustainable Communities encourage people to work together to create healthy communities where natural resources and historic resources are preserved, jobs are available, sprawl is contained, neighborhoods are secure, education is lifelong, transportation and health care are accessible, and all citizens have opportunities to improve the quality of their lives."

These noble sounding goals hide an agenda that would transfer power from elected representatives to a local committee or council that will set "a vision" for the city. They will put a plan together for the future development of the community. The plan, however, will not be written by the committee. The blue print will come out of Washington, DC.

Individual landowners and businessmen will have little or no real input. Instead, they will be stripped of their property rights in order to "protect" open space and historic buildings. The committee will control the use of all private property. This right is so precious, it is protected by the Fifth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

To insure the success of Sustainable Development, the committee will insure that everyone have the right attitudes, values and beliefs. These attitudes are already being taught in our nation's schools. This is why our educational system, so far as teaching the fundamentals of reading, writing and arithmetic, are in a total meltdown. It is no longer education; it is indoctrination.

Utilizing a United Nations program as its guide, neighborhood by neighborhood, people will be taught how important it is to protect the environment, how evil sprawl can be to the Sustainable Development plans. Sustainable Development will also set up government-sponsored clinics with tax-paid healthcare.

Sustainable Development believes that people must be weaned from the use of their own automobiles, so public transportation will be emphasized. It will emphasize building light rail trains and bus lines to get us around to our jobs. It will emphasize designing housing developments around the rail and bus lines so they are within walking distance for everyone. In time, cars will be banned from streets during certain hours of the day, then banned entirely. In his book, "Earth in the Balance", former Vice President Al Gore advocates "eliminating the internal combustion engine."

There are other things that the committee will find necessary to ban. Single family homes that "waste" precious land will be deemed unnecessary. Any further suburban housing will be banned.

The committee will also look after public health. People will be required to eat properly. That's why they will determine that precious farmland cannot be "wasted" on raising cattle for beef consumption. Beef is harmful to your health, so it will be banned. Wheat and soy will be grown on that land instead. With our new healthy diet, as outlined by the committee, we will no longer need things like 7-11's and McDonald's and their unhealthy fast foods and snacks. They will be banned.

Sustainable Development fears overpopulation. The committee will decide the proper number of people who can live in community limits. Some strict guidelines will be imposed for the sake of the community's well being and for the protection of the environment. Limits on the number of children a family can have will be imposed.

This is not about "preserving the environment of future generations." This is about totalitarianism. It's about controlling every aspect of our lives with decisions made by committees that will grow more powerful and more oppressive with every passing day and with each new regulation proposed by empowered special interest groups. There will be no satisfying their lust for power. There will be no part of our lives that is overlooked or uncontrolled.

2002 Tom DeWeese - All Rights Reserved

Tom DeWeese is the publisher/editor of The DeWeese Report and president of the American Policy Center, a grassroots, activist think tank headquartered in Warrenton, VA. The Center maintains an Internet site at