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By Mary Starrett
7, 2005


How do you usually pay for abortions?



Credit Card?

Or�automatic withdrawal from your state taxes?

In the next two years those of us who live in Oregon will pay our share for almost 9,000 gruesome procedures all with one very final result- the death of the pre-born.

That is, unless things in state legislatures change �.and change fast!

The abortion industry in Oregon (and most other states) is THRILLED at the prospect that almost $3.25 MILLION of our dollars have been earmarked to kill pre-born Oregonians in the next couple of years.

Most likely, you thought the child killing was happening on someone else's dime; truth is, during the current session of your state legislature your representatives will do what they do each and every session- allocate millions of your tax dollars each year to help pay the state's expenses-to kill babies.


You tell your elected representatives that NOT ANOTHER DIME of YOUR money is to be used that way again. It can be done. If you'd like to see your state join the ranks of the other states that PROHIBIT the use of state funds for abortion then the time is NOW to send a clear message to those you elected to represent you.

Many of you are frustrated that their elected officials continue to set aside huge amounts of money to kill babies�year in and year out, budget after agonizing budget.


Federal funding of Planned Parenthood-the nation's largest baby-killing machine- has increased over 100 MILLION dollars in the last 7 years to over 1.5 BILLION dollars, signaling an alarming increase in taxpayer funded abortions. We can say "Enough Is Enough" when it comes to the state using OUR money to slaughter human beings.

Did You Know�.

Statistics show that women are FOUR times more likely to have an abortion if the tax dollars are there to pay for it! (Alan Guttmacher Institute) Pro-abortion groups argue that "poor women deserve the same reproductive rights as those who are more fortunate"(National Network of Abortion Funds)

A new study done by Concerned Women for America states that "data reveal that abortion is becoming a means of birth control for OLDER women�.and though proponents of abortion like to portray it as a desperate choice of a young girl who made a mistake, this study shows a staggering and appalling picture of (older) women using abortion as birth control and that the number of women having repeat abortions (sometimes four or more times) is increasing."

Sadly, many genuinely pro-life people have been lulled into complacency believing that groups like the National Right to Life group along with their state's "Right to Life" groups are doing an effective job of promoting pro-life candidates and using their donations to make a difference at the state level. Check out YOUR state's Right to Life group and challenge their political endorsements and some of their other sponsorships. In our case, Oregonians have been SET UP and SOLD OUT by enormously well-funded "pro-life" groups which have consistently used their donor's money to ENDORSE and campaign for PRO- ABORTION candidates!

Yes, it's true, groups like Oregon Right To Life believe they have the RIGHT TO LIE to voters saying candidates backed are solidly "pro-life". Unfortunately ORTL continues to sell out on the life issue while amassing a war chest to sponsor programs donor's would be OUTRAGED about.

One such program sponsored by Oregon Right to Life was the 2004 Oregon Republican Leadership Institute. The speakers there included pro-abortion Oregon Senator Kate Brown and Jerry Keene, former president of Oregon's Log Cabin Republicans ( the pro-homosexual wing of the Republican party.)

Frustrated after years of donating to groups like Oregon Right to Life only to have your money used to endorse PRO-ABORT political candidates and to sponsor seminars featuring PRO-ABORT, PRO- HOMOSEXUAL agenda speakers all the while discovering MILLIONS of your tax dollars are STILL being used to kill Oregon babies? We are, too. That's why we started Oregonians for Life. Now we can put elected officials on notice- we're not planning to 'go along to get along' in Salem.

Why not put YOUR state's elected representatives on notice that you'll be watching; and unlike the so-called high-powered "pro-life" lobbyists, you'll hold them accountable for every baby killed at tax payer expense!

It saddens me to see good people start out doing good things, then slowly compromising their vision and principles until they become no better that the enemy their fighting.

� 2005 Mary Starrett - All Rights Reserved

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Mary Starrett was on television for 21 years as a news anchor, morning talk show host and medical reporter. For the last 5 years she hosted a radio program. Mary is a frequent guest on radio talk shows.


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Frustrated after years of donating to groups like Oregon Right to Life only to have your money used to endorse PRO-ABORT political candidates and to sponsor seminars featuring PRO-ABORT, PRO- HOMOSEXUAL agenda speakers...