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By Mary Starrett
12, 2008

If your slow simmer turns to a rolling boil every time you hear of another illegal who�s raped an 8 year old, run over a cop or driven his car into a nursing home while under the influence, chances are you won�t cool down after the November presidential election.

The so-called �front-runners� from the �Big Box� parties are just hankering for more amnesty which means more illegals and more of the invasion that is destroying our country.

Take McCain (please). He�s trying to do damage control on his pro-amnesty track record by reworking the rhetoric while playing both sides against the middle.

Conservatives who�ve been paying attention will remember McCain joined forces with his amnesty soul-mate Ted Kennedy and fellow Republicans like Sen. Arlen Specter, to push a bill that President Bush tried to ram down America�s throat , that would have given illegals flat out amnesty.

Now Mc Cain is softening his approach in an effort to get conservatives to forget all that. These days John McCain talks tough about fences and enforcement, knowing he must shore up support from the right if he�s going to win in November.

That �win� would be catastrophic for this country.

At a time when the jobless rate is increasing, the economy is tanking and the cheap labor lobby has Congress in its clutches we are in precarious times. More illegal immigration will surely bring this once powerful country of ours to its knees.

Have Americans Gotten Over Illegal Immigration?

You would think Americans would first and foremost, be choosing a presidential candidate who has proven he wants to end the gravy train for illegals and staunch the flow at the border. Not so. Between Obama, Hillary and McCain we could realistically expect America to become a bona fide third world nation within a decade, owing to the crushing economic burden of housing, clothing, educating, medicating and incarcerating the tens of millions of illegals who are here now, and who will be joined by their compatriots in years to come.

Who among us hasn�t bristled in the checkout line as illegals hand over WIC coupons for their groceries while hard working Americans hand over cents-off coupons they�ve clipped from the paper hoping to stretch the weekly food budget? For those who haven�t added to their families because they can�t afford another child, I imagine it�s hard to observe the pregnant illegals pushing a cartful of kids knowing those children�s medical, dental, day care and education costs are keeping you from paying for another child of your own.

So now, McCain faces a quandary- he has to appear suddenly strong on immigration while not alienating the Hispanics who�ve seen the Arizona senator as their pal. In the general election, McCain must grab some votes from the Democrat, likely Obama. The America-hating racists at La Raza (The Race) don�t like the new tone McCain is taking. Cecilia Munoz of the pro-amnesty group whined that �(McCain) is focusing on enforcement, and in this community, enforcement means deportation, and that means separating more families, and more racial profiling and more of the incredible hardship that is affecting not just immigrants, but native-born Latinos.�

Notice Munoz isn�t concerned about the �incredible hardship� American citizens endure paying the cost of illegal immigration. She went on to say; ''His rhetoric has absolutely shifted, and people have noticed. He's going to have to figure out a way to talk to this community.''

And talk McCain will, out of both sides of his mouth.

Former Sen. Trent Lott, R- Miss. says Republicans don�t trust McCain on immigration, but believes the GOP faithful can be �persuaded� to buy into McCain�s new-found immigration shtick. Lott said:

''I don't know if they're happy yet, but they'll get happier.''

Happier and happier, the more they�re lied to, the happier they�ll get?

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This November, Americans who�ve tired of having their country, their culture, their pocket books and their safety ravished will have a chance to change things. Voters now realize they have absolutely nothing to lose by throwing open their windows on Election Day and shouting at the top of their ever-living lungs �I�m mad�and I�m NOT casting a vote for either amnesty-loving candidate!�

It�s entirely possible that this November the Constitution Party candidate will be the candidate who makes voters happiest of all.

� 2008 Mary Starrett - All Rights Reserved

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Mary Starrett was the Constitution Party candidate for Oregon governor in November, 2006, a TV news anchor and talk show host for 25 years and a radio talk show host for 5 years.

Executive Director, Oregonians for Life, Board of Directors, Christian Family Adoptions.

She is currently the Communications Director for the Constitution Party. The Constitution Party is the fastest-growing minor political party ( and is made up of Americans who believe a return to constitutional government is imperative.

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Take McCain (please). He�s trying to do damage control on his pro-amnesty track record by reworking the rhetoric while playing both sides against the middle.